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Pasta La Vista

Pasta La Vista

Quintessential Italian dish loved by many for its heavenly carbo that can be healthy or super indulgent.
Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

The skillet-baked mac & cheese was whisked in a blend of 5 types of cheese and all melted together to create comforting cheesy goodness. The cheese suace was rich and creamy with a prominent cheese flavour, and it stuck to the pasta tubes quite well. Overall the flavour of the dish was one-dimensional and felt in need of some flavour which was added by the crispy herb breadcrumbs sprinkled at the top. 🧀🧀🧀

For $15, the pasta came with a side and drink. Though there was an aroma of truffle that wifted through the air while mixing the pasta, the truffle taste was rather elusive. Overall it felt more like a regular mushroom cream pasta dish that was dry and rather jelak.

The longer the wait, the higher the expectations. This dish was super disappointing and super unsatisfying. Firstly it did not have any resemblance to the photo in the menu; and I was expecting a pasta in thick mapo tofu sauce, not a broth/soup (menu stated 'sauce'). Secondly there was no reminiscent of mapo tofu as it was not spicy and no tofu pieces. Thirdly it just tasted like seafood horfun served in a claypot and using spaghetti instead of traditional chinese noodles. 😠

The shredded meat was tender and flavoursome that clinged to the wide strands of pasta, and tossed in a tomato-based sauce. Topped with parmesan and a runny egg, this classic Italian dish was not glamorous but it sure was rich and hearty. Sprinkled on some chilli flakes for the added kick.

Large flat tagliatelle pasta strands were tossed in a slightly sweet tomato cream sauce and dressed with chunks of crab meat. Flavour wise was relatively flat and it was missing the chilli that could have elevated it with a spicy punch.

New kiosk with a mix and match concept where you pick what you want to create your own pasta. I had the classic Mac & Cheese where cooked elbow pasta (ie. macaroni) was added with chicken chunks and chicken sausages in a bowl. The mix was then tossed in cheese sauce and heaped on with more cheese before it's heated up into creamy goodness. Overall an average cheesy meal as taste was one-dimensional and lack flavour.

Nothing beats a classic bolognese than a tomato-based pasta filled with meaty goodness. The pasta sauce was not overly rich, and the onions, carrots and garlic added to it the rustic flavour. Not bad for a beef bolognese!

The Granchio (chilli crab pasta) came with fresh crab meat, cherry tomatoes, garlic, chili and Kaffir lime. Glad that they used linguine pasta. Tasty and flavorful, each pasta strand was drenched with the sweet, spicy and tangy sauce. The heat was subtle that didn't numb the tongue, but if you like spicy food, you may want to drizzle some tobasco sauce for an added kick. Pretty good overall!

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As one of the highly raved signatures, this dish lived up to its hype. An Italian twist to a local favourite, the pasta was fragrant and tasty with each strand being evenly coated with the gravy. The prawns were fresh and there were bits of saltiness from the dried shrimps. The gravy was slightly spicy and could be a tad bit thicker. Nonetheless, a savoury spiced pasta well done.

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Creamy and thick laksa sauce base. The taste of the laksa doesn't immediately kick in and it's pretty mild. Overall not too bad.

Food is an adventure in itself. More to explore. Even more to share.

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