Why pay more when you can benefit from these discounts ? The scout in me likes to search high and Low for great discounts .
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Not many would know that the old guan hoe soon has a restaurant on the second level of Esplanade mall.

Not only is the restaurant aesthetically pleasing - the service is warm and earnest .

Was pretty surprised to find that there was an alar carte buffet ( with a huge variety of Peranakan dishes including drinks and desserts ).

And you saw right - a whole steamed promfret in Assam Sauce and no limitation on how many times you can order this dish .

The must trys are the Ayam buah keluak , Ayam goreng , Assam prawns ( fresh prawns , not the yucky crystal looking ones ), homemade otah , Hainanese pork chop , minced meat and crabmeat balls in bamboo shoot soup , butter prawns and of course the durian penyat , lemongrass jelly and the chendol .

For every 4 diners , 1 dines free . At 29 plus plus per pax ( before discount ) - how value for money is that ?

Available till end of August for both lunch and dinner - please don’t miss out .

Granted that this is not baked in a stone oven but it was still very lovely .

Crisp and thin . The best part is that it was generously adorned with a bright tasting tomato purée and then well marinate juicy Field mushrooms and topped with generous cheese and a splash of truffle .

Couldn’t quite find the pesto but this was good enough .

So good that I’d almost finish the whole pizza and that’s very rare.

Discounted with eatigo and the setting of this restaurant was just so lovely - the ambience so alluring enough to make me keep coming back .

Dark wood and natural light - the smell of parquet - just like dining at home .


Absolutely refreshing .

The umami of the crab and the creaminess of the avocado 🥑 and the sweetness of the chopped tomatoes .

When paired with warm toasted sourdough, this was faultless .

A hidden jewel within minutes of City Hall mrt in a 140 year old building .

Discounted meal with eatigo .

Was craving for a crepe and Glad that I found one freshly made to order at marche to celebrate my birthday today 😊

The crepe however was too stiff and hard and just throwing in some strawberries within the crepe didn’t help to moisten . Even the melted ice cream also couldn’t moisten the crepe so you know how hard it was . Probably having a layer of
Custard within the crepe might help .

The best part was probably the ice cream with fresh notes of strawberries 🍓 and without being too sweet .

Thankful for eatigo - so I paid 10 dollars for this .
Otherwise , 20 dollars would be quite painful to pay for something not so well executed .

$15 curry fishhead

It’s worth every effort to get to the Esplanade mall to get to this pipping hot fishhead curry.
It is on promotion now and the usual price is $26.

Though the fishhead is small and not too meaty - the gravy is very aromatic and I must say it’s one of the best currries around . The gravy is piquant and well balanced -without being too milky or oily .

Served over a flame , the curry fish head remains boiling hot throughout the meal .

There is also a fair amount of beancurd puffs assorted vegetables. It would be better for the vegetables to be first blanched before arriving at the table because the tomatoes , cabbage and the Long beans were a bit too raw to be eaten ( and had to stay submerged for a good time before we could start eating ).

Ask for the omission of the okra because there might be a chance that they would be too stiff and old - just like how those in my pot turned out to be.

There is no limitation to how many orders you can make per table so if you ask me - just order 1 pot per person . Perhaps one pot curry fish head and one pot Assam fish head .

The other dishes are passable but don’t present as much value as the fishhead .

The service is really friendly and accommodating 👍 and the restaurant is pleasant, modern and clean.


Rosti has the ability to whet most appetites -
It’s good for breakfast , lunch , dinner and tea ....

One of my favourites from marche -
Incredibly crisp on the surface and moist and buttery inside.

I am Glad that marche has survived through the ages despite how crazily retail rents are rising ... I hope that they continue to do well otherwise I wouldn’t know where to get a reliable plate of Rosti . . .

Prices are not cheap so i’d only go when there’s a good eatigo discount .

So good like home cooked ... ...

The last time I dined at fish and co was probably during my JC days so it must have been quite some ( Long 😛) time ....

Managed to wrap up some work and headed to Raffles City at 5 pm to find that fish and co is on eatigo and at 50 percent 😱....

I was craving for a good grilled salmon and where better than FISH and co ... hahahaha

I enjoyed everything on the plate ...
The dish was slightly overdone but still acceptable . I liked the pairing of fish and co’s home made vinegar chilli with the Salmon ( ask for their homemade condiments ... so good ... so was their homemade salsa )

The paella rice was well cooked , firm to the bite and tasty without being overly seasoned ....

The star of the day had to be the baked cauliflower . Baked with butter and drizzled with pesto - the cauliflower was cooked perfectly with a slight crisp without being too raw.

I will be back soon ... ....

Managed to grab a few unique bakes by Cedele at their annual fair.

Carrot walnut scones 😮, Pandan hot cross buns, chocolatey hot cross buns and pesto swirl pastry .

I couldn’t resist and conquered the Pandan hot cross buns immediately after this photo . The Pandan hot cross buns were interesting with a light Pandan aroma and had dessicated coconut bits within the buns. I enjoyed it 🤗.

I was a little disappointed of how haphazard the fair was run - they had no lack of staff but everyone looked confused and unguided.
( not discounting their helpful- ness though ... )

There were some poor vendors who were positioned at a spot where the glaring sun was relentless .....

Hope there would be a major improvement next year .

50 percent off special tonkotsu ramen on ramen day !

Ikkousha ramen remains one of my favourite places for ramen ( besides santouka ) .

And what better to have your favourite ramen at an amazing 50 percent discount as a J passport member 😋

I like how lean the tonkotsu and well cooked the tonkotsu is ( for most other ramen places , you get loads of fatty pork ) and How flavourful the soup broth is .

The added advantage are the free flow eggs and the full of umami tasting preserved vegetables .

Service is also friendly and brisk ☺️


Nothing makes me happier than being able to get my regular yakun toast set for 50cents .

Simply download the yakun app and link it to your Dbs PayLah! Account .

No gimmicks . Tried and tested . Hahahah😀

Only for selected yakun outlet so please visit yakun’s homepage for more details 😀


Champion pancakes

I vote these the best pancakes in Singapore.

Super fluffy and slightly crisp at the edges with a buttery and eggy aroma.

Pancake is served with a salted Carmel sauce and homemade blueberry jam .

The portions are so generous so please share otherwise it would be a pancake overload 😊🤗.


This is the second recommendation that I am delisting within the month.

Had a popiah craving today and revisited Tangs market .

The popiah skin is no longer fresh and chewy .
Evidently there is switching to a cheaper supplier / lower quality skin.

The popiah skin is also considerably smaller now - just like what you would pay for 1.80 outside just that this is almost double the price at 3.50.

Poorer quality skin , smaller skin , smaller popiah .

No more going back .

< delisted >

I’d always find myself gravitating to something simple and close to heart especially when dining alone.

A simple polish and teh- O was what I finally settled for a quiet birthday lunch today . In fact I was struggling between a yakun Toast Set or a hot steaming popiah.

I decided to go for the latter. The popiah was delicious in every aspect especially the skin which was so QQ. The ingredients were fresh and the turnips were juicy .

Not exactly cheap at 3.50 but I would say it fills you and to escape the heat outside and dine in comfort of a clean place - this popiah at ck tang foodcourt is definitely one of my favourites when I am in town :)

Present your food receipt at the drinks stall and get a regular Teh or Kopi at 1 dollar. How nice is that 😇


I dream of food .

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