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Japanese Food

Japanese Food

Featuring Tamoya Udon (Liang Court), DePizza, Kushikatsu Tanaka, Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry (Millenia Walk), Itacho Sushi (Plaza Singapura), Itacho Sushi (Bugis Junction), Shin Kushiya (VivoCity), Tendon Kohaku (ChinaTown Point), Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King (Paya Lebar Square), Udon Kamon
Eatsnapsg Foodie
Eatsnapsg Foodie

Looking for something refreshing with natural sweetness in a hotpot? Time to visit @yuzuteisg for their yuzu hotpot filled with fresh and quality ingredients. When ordering the Yuzu Shabu set, you may opt for Japan Shirobuta Pork set ($26 per pax) which comprises of pork collar and top grade pork belly from Kyushu or Kaisen set ($32.50 per pax) for the seafood lover which comprises of mussel, seabass, prawns, squid ring & etc! On top of that each set also comprises of assorted vegetables, japanese fish cane, handmade prawn and shiitake mushroom paste, japan mizuna vegetable, japanese fish cake and not forgetting the signature yuzu soup base.

As I am someone who loves fish, I have decided to add on seabass ($6) to my shabu set. Personally, I feel that yuzu fans would love the hotpot as it is something refreshing yet you are able to taste the natural sweetness from the other ingredients.
My personal take is that it would have been better if you get to enjoy a pot on your own, instead of sharing the pot with your friends/ family, especially for individuals who might have allergic reaction to seafood.
Yuzutei is located at Interlocal Centre level 1 around Pasir panjang area and around 12 mins walk from Pasar Panjang MRT station. Right now as I am writing the post, I am already missing the Yuzu Hotpot😢, will definitely revisit the restaurant again some time soon probably to try the other items from the menu.

Thank you @hojiakstory for the recommendation & jioing to visit the restaurant together! 🙆🏻‍♀️

Tamoya Udon [NDP x MALA]🍜
Authentic Japanese Udon in Singapore at super value prices. Find out what's new in this season! ⬇️
Tasted the following:
▪️Mala Tonkotsu Udon ($11.80)
▪️Spicy Tsukemen Udon ($10.80)
Not to worry about no seats as Tamoya Udon has 75 seater fuss free dining concept conveniently located on level 1 of Liang Court.
To celebrate the nation's 🇸🇬54th birthday, @tamoyasgx bring forth 2 new spicy offerings available till end of August 2019.
Out of the 2, I prefer the Mala Tonkotsu Udon which is on a mala-scale that's generally more acceptable level and if it is not spicy enough for you, feel free to add on their chili padi 🌶️.
For the Spicy Chasu Tsuke Udon, first mix the sparingly udon noodles with a flowly onsen egg, then dip the udon into special spicy dipping sauce that's flavorful and spicer than the mala.
📣 Promotion
From 9th August 2019 till 12th August 2019, enjoy free drinks with any order of the two new spicy seasonal udon!
Liang Court
177 River Valley Road
Singapore 179030
Opening hours 🕚
Daily 1100 - 2130 .
Thank you @ashleyoms for the media coverage and write up, and @brandcellar @tamoyasg for the warm hosting!

Congrats to ANA Airlines for the opening of another Japan Gourmet Hall SORA outlet at Terminal 1, this time featuring three popular Japanese brands such as Ikkousha (well-known ramen brand from Fukuoka), Yoshimi which specializes in Katsu & Japanese Curry and Megumi Maru which specializes in quality maguro and sashimi in Kanagawa prefecture.
Personally, I am a huge fan of mentai dishes and the Maguro Mentai Roll ($15.90) is a dish which I had really enjoyed. Megumi Maru was generous with the mentai sauce and the maki roll is topped with fresh & quality tuna sashimi which melts in the mouth.

“Udon usually eat udon cold” 🐑 from today (7 June 19) onwards, Udon Kamon have launched the beautiful tricoloured chilled udon specially for the hot summer weather. The udon is specially prepared by executive Chef Kamogi Noriyuki, whereby each bowl comprises of three different types of Sanuki Udon noodles such as the original white udon, red chilli udon for individuals who enjoy spicy food (made with Korean chilli powder) and green matcha udon for those who are fan of matcha & it has a refreshing taste (made with uji matcha from Kyoto). The three new dishes include Mentai Maze Udon ($12.80++), Uni Maze Udon ($19.80++) & Beef Shabu Shabu Udon ($13.80++). To be honest, after tasting the three bowls, I cannot decide whether I prefer the Mentai Maze or the Beef Shabu Shabu bowl. However, if you prefer something more flavourful, personally I would recommend the beef shabu shabu bowl and it taste slightly similar to sukiyaki. On the other hand, for mentai lovers, I think you would love the Mentai Maze Udon!

