A Carnivore’s Delights

A Carnivore’s Delights

Meaty bites with chunks and chunks and chunks of protein from the moos, coos, oinks and quacks. Steaks, Ribs, Wings
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Chicken tenders fried in special batter and served alongside house butter dill, Korean bbq sauce & lime honey mustard. The chicken tenders resembled the fresh chicken fillets that you would find from supermarkets. Taste-wise, it’s unfortunately pretty much similar - a lil’ too dry and un-flavourful for my liking. If you think the batter might be a redemption, unfortunately it was nothing much to shout about. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t ‘wow’ either. As odd as it sounds, what blew me away were the in-house dips. They were unique and were definitely the saving grace to the otherwise mundane - tasting chicken tenders!


The hubs was v much impressed with this lunch, tho it looked rather small in portion. The confit was crispy on the outside and tender within. Served alongside mash and peas (can’t quite recall if it’s meant to be seasonal greens)

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Poached apples were adequately sweetened but somehow lacking in the typical apple fragrance. Perhaps they could consider adding a lil' cinnamon to intensify the flavour. It was poached to a decent doneness tho; neither too mushy nor too 'crispy'. Mashed potato was well seasoned! Love how it didnt smell of .... raw potato. The hubs who isnt quite a fan of potatoes except when it in the form of fries also gave praises to the mash! The pork chop was done well, a lil' too tough in my opinion. Flavour wise, nothing much to scream about when you have it alone but I guess you're supposed to have a bit of the pork, with a bit of the poached apple and a bit of the mash?

Crowd's favourite! Definitely did not fall short of expectations. The beef cheeks were fall-off-the-fork tender, beautifully seated on a bed of creamy, seasoned mashed potatoes and doused in beef jus. Served with a generous portion of well-seasoned mushrooms that was a perfect complement to the dish. A lil' of everything - beef jus, mashed potatoes, mushrooms and beef cheek makes the perfect mouthful.

Price wise, it's slightly on the steeper end - $25++
For a yummylicious deal here, use burpple 1-1 beyond. Note: Service charge is applicable to the 'free' dish

Food wise: 5 stars. Service wise, 1?
Commendable simmered beef - with rather pronounced taste of guinness in every bite of beef cheek. The veal jus was very savoury! Served with carrot bits and potato - bland carbs that were turned flavourful because of the jus. The garlic baguette was another amazing condiment on the side. This dish is indeed rich and gratifying as the menu puts it, but wouldnt exactly say it's satiable due to its puny portion size. It's rather steep and small-portioned for the $26++ price tag - be sure to utilize burpple deal to make your money worth.

Food aside- FYI on the service:
Waited 45mins for this pathetically small-portioned beef Bourguignon. Definitely insufficient to feed a growing teenager or grown adult. Service was exceptionally slow and unexpectedly disappointing.

Decently portioned for 1pax, this was extremely flavourful and fall-off-the-bone kinda tender. See that cleaned-out bowl. Not exactly sticky as the name puts it tho - no sight of sticky glaze. Grilled to perfection with juicy goodness locked in - I guess the 16hrs of sous vide session helped! Glazed with Cognac (but no taste of alcohol) and Charsiu sauce, I wish the Charsiu flavour was more pronounced tho. It's sprinkled with fried shallots on top and served with tangy ache and crispy prawn crackers on the side. Nyona achar did not disappoint - taste as good as a good achar should be. And am glad that the prawn crackers were rather crispy and did not taste of bad oil! Waited 40mins for this due to the extremely slow service. Would not wait nor pay for this item - thankfully the bitterness from the long waiting time was made up with pretty decent food and burpple 1-1 deal!

We were recommended ribeye (instead of sirloin) because it’s supposedly “better”. Hms. It was decent but nothing incredibly wow? There were quite a bit of chewy fats wasted at the end cos the were too rubbery to be ingested (felt like $ wasted!) Fries were pretty subpar (frozen, fried and sprinkled with some salt) salad was decent. The bernaise sauce saved the meal!

Well cooked and seasoned! Creamy garlic spinach was decent and pesto met expectations. A decent meal tho nothing “wow”!

Served medium rare only, these feather blades of steak where cooked to perfection! Nice chew with salt and pepper seasoning sprinkled across the plate, topped with some scallions. It’s great if you’re looking for clean, nice beef but not for one looking for a hearty, heavily smoked or flavoured meat cut. $11++ for 100g.


Generous cut of the steak, done medium well. It was charred to perfection but nothing like melt-in-the-mouth kinda wow. The gravy was an Asian fusion mix of... something spicy and nutty (without the peanut crunch). Weird, if you ask me. But my fiancé loved it.

Whole, roast chicken with teeny sexy thighs. Tender and juicy within and nicely peppered. Priced at $22++ & extra worthy with 1-1 DBS deal 😊

The typical southern comfort food.
Crispy out, juicy&tender within.
Served with coleslaw and pretty sinful, addictive gravy. Nope, i don’t wanna know what goes into the gravy!

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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