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Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for dif...

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Chicken so tender, I thought I was eating fish.

Chicken well marinated also, very tasty and is rather popular with the jurong west crowd. A friend of mine that previously stayed In jurong west will frequent this store often.

This $19 portion maybe not enough for 2, Next time get $25 for 2 pax.

No garlic or chicken rice chilli provided here. Only chilli paid and soya sauce.

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Front: fish & chick set @ $8.90
Back: full house set @ $10.90

It was not bad, quite average and nothing that shouts out in particular. So the price point feels a bit steep for the quality.

Between the two sets we got, the only difference is the full house has an extra prawn. So a prawn for $2? Quite a big difference in our opinion.

There are five types of curry to choose from: Singapore Hainan, Japanese, Thai yellow curry, Malaysia Spicy Tumeric and Indonesia rendang. We wanted Singapore and Japanese, but they didnt have Japanese anymore. And it was only 12.45pm, or maybe they didn't prepare that at all?

It's a fancy coffee shop, a bit too fancy for our liking. Feels strange that the drinks stall is tucked away in a corner unlike traditional coffee shops. And no caifan stall, which is like a staple in most coffee shops cuz they are meant to be economical right? Also don't understand why need so much lights when it's daytime. A bit waste electricity eh?

Good value meal for the price with their generous amount of flavourful chicken (though sometimes served cold), grainy and flavourful rice, served with achar. Usually order with their chicken liver (+0.50), no metallic taste so I enjoy this a lot

Always one of my go-tos in Alexandra Village despite their snaking queue


📍 Zi Jing Cheng Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice 紫金城

120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, 01-15, Singapore 150120
Floor 1 · Alexandra Village Food Centre

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Chicken Rice (S$6)
Super long queue but fast.

Sing Soon Lee Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice

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Indeed 1 of the best Roasted Chicken I ever had. The Chicken was well marinated and Roasted with some herbs.

Meat was tender and moist. But their Roasted skin us too damn good.


The steam Chicken here is quite good.

Chicken is tender. And the sauce was rather good. Can try.

But their roasted chicken here is the star, one of the best roasted chicken I ever had.


Not sure if it's mistake but the thigh and drumstick seem to be quite different, feels like the drumstick is much more smooth and jelly than the thigh


Michelin Chicken Rice at such affordable prices.

Chicken was tender and moist. Rice was quite good.

But what really was damn good for me, is their chilli, got strong ginger taste. Shiok.

Very long queue though, came at 11am on Sunday, and already got over 15 person in front of me.

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This plate of roast chicken drumstick with glistening and appetising golden-brown skin is surprisingly tender and moist — and goes perfectly well with the tasty soya sauce dressing over the chicken! 🫶🏻

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Yet another place on my to-go list that is closing, so I had to quickly go try. Didn’t expect much given the mixed reviews but I thought it was not bad, enjoyed my lunch.

The chicken is lean yet soft, I can’t say it’s v tender but it’s not dry. I’ve had smoother chicken though. The skin of the chicken was v tasty, that’s where the marinade went.
Rice is p fragrant, could smell the aromatics like ginger/garlic infused into it. Texture was fine, it has a bite to it and rice grains were separated, yet not dry.

The sauce is viscous and sweet like honey ish and not salty?? Not what I expected soya sauce chicken’s sauce to taste like. Chilli is sour and q refreshing, with a mild spiciness. Soup is not v nice.

Overall I thought it was not bad and I would recommend you to try before it closes permanently! Portion was also quite reasonable for the price, place was well-ventilated. A shoutout to the servers who were v efficient and managed the queue well.


Long before there were these chicken rice darlings made famous by bloggers and the internet, Margaret Drive was already a well known brand in Singapore, along with Swee Kee and others.

I am pleased to report that not only the stall has survived all these year, it is still thriving (although it has now moved to a Kopitiam in Holland Drive), judging from the long queue of customers.

Ordered drumstick rice and added chicken gizzard. Total $6.50. Not the cheapest.

The rice I noticed was coming from a new pot freshly cooked. Perhaps that’s why it was a bit soggy. Chicken rice needs to be aired after cooking and stirred to release the water vapours. Flavour wise, it was good.

The chicken was tender and succulent. They are still not doing the deboning thoroughly like some of these new boneless chicken rice stalls, so you get pieces of the thigh bone still attached. But this also means you get more of the meat. The gizzards were sliced thinly and very crunchy.

Chilli sauce was piquant and spicy. Add a drizzle of the ginger purée provided and you have a one of the best condiments you can find in Singapore, with savoury and spicy, flavour and taste well balanced.

By the time I left, the queue got even longer. Perhaps signs that I have a good chance to eat this chicken rice for more years to come?

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Everyone knows they are one of the more popular chicken rice in SG and they now have an electronic queue number system where diners can place orders at the kiosk machine.

I ordered a quarter chicken with a mix of roasted and steamed chicken. The steamed chicken is tender and juicy with jelly-like skin while the roasted chicken is also succulent and more flavourful with nice crisp skin. It tasted even more delicious with the umami soy sauce and fried garlic bits. Each order also comes with free-flow soup and achar that makes it a fulfilling and hearty meal 》$13.30 + $1 Rice

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