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Boy, this chicken cutlet was probably the size of 2 of my palms combined. Perhaps the more well-known western stall at this food centre is Chef Hainan, but thanks to the review of a fellow Burppler, we decided to get this chicken cutlet from No. 1 western stall, located at the back of Chef Hainan diagonally, on the same evening to have a comparison.

This humongous piece of meat was evenly coated with bread crumbs which contributed to its crispy fragrant exterior, while retaining the juiciness of the meat underneath. The pairing sauce was special, not ketchup but rather a tomato sauce that adds a touch of tanginess and slight citrusy which cuts the oiliness. Zig zag fries were fried toll really crispy, especially the tiny ones were to my liking. Comparing the breaded crust of the 2 stalls, I would think No. 1 did a better job here. Price was wallet friendly and for this piece of oversized chicken cutlet, it’s hard to resist having on a return visit.

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A traditional Hainanese style western food tucked away in Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre, opens only from 7pm (not on time in fact) onwards at night and closes before 10pm. To our surprise, a long queue had already formed in front of the stall before it was opened and people were patiently waiting as the stall owners took their time to prepare.

This hearty plate of mixed grill came with a combination of chicken sausage, fish cutlet, chicken chop and pork chop, topped with a sunny side up and several sides including coleslaw, fries, baked beans and a baked potato. While the fish cutlet wasn’t an impresser, the chicken and pork chops were flavorfully marinated with their own secret recipe, and grilled till tender. Other than the black pepper sauce, look out for their brown sauce which, interestingly, has an underlying citrus taste. Savoury or sweet, likely polarizing as a meat pairing sauce. Fries was served soggy, disappointingly.

No doubt there were hits and misses, I was still quite satisfied with the overall taste and especially value for money with its portion. It’s still the type of old school western stalls I would patronize for a time travel in taste. However, the order and collection was quite chaotic as many orders were taken at a go, and it was hard to identify if the food that was ready belonged to you.

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The chicken is okay, but the scallop is bad. The price is $5.

This is good, especially the fries! The price is $7.9.

Ordered the butter pork ribs (boneless), spinach with three egg and fried rice. Portion was small but the tastiness made up for it. Enjoyed the non-pretentious and comfortable setting of eating zichar style :)

The meaty sauce went really well with the chewy noodles! Not oily at all, which is what I often find in typical zjm. Flavour was well balanced, not too overpowering and the salty and umami sauce coated the noodles really well. Just a simple comforting bowl of dry noodles!

Noodles were really special, they are handmade and really long! Despite being in the soup, they retained their chewiness and hardness which was ideal for me. The soup was average, simple but lacking the robust beef flavour. Beef slices were tender and chewy, probably treated with baking soda and not naturally braised till soft. Felt that the $5.80 price tag was on the high side but the portion was generous! Worth a try

Finally tried one of the famous thunder tea rice located at Tanglin Halt Food Centre!! Really love how creamy and thick the soup is although I was quite surprised that it was served cold. The amount of ingredients and rice balanced out well- I had vegetables to go with every mouth of rice
Wanted to try the Yong Tau Fu but they were sold out when I was there on a late Friday afternoon
Will definitely go back again especially for the soup!!
Definitely worth the price of $4 for a bowl with brown rice and $3.50 for a bowl with white rice