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Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for dif...

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Comes with the drumstick/thigh, a side (actually a mountain) of bean sprouts, soup and rice. Definitely a good plate of chicken rice, though not my favourite. Chicken was tender and tasty, but the rice had a texture that I didn’t love, being slightly softer than I like.

Loved the bean sprouts in that light, savoury sesame sauce! Very value for money set.


Super traditional Chinese steamboat and chicken rice in the basement of golden mile! Affordable and homely!

From Eng Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice & Porridge.
Wallet friendly prices for the tasty bowl of shredded chicken porridge.
Not bad!

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An absolutely fabulous bowl. The soup was robust and rich, so spicy and sour. Got all the Assam notes right. Lovely chewy thick fat noodles. Abundance of sardines but got bones. I still loved it.

Rice this time was quite mushy. But the chicken is still decently done with the right amount of juiciness in each bite.

The ginger chicken is slightly plain in taste but accompanied with the chilli is nice.

$13.90 #beyond

Imagine diluted kewpie roasted sesame dressing - there you have it. Was totally not expecting this taste but I wouldn’t say it tastes bad, Nor is it good either.

The rice is alright and the soup is alright. Would come back again... but probably getting some other flavour instead 😋

In 7 out of 10 discussions with my parents on where to eat, the name of this eatery is brought up.
Sprawling across a few units in the basement of the Golden Mile Tower, “Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat” is the perfect place to tackle cravings for Hainanese chicken rice, steamboat, “zi char” and freshly-grilled satay in one fell swoop. A family-run establishment, the friendly and vigilant bosses can always be seen hovering, ready to lend a hand where needed.
The chicken of their chicken rice is decent but it is the rice that I really like. It is on the oily side but it sure is tasty. In fact, I’m happy to spam it with their lip-smacking, slightly salty chilli sauce and have it just like that.
They do their steamboat the traditional way. So forget about selecting a broth because there is only a standard clear one. As for the ingredients, there is no choice involved. Only elimination. Unless you tell them what to leave out, the standard mixed plate of prawns, sliced fish, sea cucumber, fish maw, sliced pork, pig’s liver and cockles will land on your table. Ditto a plate piled with Chinese cabbage and a small bowl with a raw egg still in its shell. One such set is suitable for two, so a party of four should double it. Of course, nothing complements the ingredients cooked in the steamboat better than the chicken rice chilli dip.
We like to supplement our meal by getting on a stirfried vegetable from the “zi char” menu. Sometimes, an omelette too.
Although we didn’t order on our recent visit, this eatery also serves satay that we find tasty. Their grilled meats are consistently well-marinated and tender.


Mark this stall in Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre for lunch with your colleagues— it's a fantastic alternative to the famed Michelin-starred stall (plus points for a way shorter queue). Order their Signature Half Chicken ($7) that sees a generous portion of moist breast meat soaked in a well-balanced, savoury dark soy sauce. If you're there early enough, don't hesitate to snag the popular homemade Braised Tofu ($1.40 per piece) bathed in the same luxurious sweet-salty sauce.
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo


This Bugis stalwart is a hotspot for groups at lunch time, thanks to the variety of dishes that you can have alongside a great plate of chicken rice. The Chicken Rice ($4.40) sees perfectly steamed breast meat and fluffy rice. Share dishes such as the Hainanese Chap Chye ($10) that's full of wok hei, the flavourful Bittergourd With Scrambled Egg ($10), the rich Mutton Soup ($7) and the savoury Eggplant with Salted Fish ($10).
Photo by Burppler Arzelia K