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Helmed by 2 young chefs, Hammee’s serves up one of the best burgers that I have had in Singapore!

I love how the buns had a distinct buttery fragrance is toasted to achieve crispy edges but remaining soft too. I also love how generous they are with the cheese slices and impressed by how the flavourful beef patty was able to lock in its juices! The fries here are also good on its own! Crisp on the outside yet fluffy on the inside, could definitely do with more of this goodness ◡̈ My only peeve about this place? I wish they could give me more of those caramelised onions!

Queenstown Lontong serves typical Malay breakfast such as nasi lemak, lontong, mee rebus, mee siam, mee soto and soto ayam.
I am stoked to see the gravy almost overflowing from the edge of the bowl!
I am uncertain what goes in the gravy but the complex flavors of sweet and savory took my breathe away.
The texture of the noodle is quite soft with just a little spring to it and the gravy clung well onto it. I closed my eyes in contentment to allow my tongue to frolic with the gravy in my mouth.
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2019/03/queenstown-lontong-tanglin-halt-food.html
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It’s a short 4-minute walk from Commonwealth MRT station and it is a pretty quaint space in the neighbourhood.

The waffles were not much to shout about but the ice-creams were delectably smooth and fragrant. (I might be biased because I love earl grey, who would have ever thought that black tea and tangerine peel would make such a great combination?)

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Basking in the sun and enjoying my modest plate of bee hoon + fried chicken wing at Eng Kee on a hot and sunny 🥵 Saturday afternoon. Their well-seasoned wing with crispy skin and tender, juicy meat is undoubtedly one of best fried chicken wings around.
P.S. It’s so addictive that I’m getting intense cravings for it but sadly Eng Kee is closed for business on Sundays.
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This is probably one of the zi char dishes i’ve been wanting to try for awhile and finally had the chance to. The pork ribs are covered in milk powder and the combination of the ribs and milk powder was initially abit strange but it slowly grew on me. The boneless ribs made it easy to eat and it was tender as well but beware as the milk powder rly sticks to your mouth when it dissolves. Not sure if I would order this again but it’s definitely worth a try.

We used the Chope 1 for 1 voucher. The Milky Way is a hole in a wall cafe tucked away in a HDB estate in Commonwealth. My mother and I enjoyed the cute decor and friendly wait staff who helped us sort out our voucher.

The waffles were freshly made to order and the amazing smell permeated the cafe. They came crispy and hot, drizzled with maple syrup. We got to choose 2 flavors of ice cream. The pistachio flavor was really gao with a distinct nutty taste (fans of pistachio will love this, like I did). The sea salt balanced out the sweetness of the caramel and seemed to make the ice cream extra creamy and smooth. They went perfectly with the eggy waffles.

An indulgent cheat day treat and my mother left with a full belly and satisfied cravings.


I ordered a bowl of thunder tea with white rice for $3.50.
There are a medley of ingredients in my bowl including chye poh (preserved radish), tau kwa, fried ikan bilis, peanuts and some kind of vegetable that I was not able to identify.
The bowl is rather light on flavors as the chye poh is the sweet variety. However, the seasoning from the vegetable makes up for it.
While everything was chopped up for easy eating, the ikan bilis and peanuts added some crunch and texture to the dish.
Read more at: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2019/03/hakka-thunder-tea-rice-blk-3a-tanglin.html.
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From the stall selling fishball noodles and meepok. Soup wasn’t very flavourful and wasn’t sufficiently spicy. Generous amount of ingredients for $3 though!

From the stall selling kway chup. Very friendly uncle! Really flavourful soup, with the herbal taste of the duck coming through very well. The nuttiness of the peanut also elevated the dish! Decent portion for the price as well

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Peanut Pancake is a little chewier than the typical peanut pancake. Uncle explained that it’s because of the yeast, which he also makes himself.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/tanglin-halt-original-peanut-pancake/


New generation burger hawkers aren’t exactly anything new, considering that the original pioneers blazed their trail on Singapore’s hawker scene about what, half a decade ago? Still, it’s just good business, and Hammee’s certainly seems to be doing a lot of that.

The highlight of Hammee’s Double Classic Cheeseburger ($8, $2 extra for bacon) are the two beef patties that are made out of a blend of brisket and chuck mince. The patties themselves are chock full of intense, satisfying beefy flavors, partially thanks to them being grilled with beef tallow.

Even though the patties are cooked to well done, they are marvelously juicy and the texture is sensational. The smoky bacon rashers did obfuscate the taste of the beef patties a little, but they added an irresistibly addictive chewiness to the burger that made it all worth it.

The deluge of melted American cheese blanketing each patty adds even more flavor and a luscious creaminess to the burger while holding it all together, while the charmingly caramelized onions were sumptuously sweet and added more dimension to the burger. The bun used might not be a brioche bun, but it was slightly sweet, and was perfectly toasted. The bottom bun retained its texture and never got soggy even towards the last few bites of the burger. I was pretty sure that the burger was missing the chopped pickled jalapeños, but I didn’t miss it at all as the burger was already superb enough on its own.

The only real issue here is the long waiting time. I went down on a Sunday after 2, and it took more than half an hour for my burger to arrive. My advice would definitely be don’t come hungry, you’ll get hungry during the wait. Or you could just order juice from the nearby juice stalls to bide your time. Either way, you’re gonna need the patience of a saint for some decent burgers that are worth every dollar.