Hola Amigo!

Hola Amigo!

Care for some Mexican cuisines? Don't forget to add some Tabasco Sauce!
Siming T
Siming T

It’s all but healthy, but the greasiness in this Breakfast Burrito (S$13.50) was what we might commonly find in our breakfast platters: hash browns, eggs and bacon, just to name a few. For those who just woke up with a splitting headache from all the booze the night before, this burrito might just work to get rid of that hangover effect.

I regarded their Ribeye & Truffle Aburi Rice Bowl (S$26.90) as a treat to myself for getting through the week. Or course, this dish did not have just an “atas” name, but the ingredients offered were also interestingly premium. Those cubes of char-grilled marbled ribeye steak were tender and juicy, and went very well with the shaved summer truffles and the truffle honey soy.

Break the onsen egg and mix the dish well, for the symphony of flavours would make one agree that the price tag was far from exorbitant, taking into account the quality of ingredients included.

Possibly one of the best Burpple Beyond deals around that paired the Korean-inspired Mexican street food with alcoholic beverages, this combo was actually a perfect deal for my own Happy Hour.

The Korean Pork Belly (S$17.00 for 3 Tacos) was juicy and complemented with Korean soy paste, ssamjang aioli and two styles of onion — pickled and original. I enjoyed having the pickled onions to give a little sourish touch to the tacos, but because the tortilla were homemade, they turned out to be a little limp, thus unable to hold all the fillings in place especially after a bite of it. Get your plates ready to rescue whichever pork belly that was accidentally ejected.

And perhaps I was spoiled by fresh fruit blended Frozen Margaritas from elsewhere, this one here at S$23.00 tasted underwhelming because of the somewhat artificial sweetness, so perhaps not a Margarita next time if I would come back again.



I was much delighted with the range of tacos offered here, not because there were many variations, but for the fact that there was quality in each piece of taco. Whether it was Carne Asada (S$9.00), Baja (S$9.00), Al Pastor (S$8.00) or Vegetables (S$6.00), each piece was special in their own ways and one of each made the meal pretty wholesome.

Personally, I enjoyed the Vegetables Taco for a good healthy crunch amidst the grilled flavours, and the best part about it all was that the soft corn tortilla did not break apart even though the snack was quite packed with ingredients. And if I would recommend something to go along, I actually liked the Al Pastor which was BBQ Pork covered with generous diced salsa.


Fresh ingredients in a tortilla wrap had always been a pleasure to enjoy, and that made the Meatball Fajitas (S$38.00) so endearing. Handmade meatballs were baked and served on a hotplate, with all the sauces, caramelised onions and that coat of melted mozzarella cheese. Before putting these sizzling hot items on to the toasted wrap, the essential step was also to spread the guacamole and salsa dip on the inner side of the wrap. Fold it, eat it, and you will not regret it.

Better still, if there were any Acompañantes (side dishes) or Antojitos (entrees) that you could dip it to the fresh guacamole and salsa dip, by all means try not to waste them. And because the Fajitas would be an ideal portion for two persons, the entree would likely bring the fullness level to a sweet spot.


This restaurant appeared to be a nice place to have some Mexican fix with a scenic view of Sentosa island. I like their Carne Asada Tacos (S$15.90 for 3) for the fact that the beef were chunky and fairly chewy, and the combination of tasty meat and the sour cream made it a delicious meal to have.

Dietary restrictions? No worries. Their tacos also come in chicken, fish and vegetarian options. And if you want some guacamole to go with the food, just add S$2.00 for it.

However, I would avoid coming back again during peak hours. It seems like their service can be a little unresponsive.


Not to be confused with the buffalo wings, in my humble opinion the "smoky-sweet sauce" that they use in the Buff-O Wings (S$8.00) is pretty close to a spiced-up BBQ sauce. Good as a bar grub, but I think their Loaded Nachos (S$10.00) probably look more exciting.

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As a matter of fact, chimichangas are deep fried burritos. And this Ancho Beef Chimichanga (S$10.00) also contains cheese and amarillo rice, with salsa and dressing to accessorise the wrap.

While the chimichanga gave me more of an impression of rice and protein in a batter, I thought this is something pretty new to me. Compared to the usual tacos and quesadillas, the chimichanga will be something to look out for the next time I visit other Mexican restaurants. For best experience, eat this while it's hot!

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The Ultimate Nachos (S$8.00) is a simple grub for diners and beer-goers here. Although it seems like there is only nachos, cheese and tomato dip, I love the fact that the starter is heated adequately before it is served. Plus the fact that the restaurant faces the sea, this is a desirable item to order on a weekday evening when the place is not buzzing (and no BBQ smoke smell of course).

Oh by the way, I think they have pretty good beer promotions too!


Reliving those days when Taco Bell is still in the local food scene, but with many levels up! The Hard Tacos from Guzman Y Gomez maintain their crisp even when the toppings have lots of juice oozing out with your every bite. And it's so delicious that even the Sautéed Vegetables with Guacamole Taco satisfies me without any meat fillings. A set of two tacos is available from S$8.50 onwards.

While I give them many likes, I will probably want to make sure I equip myself with wet tissues the next time I order the tacos, just in case if my hands get messy with all the food handling.


First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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