Pasta La Vista

Pasta La Vista

Quintessential Italian dish loved by many for its heavenly carbo that can be healthy or super indulgent.
Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

This has got to be the best laksa pasta I ever had thus far. It was deliciously creamy and savoury, and it retained the fragrance and aromatic taste of the classic hawker laksa. The laksa pasta contained pieces of cockles, prawns and quail eggs; and it had a good balance of coconut milk and spiciness to it. 😋

The beef mac & cheese was made with penne pasta and baked with three cheeses, beef, tomato sauce and zucchini. It was creamy with a crispy layer and packed full of flavour. Absolutely delicious and a total comfort food.

The fettuccine was done al dente and each strand was drenched with the savoury, tangy, and slightly spicy sauce that made this pasta simply delicious and not jelak. Slurrppp~

This pasta was simply irresistible as the sauce was packed full of prawny flavour with sweetness from the dried shrimps. Topped with ebiko roe and caviar, the pasta was cooked al dente and the prawn had an amazing charred taste to it. Another favourite to add to my list.

A tiny version of the Italian ravioli, the French dumpling pasta was filled with Tete de Moine cheese and served with creamy sauce. The portion was decent for sharing and it got more addictive with every bite. The fries were different from the usual shoestring fries and of a thicker cut; and it seemed that they were baked then fried to a brownish shade.

It's a first seeing a pasta dish served with a dollop of whipped cream. The cream was light and when mixed together, it lightened the colour of the dish and made it slightly creamier. Felt that the flavour could be richer but overall a comforting dish. The glass of white berry wine cooler ($8) was similar to sangria but less alcohol content, and it was both pretty aesthetically and refreshing.

A unique take on the classic spaghetti meatballs, this dish consisted of a meaty beef patty encircled by a crispy circular cheese tuille and set on a tangle of spaghetti strands that were coated in tangy tomato-based sauce. I love the cheesiness of the cheese crust and the sauce was slightly spicy which helped to cut through the richness of the dish. There was a slow cooked egg as well. Definitely a hearty dish that I recommend sharing as it could be too heavy for one person.

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Not the most appealing in colour but this squid ink spaghetti was quite tasty with some cut chillies for a spicy kick and toasted pine nuts for texture. The dish had a generous amount of squid ink in it that it had a strong and earthy-seasalt flavour, which was a bit overpowering for me. And this was truly an all black food as it was served with portobello mushroom instead of squid.

Relatively generous portion of crab meat though would have preferred chunkier crab meat for better bite. The pasta was tossed in mild spicy tomato sauce, giving it a taste of the tomato-sweetness and chilli-spiciness; and the pine nuts cut through the flavours to balance it out.

The pasta was cooked al dente and each strand was coatd with the silky miso sauce that was flavourful and buttery. Lightly seasoned, the salmon was pan-fried to a light golden brown while retaining its tender and moist flesh. Carb-y, creamy and omega-3 healthy!

Expectation was raised as it was my first time seeing such pasta dish on the menu; and I was hoping for the pasta dish to be bursting with local flavours. Unfortunately it was overall pretty average and perhaps it could have been better with some spice or chilli flakes to kick things up a notch.The king prawns though had a nice bouncy texture.

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The mac and cheese was served hot in a cast iron pan. Creamy, cheesy, chewy and slightly charred at the top for an added crisp. One word - a classic done right.

Food is an adventure in itself. More to explore. Even more to share.

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