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From the Burpple community

You couldn’t miss out Hui Huang Roasted Delight with their roasted meat hanging in front of the stall here.

I wish they could pour more sweet sauce on it as the rice was a bit too dry, but you can help yourself with the sauces. $3.50


Most people order their bcm but I wanted something light and this hit the spot. Clear soup was sweet and surprisingly packed with flavors (left us wondering if there were any MSG but I don't think we were v thirsty after..?), fish was fresh!


Fish Porridge

The noodles wasn't too spicy and tasted not too bad. It comes with a bowl of plentiful soup, containing a few fishballs, a meatball, a fish dumpling and few slices of fish cakes!


Haven't had this minced meat porridge for a long time! It was as good as I remembered, very tasty (or maybe because my grandpa added oatmeal to it so it wasn't as watery even though I had it 10 hours later) This was something of my childhood, and everyone in my family loves it. They sell out really early, so my grandma would buy it early in the morning and keep it for my dad whenever he goes for a visit.


Ran by an elderly couple, this decent bowl of noodles comes with generous servings of fishballs, fishcakes and meatballs. A good meal to have before proceeding to east coast park!


Have been eating this plate noodles since 8 years ago. Still taste as good! Whole shrimps in their dumplings just makes it even more awesome!