Ice Cream Waffles

Ice Cream Waffles

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Justin Siew
Justin Siew

Having Udders ice-cream with style before they phase this selection out. “Holy Smoke” is the name of this dry ice treatment

I’ve heard of Wimbly Lu before but have never went down so since we were at Creamery Boutique which is just nearby Wimbly Lu, we decided to head there. From the outside, the ambience and interior already made fall in love with this place; it exudes elegance and a chill vibe with the dim lightings and vintage furnishings👌

Ordered their Waffle with Truffle Chocolate ice cream ($10.50) and for a place like this, no service charge? 👏 The waffle came not too long after while we were busy admiring and posting on the beautiful interior, we realised we were given 2 scoops of ice cream and it has been decorated as a bear 🐻!! So cute of the staff who prepared it. Might be because we waited outside for a good 15 mins due to social distancing. Really thankful to the staff ☺️

Back to the waffle. Holy cow!! The waffle is so light and airy yet perfectly crispy on the outside it reminded me of Hong Kong Egg Waffle! So delicious and the portion was well worth the money🤤 paired with the generous ice cream given, it went so well together 👍 I have found my new favourite waffle spot and I definitely will be back to have more of it and try different things 💯

Yummy! Normally comes with two pieces and with Greek Yoghurt and maple syrup. Opted for half portion so can try another dish too 😬

'Charcoal waffle, greek yogurt, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, banana, granola, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, dusted with Icing Sugar'

Waffle was crisp and thick but could have been fluffier and more moist on the inside. Unlike their buttermilk version, this was way more crumbly causing it to crumble into pieces simply by attempting to cut it with a fork and a knife. I resulted to using a spoon and a fork.
The tiramisu gelato was really creamy and milky but would have liked a stronger espresso flavour.
Overall, its a good attempt to try to make waffles healthy but the ingredients do not complement one another. There needs to be a sweet sauce or gelato to make the waffle more moist and to complement the tartness from the fruits. The greek yogurt simply does not provide sufficient moisture unless the waffle was made more moist. All the elements on their own are good but together, they unfortunately do not complement one another and it wasn't a very satisfying dish.
Taste: 5/10 (Will not get it again)

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The waffles here are crispy all the way through, but was still light and tasty, batterwise. Had the wheat beer ice cream. That beer taste is there, quite strong actually, what i like is that the alcohol bitterness is absent 4.25/5

Ice cream ✕ Red Velvet Waffle ✕ ☕ + a 🐰
they're 0pen till late
great f0r sup 😉

Yum yum Apple crumble in my tummy! Suitable for people with sweet tooth like me! Waffle is fluffy on the inside as well! Plentiful of Apple slices and the ice cream complements well too!

Great Place to chill on a lazy Sunday!

They’ve recently launched limited Christmas edition ice cream flavours for this festive season such as:

~Ruby Chocolat with Cranberry & Walnut
~Chocolat Orange
~Almond Pistachio

I really enjoyed the Chocolat Orange as it had a rich cocoa flavour when combined with the dried orange bits inside. Next, the Almond Pistachio flavour had a strong nutty flavour while the Ruby Chocolat on the other hand tasted more subtle compared to the other 2. You can pair the ice creams with their signature handmade waffles or cones.

Quaint cafe that has good ambience, but was crowded on a weekday during lunch

Banana Gusto: Strawberry flavour was better than the hazelnut one, waffles were crisp but not that great

Banana Chocolate Chip Crumble, Black Forest & Butterscotch Almond.
Signature warm fluffy waffles.
Happy smiles. 👍

After a hefty dinner in Bedok, we decided to take a stroll to Fatcat Ice Cream Bar for some dessert to satisfy our sugar cravings. We ordered the brown butter waffle and a scoop of tiramisu ice cream to go along. Like any good waffle, this was super crisp and fluffy. It has a slight hint of nuttiness that goes perfectly with the salted cameral sauce that was artistically drizzled around the waffle. The tiramisu ice cream was super rich and creamy with hints of espresso and a slight kick from the coffee liqueur. We would definitely recommend people who do not like their ice cream to be overly sweet to try this!

Wow was skeptical 🤨 but it’s works really well and one of my favorite fusion waffles I tried!🤩 it’s exactly like your traditional pandan waffles with the the crispy exterior with slight burnt edges 😋 and soft chewy mochi inside which tones down the pandan taste to compliment the gelato flavors! 💯 impressed👍