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Steak Tartare

Steak Tartare

Can't believe it took so long to try this! All because I couldn't get the image out of my head when one of my friend tried this back in exchange days in France and had this irky expression 😅
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Main course: Beef tartare, served with sourdough and truffle fries. [supplement $12]

My yolk was a bit over cooked, it was not as flowy as I’d like it to be. But enjoyed the blend of flavors from the seasoning on the finely diced beef and the visible capers, onions, gherkins and that punch from the mustard and the hint of Worcestershire sauce.

3 course option at $55.

Modern take on beef tartare. Love the myriad of flavors and textures here. The diced beef is marinated with Gochujang then topped with dashi yolk, chives and sesame. Served with thinly sliced juicy nashi pear and crispy popiah skin

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With rosemary and garlic chips. Love the acidic, briny flavors with a subtle hint of mustard from the finely diced to order wagyu hanger steak. Served with crisp buttered toast.

Lately, Beef tartare has been one of my must order item in a steakhouse! Even though the fundamental a list of ingredients required to assemble the dish, the renditions I have come across have been quite varied.

For this, the quality of USDA Prime Beef was evident from the first bite! I like that we got to mix in the yolk of the Quail Egg which really binds the ground meat blend giving it a nice creaminess

Wagyu cubes served with anchovies, fried capers and quail egg yolk. The fried capers and chives provide the bite, the anchovies some tartness, and the egg smooths everything together. Loved the texture, marbling and the marinate on the minced Wagyu. Perfect blend of flavors to go with the crispy crostini!


Part of a dinner set menu.

The lamb tartare is inspired from 羊肉串. Love the dominant taste of cumin and Szechuan peppercorns in this! Yoghurt is also used in the blend, giving the tartare a refreshing and lighter finish. Have the tartare with the fried lotus root for thé added crunch!


There is something about having a chew to the meat, it’s so primal. And that is why I love beef tartare.

The quality of beef used in this dish is reflected in the taste, marbling and texture. I liked that it was sufficiently rare and well seasoned, together with the marinated yolk making the mixture really creamy and yummy! The addition of pickled onion was brilliant, adding that touch of briny sweetness. Mmmmm 😋

Only gripe would be the soggy pomme soufflé, would have preferred smtg crispy with a nice crack!


Spearheaded by Meta’s Chef Sun Kim, this modern bistro offers simple yet intelligent fare with an Asian twist.

The Korean part of this is from the use of the bulgogi sauce used in the marination which definitely stands out from the typical tartare (more of mustard, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce)

Beautiful flavor after fusing the raw yolk into the chopped up beef. Absolutely loved the flavor and the texture of this dish. Surprisingly worked wonder with the pappadum!


Hand chopped US beef, soft quail eggs, waffle crisps.

Soft quail eggs was an unusual lovely touch to the dish! What doesn’t work for me was the waffle crisps as I very much prefer crostini or baguette with the chopped beef. Love how subtle the capers is in this and that dollop of mayo mixed in pretty well too


Pretty pricey for the portion served. This was okay but two of my accompanying diners were completely thrown off stating how under seasoned the chopped up beef cubes are. Personally I felt it was not great, but it wasn't bad either.


Egg yolk, shallots, capers & truffle potato wedges

This was really the highlight of the meal! Loved how well the yolk fused with the well seasoned beef cubes. The capers and shallots really added some punch to the beef.


Didn't expect much from this corner joint specializing in crêpés, but this totally blew my mind! Plus, it was very reasonably priced for the portion. Beef was nicely marinated, could taste the herbs, like capers, gherkins, onions. It even had a kick to it! Goes perfectly well with the thinly sliced toasted baguette. To sweeten the deal, this comes with truffle fries!