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Medium Unagi Don

Price: $25.80+ The unagi was really soft and crispt but i had to wait for more than an hour.

Looking at this makes me hungry..

Though price is alittle steep, for a quality Unagi, this place is definitely a place to go. But not for any friends outing, cuz u can't get seat and order first even if its ur turn and your friend are coming in 2min. So after 2 min, they arrange you to sit separately. Not willing to help u arrange the seats. Service wise, i would rate negative. You paid restaurant price and get Cha chaan teng service? 👍🏻2/5 (wanted to rate 5 for the food, but thinking of the poor service we got for the price we paid, we probably wouldnt like to return back)
📍1 Keong Saik Road, #01-01, Singapore 089109 #yybffoutrampark

Large Hitsumabushi ($35.80++) is really no joke.

Roasted on the outside and tender on the inside. Got to be the best unagi bowl I've eaten so far.

Hitsumabushi ($26.80)

Definitely the best unagi rice bowl in Singapore! The eel is lightly crisp on the outside, with pillowy-soft meat. Add a delicious sweet sauce, freshly grated wasabi and dashi broth, and you have a superstar 🌟 can't wait for my next visit!

Medium Unagi Set

The unagi was grilled to it's perfect crispiness and the sauce was just right, not too salty. Queued for 30mins on a Sat noon, totes worth it!!!

Seasonal item now available.

Fiery squids is in the house! Together with the oh so crispy and smokey unagi. Oishī!

ひつまぶし Hitsumabushi

Unagi Don with spices and dashi

Bib Gourmand (Michelin Guide Singapore 2017)

For Unagi Lovers

Finally tried the unagi here... all i can say is OISHII! The unagi is grilled to perfection, so tender and melts in your mouth!


This was soooo good??!😍 TASTE: 8/10 Also they serve fresh wasabi where you had to grate it yourself how cool is that! But I must say, the queue is really too long (waited 1hr20min from 650pm) for this, wouldn't mind queuing 30min to taste this bowl of goodness😍 MY ADVICE: QUEUE EARLY, AVOID PEAK HOURS. Worth a try!!

Large Hitsumabushi • S$39.80+

Finally got some time to go out for a proper meal and a great one it was!

Man Man Unagi Restaurant has been on my wish list for the longest time and I'm so glad to have tried this place. I understand now why this restaurant garners such long queues.

The large hitsumabushi (S$39.80+) comes with three different styles of eating - by its own, with condiments such as wasabi and with broth. The unagi is so fresh, evident from all the live eels in the tank.

It was such a satisfying meal. I will definitely be back for more.

Unagi Rice Set $32.50++

The flesh from this Unagi is fresh and you will be craving for another bowl!!!

Large Hitsumabushi (Una Don with spices and dashi) from Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant.

The quality arguably lies not in the eel itself, but in the experience as a whole. The innately stickily sweet una don itself is highly customisable - you get different sauces to apply to your mountain of eel flesh, and also the option of adding dashi to make an eel porridge - and you also get to grate your own wasabi, which may either be balls of fun or immensely frustrating for those (like me) who drip with sweat in SOC-esque effort only to yield sad green Play Doh-esque baby lumps. Likely to remain exciting for a while because of the current buzz and redeemable bragging rights, but what happens after that...3.9/5

P.S. I went at 8:45pm on a weekday night, and queued for all of five minutes. Yay.

Shirayaki Unagi ($24.80)

The shirayaki unagi ($24.80) can be ordered as an extra treat (alongside your Hitsumabushi set haha). The fresh eel is prepared similarly to the kabayaki, except without the unagi tare sauce, and served only with salt, fresh wasabi and light shoyu. This allows the chao ta and the kiam of the eel to really shine. Perfect for the unagi purist!


3 ways of eating it...

ok la.. it's fresh... it's pretty good. Got the BBQ chaotah flavour more than usual and not as mushy as the ones I'm normally accustomed to from everywhere else. They gave me the seat right infront of where they kill the eels. Won't spoil your appetite and post the video here! Haha #burpple

Although just selling Unagi, they had all the rights to command a consistently long queue.

Simply b'cos their charcoal grilled eels were damn good.
The Japan-flown in eels were prepared live and grilled in front of customers, which explained why they tasted so fresh and good.
Whether eaten 3-ways (original, with wasabi and condiments, or with soup in rice) or just on its own, the charcoal grilled Unagi was remarkably delicious. Its charred skin was crispy in the right places, meat was tender and moist, and the Unagi sauce just completed the dish.
Their queue was consistent despite quick turn-around of customers so some wait would be expected. But when we took our first bites all that wait so totally worthwhile.
Problem is, now we'll only want to come back here for Unagi.

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