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BBQ Sauce Pork, instead of the usual Sweet and Sour Sauce version. This Zhi Char Place was called Pin Wei Seafood, they renovated a bit, and got a new name, Pin Wei Superior Seafood. Of course each renovation in SG comes with a an increase in prices. 😂😂😂.

So we tapow Curry Fish Head home for dinner. After dinner so warm and comfortable. This and fried mee suah, less than $30!


Our little one cried when we said she can't eat it. 😂😂😂

Was facing the dimsum stall of Pin Wei Seafood and saw this photo of a HK-styled Chee Cheong Fun staring into me and decided to go for a roll after my lunch. The sauce comes with a bigger ratio of sweetness to savouriness, but what bothers me is how the rice roll seemed to be rolled a little too thick with too many layers in between that made it feel less delicate as it should have been and more identical to its local cousin. The prawns also felt a tad tired, all starting to shrivel as they seemed to have soaked up too much heat from the steamer for wayyy too long.


From 唐记 within the coffeeshop owned by Pin Wei Seafood. Got attracted to have lunch here by the glistening meats hanging in the display. It's actually pretty decent for a roast meat stall, though sadly they claim they didn't have fatty char siew (they did have a bowl of pre-chopped char siew aside though hmmm). Char Siew was decent despite its leanness with relative tenderness and a good sweet and wee bit meatiness in its taste that isn't like the artificial ones, while the roast duck was pretty much similar to one I had grew up with — savoury duck flavours with streaky meat and a flavourful skin. Noodles were a teensy bit alkaline, but mixing the sauce and the savoury (or some call it salty) chili in its barely detectable. Not perfect and far from the best, but this comfortably sits in somewhere better than just being average.