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The best meechiangkueh I have eaten so far! The peanuts fillings were so generous! They were not overly sweet and fine. The pancake batter was super soft even after it became colder. The salted bean paste pancake was less generous with the fillings. Would definitely come back for the peanut pancake again!

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Located at one of the rarest heard market n food ctr... decent n proper egg noodles. The soup taste abit different n it seems like tellin u tat ur eatin healthy haha.. havin this wonton is gd enuff to keep u satisfied.

The wings are always fresh because the constant stream of people in queue= high turnover. We all reach for that salty/greasy supper spoon now and then, and this place scratches that late night itch for deep fried poultry. Ask the NUS (Hall) students thronging the place at 9:30PM. They are deeply aware. I’m keeping tabs on this one. Will inflation raise the price per wing above $1.30/ piece? We shall see~

I found this place by chance only when the CB period started because I was never near home during normal weekday afternoons.

And I have turned up at this shop enough for the auntie at the stall to recognise me with my mask on . Must be my attractive “ cat” eyes ☺️?

Everything has changed .. except the prices of the dessert at this stall . I heard from a friend nearby who runs a provision shop that the prices of the desserts here literally hadn’t changed in years .

You pay a dollar for your green bean soup and it’s not the “anyhow sugar water” soup that you get at most places . It’s is green bean soup so deep in flavour - almost having a charred like caramel taste 😍. You really need to try it to know why I am so addicted to the desserts here.

I come by almost every day that they are open.

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If you are into old school bakes, you should really check out Hock Ann Confectionery. Chanced upon them when we first explored Tanglin Halt Food Centre in the same area, where their donuts brought on a sense of nostalgia. Still a must-have item every visit. Just as I was rejoicing over this hidden gem, it was also devastating to hear that they are closing this year due to redevelopment.

Although the cakes were embellished completely with butter cream and chocolate rice, rainbow rice or grounded peanuts, the layered sponge cake was surprisingly light. As I grew up, I became less fond of cream but the vibrant colours surely brought back so much childhood memories, especially the blueberry jam topping.

Surprised to find yummy 🤤 @AWsSignature noodle dishes at @themilkywaysg

The noodle stall used to be located in the nearby food centre.

My favourite was the Fish Maw Bee Hoon (S$5.80) which was rice vermicelli topped with gravy sauce and so much liao such as fish maw, quail eggs, fried meatballs, shredded chicken, minced pork with mushroom and crispy pork lards.

For those who loved spicy food, there’s Mama Tomyum (S$5.80) which was topped with prawns, handmade meatballs, mock abalone, shredded chicken and soft boiled egg.

Next hot favourite was the Signature Noodle (S$5.80) . We had the silky Kway Tiao (flat rice noodle) version, served with spinach, pork balls, minced pork, fish dumplings, mock abalone, and egg dip in pork broth.

Next was Braised Pork (S$5.80) which was noodle topped with home recipe soy braised pork with mushroom. Although it was pork belly but it was smooth in texture.

Besides noodle dishes, there’s also rice dishes such as Scissors Cut (S$5.80) which had rice topped with braised pork, curry chicken, zhup cai (braised vegetables), mushroom and minced pork, braised gravy and curry gravy.

The Milky Way Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee
Address 🏡 : Blk 48 Tanglin Halt Road, # 01-333 Singapore 🇸🇬 142 048
Tel ☎️ : 9827 6502
Open ⏰ :
Tue - Thu, Sun : 10am - 9pm
Fri, Sat : 10am - 10pm
Closed on Mon & PH
MRT 🚇 : Commonwealth (EW20)

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We ordered 2 plates of bee hoon, 4 chicken wings, a plate of cabbage, 1 tau kwa, 1 luncheon meat and 1 fishcake, which is quite reasonable for the $10 paid. The chicken wings are definitely worthy of their hype, and the accompanying chili sauce is very much underrated. I also enjoyed the cabbage, which was more watery/stewy (like chap chye) than oily. The rest of the food items were average, so next time I would zero in on just the chicken wings, cabbage and perhaps tau kwa to eat with the chili. 😋

Although the taste of this thunder tea rice and their tea are different from the ones at Boon Lay/ Jurong West, it is still good and refreshing.

Find the additional of ikan bilis is too salty for me. Glad is crunchy but too salty😅

What’s special about this store is their pricey YONG TAU FU! Full of meat and fillings! Worth it! 🤤

Cheeseburger v3. Good burger, very juicy party with cheese. Fries are incredibly good too.

For $6, it is quite affordable for such a quality burger. However, the wait is quite long as I waited for about 40 minutes for my food.

Should give it a try if you're in the area!

even if it meant shutting down for days just to make sure everything is up to their standard. i know because their uncompromising honesty as a vendor, unwavering passion and enthusiasm as chef shows in their ig posts. imo, they are genuinely living, breathing and dreaming of burgers, day in day out. so i am very glad that my very first phase 2 meal outside is to chow down their sincerely crafted burger (despite more than 30 minutes wait). lo and behold, V3 is now a heavyweight champ in terms of flavors compared to last when i had them. while at a thinner patty, it was well compensated with more flavors and a deeper and unmistakable sear. the homemade sauce is richer and more pronounced much to my delight (not sure they did anything there though). elsewhere, melted cheese and caramelized onions tend to make a mess out of burgers but their improved buns soaked and held everything well with gusto, ensuring every bite is an enjoyment of every components. one thing for sure, i am so not missing the tomatoes and lettuce, AT ALL.
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One of my dad’s favourite places for wanton mee, and now one of mine as well! The noodles are really springy, and it doesn’t have the alkaline taste. I enjoy it with the black sauce and green chilli! The fried wantons are great too - really crisp and doesn’t get soggy easily. A satisfying lunch option!

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Xi Le Ting serves up old-school desserts that have recipes that are being perfected since half a century ago.

You would spot an auntie behind the stall scooping endlessly, but do not expect her to smile much.

Recommendation: please be precise and clear with orders, and don’t be surprised if some desserts are sold out early, early lunch.

There are four options at the stall, namely the famous Cheng Tng ($1), Green Bean Soup ($1), Red Bean Soup ($1) and Sweet Wheat Porridge ($1). Takeaways are priced at $1.20.

The refreshing Cheng Tng contains plentiful of ingredients from white fungus, dried longan, barley, dried persimmon to ‘pang da hai’ (boat sterculia seed). Love that this is very nostalgic-tasting served in a traditional porcelain bowl and is super affordable.

More Cheng Tng in SG here: bit.ly/chengtng

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