Top 10 Places for Chicken Rice

Top 10 places for Chicken Rice

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Despite the bustling crowd during dinner time, i did not enjoy the food here. The ingredients for steamboat are just standard and average - e.g. fishball, meat and prawns. The soup tastes sweet as it boils and was way too sweet at the end. Their chicken was tender and rice was fragrant. Perks on this steamboat would be you having chicken rice to eat while you wait for the others to cook. 馃槀 Do remember to ask for prices before you order as their menu don't indicate the price.

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Time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and indulge in some crispy and yummy fries! 馃槏

1 West Coast Drive
Unit No.: 01-75
Singapore 128020
Tel No.: 6924 0876

Thank you @thefussyfoodie_ @foodinsing for the invite and for the warm hospitality.




Popular choice for tourists but this was still one for us to dine in comfort for the night. The fish maw soup with crabmeat was also perfect for the cold night. The portion for their rice seemed to have shrunk but it was tasty nonetheless.


In the pict, I ordered chicken (thigh) rice set that comes with veggie & wanton soup.
Fatty chicken, fluffy fragrance rice, plus complete set chilli & soy sauce available. Yummyyy!
馃搷 270 Middle Rd, Singapore 188993
Rate(4/5)猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍-VERY GOOD-

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Can you believe this is only $3?

Can you look at the amount of chicken meat compared to the rice? You can鈥檛 because there鈥檚 just so much meat, you aren鈥檛 able to see the rice! Xin Heng Kee has plates that are super value for money. Whether it鈥檚 roasted/boiled chicken, braised duck or roast pork, you can get something that doesn鈥檛 even out a dent in your wallet. But of course, it tastes good as well!


Medium size good for 3-4 adults. ($10)
Homestyle taste, soft tender fat pork belly braised with traditional sauce.
Yummy! Highly recommended.

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Small portion ($7) a plate of signature special beancurd, served warm, tender soft inside.


Soy sauce chicken has garnered some reputation of late. After being bookmarked by me for almost a year, I finally tried Hai Kee鈥檚 version. First the rice: aromatic and has a good nite and distinct chicken stock flavour. The soy sauce chicken: on the drier side of moist. The chilli: one of the best I鈥檝e eaten. Unforgivingly intense and when added to the rice and chicken, it鈥檚 greater than the sum of all parts.

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Good and cheap. ChilIi could be nicer though :)

This is like the fusion dish. Taking the Hainanese chicken and integrating it with Japanese culture, the goma dare.

Goma Dare - roasted sesame dressing.

The taste is subjective so it鈥檚 either you like it or you don鈥檛. If you wouldn鈥檛 mind the goma dare on your salad dressing and thinks it will be acceptable to have it with the steam chicken then you may go ahead and try it.

For me, I鈥檇 prefer the imperial chicken steamed with ginger and spring onions.

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