Time to visit @udonkamonsg to enjoy triple happiness in a udon bowl and don’t forget to jio a friend to enjoy 50% off every second bowl (lower price bowl) from now till end of June 2019. Kindly note that one of which has to be a choice from the summer menu.

Thank you @brandcellar for the invite and @udonkamonsg for the warm hosting!

Good news to all Cheese lovers, Kushikatsu Tanaka has recently introduced their Mega Cheese Festival, with exclusive menu available only at their Singapore’s outlet.
For those who have not heard about Kushikatsu Tanaka (KKT) , KKT is well known for its osaka style crisp fried skewers which is fried with secret oil blend with beef fats and homemade panko crumbs.

_🍽 Mega Cheese Chikuwa Kushikatsu ($6)
_🍽 Unagi Kushikatsu ($2.50)
_🍽 Hanpen Kushikatsu ($1.50)
_🍽 Mini Taiyaki Kushikatsu ($2)

I have also enjoyed dipping the above mentioned items in their new dipping sauces (3 sauces at $4): Chilli Crab, Japanese Curry and Nacho Cheese sauce.

_🍽 Cheesy Chirtori Nabe ($18)
_🍽 DIY Takoyaki ($11)

Apart from that, KKT offers wide range of Jim Beam highballs such as Triple berry highball, triple citrus highball. It is always good to enjoy a glass of highball with some fried skewers and enjoy the cheesy feast!


Time to visit KKT to have some fun time to DIY your own takoyaki!

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One of my favourite sushi hangout place to enjoy their salmon sushi ❤️.

Happy Weekends, may your first lunar weekends be filled with 甜甜蜜蜜,开开心心! Missing the juicy fresh fruits from Chikuyotei @ UE Square after enjoying their Unagi Meal. 🍽 Dessert
Shizuoka Musk Melon w/ seasonal fruits: Orange and Strawberry 📍Chikuyotei (UE Square)
#01-61, UE Square (River Wing)

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I have also enjoyed the Unagi Hitsumabushi and had fun eating the meal with the three different ways.

Firstly, divide the bowl into four portion.

First bowl: eel & rice only.
Second bowl: eel& rice w/ spring onions, wasabi & fresh sansho
Third bowl: Same as previous w/ clear soup (ochazuke style)
Fourth bowl: Choose your favourite style.

Apart from the taste, the presentation of the food is execellent! We were also warmly welcomed by their friendly staff to dine in the comfortable and cozy restaurant.

[Invited Tasting] This time round I am here to eat & snap an interesting local pizza 🍕 at Depizza, presenting to you “Lemak No Nasi Pizza” ($24). The pizza is similar to nasi lemak w/o the rice and it contains sambal coconut base, chicken and shredded fried egg, which is topped with ikan bilis and crunchy cucumber.
Personally, I am someone who prefers savoury food as compared to sweet treats. Thus, the Lemak No Nasi Pizza is definitely something that I will like. As this is my first time trying Depizza, personally I like that their pizza crust is thinner but still able to maintain the ideal texture for biting.
Apart from that, some of my other preference would be the following items:
🍕All about them proteins ($23)
🍕Sashimi Pizza ($26) - perfect for those craving for japanese food
🍟 Mentaiko Fries ($12)
Depizza serves other interesting pizza as well such as sweet& sour pork pizza and takoyaki pizza which I would be keen to try in the future!

Thank you @craziben for the invitation and @depizzasg for the warm hosting & the yummy pizza! 📍35A Boat Quay
🚇 Raffles Place
🕒 Mon - Thurs : 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 10pm / Fri: 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 11pm / Sat & PH: 5pm to 11pm

One of my favourite ramen place and was really lucky that there is no queue as we reached much earlier before the crowd!

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Time to pamper yourself with some Japanese food at Shin Kushiya Singapore.
I have ordered the grilled unagi set meal for my mum and she likes it. The unagi portion is huge and it is definitely a japanese restaurant suitable for comfy gathering with friends or family! 🙆🏻‍♀️ 📍Shin Kushiya Singapore 🚇 Harbourfront MRT
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