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Please let me know if you have had a better peanut pancake than this. I have been trying out mian cheng kueh from different stalls and have not come across anything quite as good.

Taste: 10/10

Price: 9.5/10 (Handmade daily by an elderly couple, it’s almost strange to me that each slice of this Chinese pancake only costs 80cents! Definitely great value for money)

In the same sleepy market that houses the infamous Guangdong Wanton Mee lies my favourite “breakfast for dinner “ stall.

This stall is Manned by 2 cute grandmas - so hospital and friendly .

There are days that you feel like having your breakfast bee hoon for dinner and this market is the best place to come .

The bee hoon has a good wok hei without being greasy and was well seasoned and not salty.

Just 2.20 and you can eat your fill . Don’t forget to wash down with a good bowl of green bean soup at 90cents - where can you get green bean soup for that price these days ?

You can also get your fill of peanut porridge or nasi lemak with condiments or Orh bee bei dessert .

A pity this market will be torn down soon - not the most comfortable market to eat in but it’s a convenient and reliable place to go to in the latest of nights .

I ordered Fried Chicken Burger (non-spicy) ($5.50) and waiting time for at least 15 minutes. I didn't expected the burger to be so good in terms of the portion size and price. Fried Chicken Burger was quite crunchy and crispy at outer skin and the sauce was not much and generous to the extend. The coleslaw was complemented well with the burger and I felt the fried chicken was really fresh and not that frozen chicken. Thank you so much Hammee's for making Fried Chicken Burger out from the fresh ingredients.

I decided to try Bak Chor Mee ($2.70) out for lunch time while waiting for Burger at Hammee's. I saw long queue for this stall and most of people order Bak Chor Mee (dry). I haven't eaten Bak Chor Mee for a while because I am not really a fan of Bak Chor Mee. I didn't expected they put a lot of ingredients such as pig liver and minced meats inside Bak Chor Mee. It's worth it to try it out for portion size and price if you happen to be at the area.

Tried the chicken chop and steak - both were good and really tasty. Portion is also quite big with the potato and fries! The sauce on the meat is also quite unique, not like what you usually get at western stalls.

Only complaint: felt quite thirsty after the meal, probably quite a bit of MSG?

No surprise that this stall has super long queues because it’s famous for its laksa and prawn noodles. Really love the flavourful broth and how you can customise your ingredients according to your preferences!


This burger was fantastic! The patty was very juicy. Asked for no mayo for this, which allowed the patty to shine. The bun was buttery and fluffy.

Wished there would be more cheese though!

Tong kee was previously stationed at commonwealth hawker centre along Margaret drive, which was just beside my secondary school.

The roasted chicken was juicy, left the juicy skin last.



There was a long snaking queue during dinner time. Queued for about 10-15mins. It was worth the wait.

The fried pork was damn crispy and tasty

The ikan billis was good too.

I ordered total 4 dishes for $5.20.


Still a popular dish, almost on every table.
Sweetness from the milk powder overwhelmed the otherwise succulent ribs which taste good on its own.
Photo credit: @yongkaiiii
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All I want now is this bowl of hot traditional Cheng Tng to drive away my Monday blues. The old (and known to be grumpy) granny at the stall insists on cooking the 4 items on her menu using the same recipes for nearly half a century till date.

Especially delighted by the slice of dried persimmon, that adds a hint of sweetness, in addition to the usual suspects of dried longan, white fungus, barley, large sago. And perhaps you might have always wondered what’s that black, seaweed-looking thing floating atop the soup. It’s the Malva Nut, something that I enjoy for its texture.

Served in a traditional porcelain bowl truly brings about a nostalgic taste, as I got reminded of the same bowl used when dining at my late grandfather’s house. Xi Le Ting also offers green bean soup (which seems to be the most popular choice!), red bean soup and sweet wheat porridge.