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Top 10 Places for Chicken Rice

Top 10 places for Chicken Rice

Latest Reviews for Chicken Rice

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Chicken Rice

But it turned out surprisingly good! Definitely a very different spin from our local hainanese chicken dish. Meat was tender and succulent, and the accompanying sauce complemented the flavour really well. The other dishes (Braised Pork, Curry Chup Chye, Chili Tofu) were great and reasonably priced too. Definitely going back to try the other dishes!

The name of this dish is pretty much a no-brainer. Definitely recommended for anyone who loves fish maw and sea cucumber. But the proportion was a bit off, with a lot more sea cucumber than fish maw

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Fried chicken wings.

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And of all heartland malls, Nex at Serangoon.

This joint commands a long queue of curious diners. Honestly, it wasnt my intent to try, but i was laughing to myself when the staff greeted สวัสดีครัไม่ต้องกลัว (translates: hello, don't be scared/afraid!!), and i got myself seated to see if its at all authentic.

The chicken thigh on rice is literally Thai portion on sight, comes with a blue ginger laced dark sauce for dip, which is pretty close to Thai chicken rice.

The braised pork leg, served in a neat pile or fine cut strips, almost like pulled pork, served with a savory sweet spicy dark sauce, also pretty much Thai style too.

The sugarless lemongrass drink, to me is the best I've tasted in a long while. สดชื่นชอบมาก

Unless I've deprived myself greatly for not revisiting BKK, this is a go to place, for reminiscence.

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Their portion is quite generous. A lot of toufu, prawns, greens and a thin layer of egg at the bottom. Is very affordable because thier price is really reasonable.


One of the newer store opening in jurong point. The q was very long even when i was there at 5pm. (Much longer than dtf) Ordered a mixed half chicken. Meat is tender and easy to bite but definitely not the best i have eaten. Still above average. Get the rice to go with it, would not recommend the noodle though.


Chanced upon this fried chicken concept while I was hunting for bagels at this newly opened mall. Impressed by this meal, as I wasn’t expecting much, given that they’re more known for their fried chicken.

Tender, moist and well-seasoned (the chilli in this dish is rly potent, so make sure you can take it) sous vide boneless chicken thigh which went well with the slightly tangy cilantro lime rice and runny onsen egg.

Yum! Only gripe was that portions were a little small, but that’s not gonna stop me from going back.


Ordered the $8 set that came with a plate of their signature white steamed chicken, a plate of kailan and a bowl of soup. The plate had some white meat and dark meat and all the parts were tender and savoury. I thought the rice wasn’t that great which was a pity but mixing in the chili, garlic and sweet sauce definitely helped.

They have many other local zichar dishes for those looking for variety and not just chicken rice!!

Not the only place in singapore who serve kaya bun but i like their kaya bun the most - the bun itself is soft and toasted well. Chicken rice is also not bad. Always a good spot to bring tourist here so they can try both at the same time. The price is also very reasonable - only $5 per person!

Came here to try their chicken rice. Imperial chicken and their 3 in 1 coffee! Not really impress with the chicken but was surprise that their coffee is really good for a coffee lover like me. 3 in 1 don't be mistaken as instant coffee. 😂😂😂 it's there will be 3 different coffee from 2 states in malaysia and in-house coffee brand in a tray. Particularly like the one from penang! Great coffee fragance. The in-house imperial coffee is good too. Order a side dish imperial chu jiong fen mixed well in ginger sauce which is quite unique way of having this traditional delicacy. If I'm coming back here for another concert I'm sure I'm visit the place to try their other chicken dishes.


Their roasted pork is pretty well done as the skin is still crispy. The charsiew was good but I wish they choose fatter meat for it.
Awesomeness: 8/10
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