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From the Burpple community

Found this Mun Chee Kee Salted Vegetable & Pigs Organ Soup stall here in Chinatown that serving the authentic pork soup, which I recommend to go with the assorted one that comes with every part of the pig organ.

You can either pair it with rice or mee suan.

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The former popular roasted meat stall here may have closed for good, but the same spot has replaced with another new stall that sell the same thing.

O KEE continue the tradition charcoal roasted method to serve their roasted meat. Their roasted duck layered with savoury seasoning flavour. The skin retains the smoky crisp bites and the meat is chewy and moist enough for me.


Ordered from Chuan Wei Fang Xiang La Xie (川味坊香辣蟹) and the total is only $45 for 6 pax. Really delicious and affordable.

Hopefully after the renovation, price remain affordable.

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From 川味园 (Chuan Wei Yuan) stall.

This was one of the most affordable Mapo tofu options that I have come across. Like all Mapo tofu dishes you buy off Sichuan stalls, this was one oily bowl of soft silky tofu which would pair perfect with a bowl of white rice. For $5.50, Chuan Wei Yuan gives a generous amount of minced meat, as the other places I’ve had Mapo tofu will almost always be stingy with their meat. While it strikes one as excessively oily, I surprisingly did not feel too bloated after the meal. Unfortunately, I did wish that this bowl of Mapo tofu had a much spicier kick — and perhaps this could have been requested. Nonetheless, I did think this was pretty damn decent mapo tofu at an affordable price!


Crispy Fried Dumplings with juicy pork filling inside. Recommended to eat this while it's warm.
Location: People's Park Food Centre, 32 New Market Rd, #01-1130, Singapore 050032

Decent cutlet with what seemed to be lemon sauce. The other components aren't worth mentioning. Sorry I don't remember which stall, but I know it's run by PRC folks.