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I love how springy the noodles are here. They have a good bite that’s seriously unlike a lot of other wanton mee places. Coupled with the black sauce that’s on the sweeter side, I could just eat the noodles themselves alone. Thankfully, they’re quite generous with the charsiew and veggies too, which are both okay. They’re similarly generous with the wantons and give 5 of them in the soup, but they’re quite peppery and forgettable to me. I liked the ngor hiang here though! They have quite a bit of yam inside and are fried with a floury coating to a crisp. P.s. every bowl of noodles now comes with a free barley drink so it’s even better than just the set they offer now! You also don’t need to queue for forever until the one in the basement of Dunman food centre, although the wantons there are significantly better.

This remains as one of my favourite claypot rice places. They take a while to cook, so you can call them to ask to cook it in advance while you’re on the way there. It’s tasty, smokey, and their other side dishes, like their delicious roast pork and boiled Chinese soups, go well with it too. My only gripe is that I feel like they’ve reduced the amount of ingredients inside each pot, but oh well, times change.

What I really love from this Wu Xiang place is their beehoon. It looks normal and kinda greasy but it’s the tastiest beehoon I’ve had from anywhere and I don’t know how they do it! Their wu xiang is also quite nice too, especially their fried tofu that’s soft inside, their fried beancurd skin and their ngor hiang especially. The only downside is that there’s quite a long wait here.

Came to try the Hokkien Mee, but was surprised to find that their ou jian (fried oyster egg) is much better! They’re quite generous with the egg and it’s not too oily despite being properly fried - not overly hard or completely soggy. Their oysters are also really plump and creamy, and aren’t cooked with the eggs so it’s still soft and delicious. Quite liked it!

This Hokkien Mee is owned by the brother of the original Geylang Lorong 29 Hokkien Mee place and has quite rave reviews, so I decided to try it out. It was quite disappointing though. I felt that the noodles were overcooked on our visit, maybe because they pre-fry the noodles in large batches before they add in the other ingredients (saw 2 big plates on the side). The stock they use for their Hokkien Mee also doesn’t have a strong sweet seafood taste and tastes predominantly of just lard. Aside from the overly soft noodles, it’s a bit overwhelmingly starchy (possibly because they just use yellow noodles) and was quite salty on our visit. I get that the draw here is that it’s cooked with charcoal but too many components of this dish were not that great. Not sure if it’s an off day but it was really a let down.

Their fried har cheong gai was also not bad. It’s on the sweeter side, which I liked, but my mum didn’t like it that much. The chicken was decently juicy- particularly the wings, and they made the drumsticks into lollipops so it was easier to eat. The crust is on the harder side though. Overall okay but nothing special.

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Tried out Fuerdai, the new place near the Serangoon Gardens roundabout that has replaced Macs, because they’re giving out 500 free bowls of Yong tau foo a day in collaboration with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore.
Their YTF is not bad! It’s a soup version with ingredients sourced from Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu, like beancurd, minced meat chunks, beancurd skin with fishcake inside, fried bittergourd, and prawn paste fishcake. It tastes quite clean overall because of the clear-tasting soup and the beehoon, which my mum liked. (I thought it was a bit bland though.) Still, I enjoyed the prawn paste fishcake bc it tasted like the type you’d get in hotpot.
Overall an interesting addition to Serangoon Gardens with a few fusion dishes on their menu (cheesy abalone noodles), with prices on the higher side. Quite a nice ambience but there’s nothing that really stands out for me to want to come back. Still, if you wanna try it, the promotion will still be on during next Monday to Wednesday.

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Walked past here on the way to Apiary, but the pictures of it looked too good so we had to get one to share! I found out later that this is a chain, but I’m super impressed by the quality of this chendol! The gula melaka used is very rich, and the chendol isn’t just drenched completely with coconut milk only. (Had an unfortunate experience elsewhere recently.) The highlight for me was the grass jelly and green pandan jelly worms though. They were so silky and tasted quite homemade! The pandan one was really fragrant too. Although not my favourite, my brother really enjoyed the salty glutinous rice, which is the cutest light blue because it’s dyed with butterfly pea flowers. It tastes a lot like the sort that you have in kueh salat, so if you’re into that, you’ll like this a lot.

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Went back to Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar to try other dishes with my family and these fish and chips were quite good! The batter wasn’t overly thick and didn’t just become soggy or flake off, and the Atlantic cod inside was cooked perfectly! It was tender and had a stringy texture resembling that of crab or stingray. Very delicious when paired with the tar tar sauce! My only gripe is that I felt that the chips would have been better if they had been thick cut chips- the thin shoestring fries felt a bit out of place.


To be honest, despite there being 3 ba chor mee (minced pork noodle) stalls at Kovan’s market, I don’t like any of them haha. The texture of their mee kia isn’t great and they all taste somewhat watery. But this laksa from one of the stalls is great! The laksa broth is thick and there’s a lot of dried shrimp inside to enhance its flavour. They’re also quite generous with their ingredients, and I particularly like how fluffy the taupok (dried bean curd) is. The laksa is definitely spicier than normal, but it’s super tasty.

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It’s actually my first time trying The Coconut Club’s Nasi Lemak, but I absolutely loved it! I went during the soft launch phase and there were complementary side dishes too, which was so lovely. The price is definitely higher but I’d say it’s 100% worth it given the large portion sizes.

The chicken is actually massive (this picture doesn’t do it justice) and is so tender and juicy inside. I love the flavourful crust which seems to contain hints of lemongrass, and don’t miss the breaded crust that fried chicken in nasi lemak normally has. (My brother missed that though!) Their coconut rice is also fluffy and each individual grain doesn’t clump together - perfect! There’s also free rice refills. Lastly, I’m partial to a perfect gooey egg yolk, so this completed it for me.

The sides were also pretty yummy. I liked the sambal lala, which was quite sweet, and the tender roast beef that was a bit sweet too, with a strong lemongrass taste. (I enjoy sweet savoury food quite a lot, so this was right up my alley.) I will be back for more nasi lemak when the craving hits me! P.s. there was a queue, but there’s also free wine for people waiting!

Nestled in the basement of Golden Mile Tower is this rather tasty Ding Tai Feng-like fried rice. The rice grains were fluffy and they were quite generous with the portion of eggs. They have different protein options, which include the pork chop and shrimps, as well as different variants of fried rice, including egg fried rice, XO fried rice, mala fried rice, and tomyum fried rice. The latter two options weren’t available when we were there though. You can also add on various toppings for $1, but only tobiko was available when we were there too.

Of the two proteins, I thought that the pork chop was much more worth it. The pork is charred on the outside and quite well seasoned. Better than DTF’s rendition in my opinion. In comparison, the prawns weren’t as tasty and there was only 6 of them, so you don’t get as much as the pork. The tobiko add on was a good choice though, because it adds a nice salty crunch and it’s fun popping them as you eat.

That said, we waited a whopping 1 hour for our fried rice although there were only 8 parties in front of us. Seeing as how only 2 plates came out every 10 mins or so, I’m not sure if I could justify such a waiting time haha. (We went on a Saturday afternoon at about half an hour after they opened.) I know they’re a small shop, but it felt terribly inefficient to me. Honestly, would rather pay more to not wait for such a long time. Worth a try if there’s no queue though.

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