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Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for dif...

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Boneless chicken ftw, best for the lazy us 😂 Really enjoyed their fragrant and fluffy rice that’s not as oily. Chicken was tender, but would have personally liked them to have a tad stronger flavour. The queue gets pretty long, but you can also call in to make your pre-orders. More details on their Instagram, on @sengheng.1980!

I straight order their sesame chicken as I found this on their menu. Unlike the other types of chicken, they required to fried my sesame chicken upon order.

Coated with sesame skin, making the chicken so tasty and delicious, while the meat itself remain juicy and soft. $4

The rice was not bad, each grain was separated and it was quite fragrant from the sesame oil, q tasty even though it wasn’t cooked w chix stock. The mock “steamed chicken” was abit like fish cakes without the bounce, however I didn’t think it was v similar to chicken - it was rather soft & there was no bite to it, too nua for my liking. The “roasted chicken” was actually taukee, preferred this as there was some crunchiness to it. Visually, both really did look like actual chicken if you didn’t look closely! The ginger sauce could be more punchy, because I prefer a spicier ginger kick but still a nice accompaniment. Achar was sour and yummy! I love when they give achar in chix rice. They also gave a generous amount of baicai + a wedge of tomato. Would want to return and try their other stuff, I saw lemon chicken, sweet & sour chicken on their menu and I’m curious to try!

Hainanese Coconut Pandan Roll (S$12.80/ roll)
Made with fresh pandan and coconut with a creamy pandan fudge centre.
Available at @TheHainanStory
Soft and moist with rich creamy filling.

The Hainan Story Bakery 海南寶
Address 🏡 : The Hainan Story Chapter One, 500 Jalan Sultan, # 01-09 Hotel Boss, Singapore 🇸🇬 199 020
WhatsApp ☎️ : 84018792
Order link : https://take.app/a/thehainanstory
Note 📝 : minimum order of S$30 with S$8 delivery fee.
Free delivery over S$60

Fried Chicken Wing with Rice (S$3.50)
Rice + 2 fried chicken wings
Accompanied with garlic chilli sauce

Victor’s Famous Fried Chicken Wing Rice
Address 🏡 : 638 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 200 638
Note 📝 : delivery service by third party

Taste less oil and more goodness in every bite. This is a healthier version of chicken rice where they use free range kampung chicken cooked in traditional Hainanese style and served with house-made chilli and ginger sauce. The chicken was soft, tender and juicy while the rice was fragrant, not too oily and firm. It is healthier, lesser fats, leaner, lower in cholesterol, contains more fibre and richer in flavour.

The hometown tofu is house-made with fresh soy milk. It was crisp on the outside and silky smooth on the inside, sitting in a savoury minced meat sauce.

Kampung Chicken Rice 》$5.50
Hometown Tofu 》$8 / Small

This is the fourth time to drive to Veerasamy Road for this Chicken Wing Rice. The last three times they were either closed or the queue was too long. This is during soft CB so I can only packet the chicken wing rice and hope for the best.

Today the queue was more palatable, only 27 minutes even I arrived on the dot at their opening hour. After a 30 minute journey back, I was surprised that the wings were still crispy. The flesh under the crispy batter is succulent and can taste the marinate. The rice was just normal chicken rice but the wings goes very very well with their chilli sauce which was spicy and tangy.

I’d rate this up there with Yong Yan’s chicken wings. Will certainly be back.

This stall only has roast chicken. Luckily, although I'm a firm believer that chicken rice should be white, I came for their roast chicken. Unfortunately, the bird was quite disappointing. It's not unlike most roast chicken. Shout out to the rice though. Very fragrant.

The price is that of your usual single portion, half ckn, full ckn. Unfortunately the portion isn't anywhere as close. Take heed

Lucky to have had my cravings satisfied last week before the changes in regulations.

Not a comfortable place to dine in as before since it gets crowded after they have been populated all over social media .

The white bee Hoon is tasty and not greasy and the egg is well made - gooey yolk :)

The homemade bread and hainan kaya is good as always :)