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When we asked for recommendations for mains, we were only told it depends on whether if we wanted noodles or rice, and spicy or not. Since there wasn’t any helpful introduction, we decided to get this Isaan Spicy Grilled Pork Neck Fried Rice, which was supposedly one of the chef’s recommendation.

While the pork neck slices were flavorfully marinated, the texture was actually quite hard to chew, which was a turn off. And while the rice was saucy especially having a taste of fish sauce, I can’t explain what’s special about it. Probably would go for other mains the next time.


A time-honored recipe hailing from Khao Yai, Thailand, the Penlaos signature grilled chicken releases a burst of juiciness upon the first bite from its interior succulent meat. Grilled till a nice char on the exterior, the chicken coupled harmoniously with the blend of spices such as white and black peppercorn, garlic, fresh coriander, fish sauce. Smoky, sweet, savoury all in abundance. Pair with the Thai sweet, thick dipping sauce which brings along a lingering spiciness.

Only perplexed by the fact that our whole grilled chicken were served in halves whereas others’ were served whole.

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Chill vibes on a Saturday evening at Royal Thai Boat Noodles & Bar that has indoor and outdoor alfresco seating. Enjoy the breeze and dine as you watch the cars drive by.

Definitely had to try the Thai boat noodles since it was a specialty. We ordered a regular bowl of the pork Thai boat noodles and were served a flavorful bowl of pork broth, which was a little savoury, a little bloody-metallic and actually, quite sweet. For noodles, there was a choice of rice noodles or kway teow. Love the consistency and texture of the rice noodles, makes chewing even more enjoyable.

Other ingredients include sliced pig liver, sliced lean pork, meatballs and the ever sinful-but-shiok pork lard! Don’t worry about the pig liver being powdery because it’s cooked with a perfect timing that gives a nice texture without being over/undercooked.

This is one dish I can’t resist ordering every time when I have Thai food, even though it’s pretty troublesome when you eventually have oil all over your hands. Encased in large pieces of Pandan leaves, the moist, tender chicken meat infused with the pandan aroma falls apart so quickly because it was just so soft! The succulence brings so much satisfaction. For $10.50, it’s really value for money. Sweetness of the Thai chili enhanced the overall flavour of the chicken meat.


I wonder how many eggs go into this fried omelette because when we start cutting into it, the omelette was so fluffy that it seemed like there were 2-3 layers! Loved the crispy brown edge especially. Oily as it might be, the chili sauce was a good dip to cut through the grease with its slight citrusy heat.

The portions at Ah Loy Thai are generally big and there’s really quite a substantial amount of minced pork in it. This dish, could almost be spotted on every table! Given its value for money, it’s no surprise why there’s always a long queue outside ah loy thai.

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Took me long enough to try this and yes, it’s staying on my long term list for the so-worth-it food at Bugis. Thai food in a cafe setting and just look at the amount of ingredients, uhm, can you even see the chewy egg noodles?
There’s practically nothing in this bowl that I dislike. Fragrant burst from fried shallots, garlic, peanuts and ooooh pork lard! Generous serving of minced pork, pig intestines that didn’t smell, slices of pig liver that’s cooked till just right, fried dumpling skin that aren’t oily, sous-vide egg and what surprised me the most, was the kaffir lime. Needed that fresh, citrus element in this flavourful bowl.

You could also ask for less spicy when you place your order on the iPad, which was what I did. Spicy, sweet, tangy but could still go a little further on the sourish Tom Yum flavour. Soup was slightly heavy on MSG.

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Located in the Yishun Industrial Park and still not that accessible yet, but soon it will be with the Canberra MRT station under construction nearby, I am surprised by how the entire coffee shop that houses Taste of Thailand got fully occupied on a weekend! There were even people waiting for tables during dinner time, and guess what, its popularity was so evident because all other stalls were closed.

I was told that this deep fried fish is a must try at Taste of Thailand. True enough, this fish was spotted on almost every table, although it looks a little hideous. What was really fascinating was how the fish was deboned and how the entire fish was covered in batter such that with every bite, there's both a crispy exterior and soft fish meat that follows after. The deboning makes it easier to pick out the meat without bones. Of course, the fin areas were a little more complex but really really crispy.

Be sure to dip the sweet chili to give it some kick, though the sauce was on a sweeter than spicy side. Adds more flavour rather than just a monotonous fried taste!

So so many have reviewed this on Burpple and it made me so curious to try it!

First of all I guess the name is really intriguing as I have never come across a dish in the Thai cuisine like that. A simple dish as it looks without much fanciful ingredients (just long beans, minced pork), I was greeted surprisingly by this plate of flavorful silky rice noodles. It's so full of wok hei. But the rice noodles also reminded me of hor fun, or maybe the Chinese 凉皮. Interestingly, though it was really oily, but it didn't turn me off. In fact, the fragrant oil appealed to me. Well, the boyfriend said because it was pork lard and pork lard is commonly used in Thai cuisine.

I didn't know that there was a non-spicy version and so my tongue was on fire very quickly. Yet it was addictive. There were cut slices of chili mixed into the noodles, and the spicy flavour intensities of basil, chili were enhanced when I dipped the noodle into soy sauce with chopped garlic. The combination of the spices that gave a green leafy flavour and heatiness separately, made this a well-balanced dish.

It's not always you find a tom yum soup with a good balance between spiciness and sourness, but at Na Na's second outlet on 18 Clementi Road, I found it! Found it to be rather appetizing than spicy, especially on a rainy day when you need something warm to comfort the belly.

We went for the seafood version for a wider variety but it's priced similarly for both the only prawns and seafood versions. Some ingredients that you could find in that hot piping soup were the prawns, squids, crab sticks, various mushrooms, fishballs, tomato and of course lemongrass. Seems like it's served in a claypot if you order the bigger portion.


A pineapple fried rice that leaves deep impression not because of how delicious it is, but how much it doesn't even taste like one. It felt like I was eating curry fried rice instead, with the overpowering curry and turmeric powders, not even a slight taste of pineapple even though tiny pieces were spotted. There were also a handful of cashew nuts and a scoop of bland chicken floss. Pretty presentation, but looks can be deceiving.

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Foodie for life <3

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