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Fried rice is my guilty pleasure. I don’t even like glass prawns but the fact that this fried rice has big fried ikan billis inside made it so tasty and perfect. There’s lots of wok hey and they really don’t stinge on the ingredients so every bite is just as satisfying. Eating it with the slightly sweet sauce from the ginger spring onion frog makes it even better. I love it!

This frog porridge is always super crowded even though parking here is quite the nightmare. And for good reason! Their frog porridge is really good and they give really chunky frogs at a cheaper price than other places. I like the ginger and spring onion version the best because the gloopy sauce is super tasty with warm plain porridge. You can also get other stuff like their BBQ stingray and other seafood, although the squid we tried wasn’t that great.

This wu xiang in the same coffeeshop as Koung wanton mee turned out to be so delicious! The ingredients taste really homemade, esp the beancurd wrapped with fish paste and the ngor hiang. The fried tofu was also really soft inside. My fav was actually the prawn cracker which isn’t pictured here - unlike other places that use rather small prawns or slightly dry ones, the prawn in their prawn biscuit was rather substantial! Think this is one of the best wu xiangs I’ve had. Their beehoon is average though, not the tastiest.

The portion of the wanton mee here is really huge. I got the black sauce version (without tomato ketchup) and I loved how springy the noodles were! Their char siew here is the highlight and an anomaly amongst other wanton mee places that try to shave their char siew as thinly as possible. Expect a very generous portion of thick char siew that’s charred to perfection over charcoal, which makes it super fragrant and different from the norm.

They also give lots of green veggies and a lot of wantons with your noodles alone so don’t make the same mistake as my family and order more wantons because it’ll be too much! Their wantons are silky and really stuffed full, but they lack the sweetness compared to places like Kok Kee, so they’re a bit average. Still quite like this place though! And the queue is a bit shorter than other popular wanton mee places. (And you can sit while waiting.)

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Not exaggerating, this kaya toast changed my life a bit. The toast here is large but it’s so fluffy and light. Slathered generously with kaya, it’s perfect when you dip it in the toast. I also love the gula melaka kueh here (the brown one in the foreground)- it melts in your mouth completely! Bought another pack after eating it.

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Ming Kee chicken rice is known for their ice cold hainanese chicken, with the cold supposedly making the chicken meat more tender and juicy, but my chicken wasn’t really cold and it tasted quite average to me. The chicken rice was nice though. Good for a casual meal but isn’t as great as hyped up to be. Many other better chicken rice places out there.

This yong tau foo has a perpetually long queue, but it actually moves quite fast and it’s most definitely worth the queue. Both the fried and silken tofu is so soft and all the handmade fish cakes are so tasty. I personally like the fishcake wrapped in beancurd skin the most for its flavour. The soup is delicious too! So much tastier than it looks and I love it with the spring onions.

I love the roast duck here. The skin is so crisp and the meat is tender and juicy. A bit oily too, but it’s fine with me. The best part personally for me is the beans and sauce here. The beans are so tasty because they’re drenched in all the meat juices. The shao rou here is not bad, but not the best. The char siew we had this time was not great, coarse and didn’t have much going for it. Just get the duck!

I love how springy the noodles are here. They have a good bite that’s seriously unlike a lot of other wanton mee places. Coupled with the black sauce that’s on the sweeter side, I could just eat the noodles themselves alone. Thankfully, they’re quite generous with the charsiew and veggies too, which are both okay. They’re similarly generous with the wantons and give 5 of them in the soup, but they’re quite peppery and forgettable to me. I liked the ngor hiang here though! They have quite a bit of yam inside and are fried with a floury coating to a crisp. P.s. every bowl of noodles now comes with a free barley drink so it’s even better than just the set they offer now! You also don’t need to queue for forever until the one in the basement of Dunman food centre, although the wantons there are significantly better.

This remains as one of my favourite claypot rice places. They take a while to cook, so you can call them to ask to cook it in advance while you’re on the way there. It’s tasty, smokey, and their other side dishes, like their delicious roast pork and boiled Chinese soups, go well with it too. My only gripe is that I feel like they’ve reduced the amount of ingredients inside each pot, but oh well, times change.

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What I really love from this Wu Xiang place is their beehoon. It looks normal and kinda greasy but it’s the tastiest beehoon I’ve had from anywhere and I don’t know how they do it! Their wu xiang is also quite nice too, especially their fried tofu that’s soft inside, their fried beancurd skin and their ngor hiang especially. The only downside is that there’s quite a long wait here.

Came to try the Hokkien Mee, but was surprised to find that their ou jian (fried oyster egg) is much better! They’re quite generous with the egg and it’s not too oily despite being properly fried - not overly hard or completely soggy. Their oysters are also really plump and creamy, and aren’t cooked with the eggs so it’s still soft and delicious. Quite liked it!

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