A Carnivore’s Delights

A Carnivore’s Delights

Meaty bites with chunks and chunks and chunks of protein from the moos, coos, oinks and quacks. Steaks, Ribs, Wings
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

We were recommended ribeye (instead of sirloin) because it’s supposedly “better”. Hms. It was decent but nothing incredibly wow? There were quite a bit of chewy fats wasted at the end cos the were too rubbery to be ingested (felt like $ wasted!) Fries were pretty subpar (frozen, fried and sprinkled with some salt) salad was decent. The bernaise sauce saved the meal!

Well cooked and seasoned! Creamy garlic spinach was decent and pesto met expectations. A decent meal tho nothing “wow”!

Served medium rare only, these feather blades of steak where cooked to perfection! Nice chew with salt and pepper seasoning sprinkled across the plate, topped with some scallions. It’s great if you’re looking for clean, nice beef but not for one looking for a hearty, heavily smoked or flavoured meat cut. $11++ for 100g.

Generous cut of the steak, done medium well. It was charred to perfection but nothing like melt-in-the-mouth kinda wow. The gravy was an Asian fusion mix of... something spicy and nutty (without the peanut crunch). Weird, if you ask me. But my fiancé loved it.

Whole, roast chicken with teeny sexy thighs. Tender and juicy within and nicely peppered. Priced at $22++ & extra worthy with 1-1 DBS deal 😊

The typical southern comfort food.
Crispy out, juicy&tender within.
Served with coleslaw and pretty sinful, addictive gravy. Nope, i don’t wanna know what goes into the gravy!

Delightful appetiser to start the feast! The cocktail prawns were succulent and well seasoned with what tasted like salad-y sauce, melon and bread triangles with a light spread of mayo/margarine-ish fat!

Well, I didn't fabricate this. According to the waitress who had made the recommendations, the restaurant had obtained their Turkey from the same source as the Buckingham Palace. I.e. we're having the same turkey as Queen E and her royal family! Kinda.

The Turkey pie is a X'mas special - cooked in creamy broth. The texture of the turkey meat was incredibly smooth - a different experience from the typical, coarse/rough texture of turkey meat. The pie crust was buttery and fragrant - it complements the creamy turkey meat extremely well. Nothing gets more 'English' and 'Christmas-y' than this festive combination of pie + turkey!

Done to medium, served with Yorkshire pudding, seasonal veggies and roast potatoes. On the steak itself, you get tons of cute mini onion bulbs and baby-ier-than-baby carrots! The steak was charred at the exterior, but kept to medium doneness in the centre, resulting in a nice, slight crisp with tenderness in the middle. Too goooood!

They pride themselves for keeping french cuisine at an affordable price point. Fair enough! For the quality and portions, the dish is indeed pretty outstanding. I’m impressed that rather sophisticated cooking techniques were used in this dish, check out the cloud of potato foam. The serving of pork belly was pretty generous for this price. However, ambience is compromised - for obvious and justifiable reasons, (aka cost factor) With such great quality food, I’d return anytime if not for the fact that it’s rather inconvenient to get here by public transport!

Beer and chicken goes hand in hand. Chicken and waffles goes hand in hand too. In which case, beer, chicken and waffles goes hand in hand too! Served piping hot with a tiny bowl of maple syrup to-go, the chicken waffles were pretty comforting for a weekend chill-out. Chicken tenders were fried to a crisp, tho I would have preferred the juicer cut of a thigh instead. The waffles were pretty ordinary, and definitely not the crisp, fluffy kind at most ice cream waffles joint. It’s a lil’ denser but still acceptable to the palate

This hole-in-the-wall shop is really cramped and crowded in the evening when I visited- but for good reason! A friend highly recommended this place which served one of the more affordable and quality charcuterie boards. I love how they’ve this massive board of cheeses and cold cuts for selection. There’s also an assortment of jam/preserves to go with the bread. The colourful platter alone whets up the appetite already! Each platter also came with a small lil’ bowl of honey to balance out the sodium from the cold cuts and cheeses. A huge platter and a glass of wine, in the company of friends and conversations makes up one of the most heartwarming evenings!

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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