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Besides their signature Samsui chicken with ginger, their 7 flavours also included curry, Assam, Samsun, sesame, Mala, Indonesian and Danggui.
We tried the Assam which was pretty tasty though we would go for their Samsui on our next visit. The rice was cooked well and there was a good range of chilli to choose from.
We also had their salted vegetable and plum steamed fish wrapped in beancurd skin which was yummy, a good option from their chicken dishes.
Notably, their name @13stages was for the 13 types of coffee from different parts of Malaysia. With the choices of Chicken rice plus coffee, this would be 1 place we’d see ourselves visiting quite few times.

One of the tasty soya sauce chicken rice in Toa Payoh.
Quite popular during lunchtime, regulars would simply order the food items verbally instead of looking onto the menu.
Of course, soya sauce chicken rice is their signature item.
Great vibe.


If you prefer meat that's a little more tender, opt for the steamed "white" chicken. The sauce is as tasty as the roasted chicken's.

I love WNK's soup and flavourful chicken!
That being said, today's roasted chicken is a little dry.

The famous chicken rice from Thailand opened their franchise here with few outlets across the city. The portion was small with a price tag of $4.50++, it comes simply with the chicken, cucumber slices, rice, soup and sauce.

I couldn’t say it actually taste much better or special. I guess I should try the original one in Thailand next time.

some of the best fried chicken I've ever eaten in my life! 🍗 Get in on this while you can as today (23/6) is @birdfolks.sg's last day of operations at NEWest 😭 .

Absolutely gutted to hear that Birdfolks is singing their swan song after serving up what is considered to be the best fried chicken in the West - and some even say the whole of Singapore! - for almost 2 years.

American-inspired and Asian-spiced, the chook at BirdFolks boasts succulent meat in a thick crunchy caramelised crust with a rich infusion of local herbs and spices. The flavour lingers on both the batter and the meat within, and every bite releases the oozing juices 💦 from the chicken which has been brined overnight for 12 hours to lock in all the umami flavours. Has this got ya drooling yet? 🤤 .

Besides having their awesomely delicious chicken on its own, you can choose to have it in their salads 🥗 , burgers 🍔 and sandwiches 🥪 , and even pair it with their specialty rice 🍚 , @birdfolks.sg's interpretation of 'chicken rice', where you can take your pick from good ol' Original, zesty Cilantro Lime, tangy Tomato Oregano or the savoury Garlic Butter rice.

So gonna miss the Southern grub with an Asian twist at BirdFolks! 😢 But wait, there's some good news!!! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes (you can probably tell I enjoy my bird metaphors 😆), BirdFolks will be reincarnated as @Paddyfolks and you will still be able to get your fix of their signature fried, savoury & tasty chicken along with their specialty rice offerings at their new joint at the up-and-coming @funansg from 28th June onwards! I for one can't wait for their grand opening! 后会有鸡!!! 🤗 .

Thanks @_boyz86 for the kind invite, @rachaelwong for the warm hosting and Matthias & team @birdfolks.sg for whipping up this chicken feast! 🐔❤

Giving Michelin starred chicken rice a try!
The rice was indeed flavorful, chicken meat tender. The soup and sauce served along with it was also amazing!
For the hainan rice I’ve actually tried better ones. I just did’t get that ‘Michelin good’ feeling i guess. But it’s still wayyy above average so give it a try. The price wasnt too bad either compared to other restaurants in the mall!

The soup didn’t use any flour so it’s to my liking! I love the way the eggs are done in this one
At the back is the Cai Po omelette and you should definitely try it! The slightly salted omelette combined with the sweet-ish cai po, then stir fried to perfection 🤤

This is $8.90 and comes with a drink too! Sometimes it’s a little dry while sometimes it’s quite moist so it’s not v consistent and can get quite jelat. But I still like it especially the first few bites LOL.

It's funny how the shop name is about chicken rice and I'm ordering something else here (psst my friends who had the chicken rice says it's not that wonderful anyway and they preferred this dish!). Anyway the menu they have are like some Thai style zhichar. And I love this tom yum soup! I could smell the tom yum the moment the staff put it on my table. Although it's more towards the sour side, this definitely has the spicy kick to it (especially towards the end and behind your throat lol). The rice noodles are pretty average but it was so good with the soup. The chicken is nothing outstanding I would say. Definitely will come back for this although it's not enTHAIrely good but I'm satisfied 😂