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From the Burpple community

The condiments are diy so u can add ur own proportion of vinegar, chilli & garlic which is awesome!


Sorry for the hideous picture but mark my words -- this dish touched my very soul and converted even the most cynical of hawker non-believers like me into a diehard fan.

Fine fine, it's not like I hate hawkers! It's more like I didn't expect much of this stall in Hong Lim Market with no lunchtime queue. However, I was extremely surprised that the laksa scored full marks in flavour, portion, and price.

Fish Laksa ($3) 🍜 10/10

First of all, the laksa came with FIVE (5) gigantic pieces of fried fish! They were still crispy even after sitting in the bag for a long while. The laksa also came with an entire rectangle of tau pok 😍

And those weren't the dish's only perks -- the laksa was so fragrant and flavourful that I slurped up every last drop. Perfect to dip the crispy fish into!

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I ordered the regular bowl ($3) of fried fish lor mee that come with four pieces of fried fish, half a hard-boiled egg and flat Hokkien noodle in a bowl of lor.
The condiments are self service here so you could help yourself to the black vinegar, sambal chili and grated garlic.
The viscosity of the gravy is just nice without being too gloopy or runny and there are no lumps of undissolved starch. There are also egg ribbons in the gravy.
The surface of the flat Hokkien noodle picked up the gravy very well. Also, the crunchy bean sprouts provided an alternate texture to the gummy mouthfeel of the noodle so there is no jelak-ness.
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Lor Mee (S$2.50)
Add on S$1 Fried Fish which was very light and crispy

Ma Bo Lor Mee
Address 🏑 : Address 🏑 : Blk 531A Upper Cross Street, # 02-05 Hong Lim Food Centre, Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 051 531

Attitude of the staff at this outlet was really bad. Was 1 sec late in indicating my preference and was not allowed to choose bee hoon with yellow noodle. Gravy was mild without much flavor and not of much depth. Fried fish was good though, fresh and piping hot, it was also not too oily.

Price: $3/$4


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