3 Gateway Drive
#B1-26 Westgate
Singapore 608532

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11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

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From the Burpple community

$1.50 seems cheap at first, but consistency in the quality provided is what makes this $1.50 worth it! Not the best sushi place around, but affordable to satisfy your Japanese cravings once in a while. I hope they bring back their beef sushi thoughhhh #burpple #burpplesg #sushiexpress

Many would think you'll get subpar sushi at a place with cheap sushi. I must admit that Sushi Express has its hits and misses and sometimes has more non-sushi plates than sushi.

A notable delicious "hit" plate would be the special limited Aburi Salmon plate. Warm and melt-in-the-mouth, I was pleasantly surprised by it and often look out for it. It's better than aburi in other more atas restaurants. Aburi dishes need no soy sauce, so you can just take and have it.

For this plate alone, 4.1/5. $1.50 per plate.

#japanese #sushi #salmon

Today's miso soup was unlike the one i had on my previous visit, very oily. There wasn't a Q and I just wanted to have a quick fix so this was good enough. ▪
今天算是最忙的一天了,做了很多事。早上解決administrative matters後就幫E弄troubleshooting的error log. 午餐因為外面太熱了,所以打包回辦公室吃。R &S 和我們一起吃午餐的時候聊天。R說 he has been working for 18 years already, need a break. 完全看不出他的年紀呢. 也很聊得來,坐他旁邊也會有食物吃,我喜歡😄 S問我在高中讀什麼,以後要讀什麼。提及數學我們不約而同的表示不喜歡😂 原本以為他們會有前輩的那種距離,結果聊到Xmas Shopping 就聊開了。我說昨天下班就失控了,S完全能夠理解而R叫我以後直接走去地鐵站什麼都不要看,催眠自己那裡什麼都沒有。S昨天帶父母去JB,我就介紹她一些好去處😄 他們叫我開出必去清單😂 後來就收到Mar Comm 的brief,終於接觸到creatives的部分!!! 可惜電腦有點狀況,跑了IT Dept一趟。😍好久沒碰了,一直用InD的方式做PS,超搞笑的😂 下班前J要去補pantry的貨,我這個小跟班當然不會錯過機會。和M一起陪她去買吃的东西。她一直問我哪個比較好吃,我也就一直介紹好吃的,沒在客氣的。J說我know alot about food ,很會吃😅M說I have no idea how you maintain your size. 老闆提早下班,他說因為是聖誕季節。說完他就說I'm not trying to justify my actions okay 我喜歡這樣充實的一天 😊

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Maybe it was because the lack of customers.
Seriously the hygiene of this place need to be review! So many flys flying around. 😱😱😱


My kinda revolving restaurant. Lol 😁😜 ain't it good when food starts to revolved around you. Yummy. So hungry. When is dinner?!

so this concludes my (not so) japanese food week. i stayed in school most of the days and what i had was all canteen food, didnt venture out to go all out jap so yea my apologies! this was what me and my 2 other friends had today! 30 playes of sushi+desserts at Sushi Express. the 8 photos are some of the stuff we ate. anyhoos, firstly imo dont get their miso soup, it sucked. bland and although there were salmon meat and etc in it, it looked nice but aint nice to sip. my friend ate something like "escargos" and he stopped eating after taking the first bite omg. so we kinda wasted 2 plates. there wasnt much varieties also, i sat there for an hour and saw only 1 cucumber maki on the belt (prolly we were sitting far from the chef). on the brighter side tamago sushi, glazed unagis, desserts and etc were great. if you are a fan of sashimis there is quite a few types of em besides salmon sashimis. plates going at $1.50++ea, quantities>varieties imo, my suggestion is to go for Nihon Mura at Cineleisure instead as varieties>quantities and $1.50++ea too. #sushiexpress #sushi #japanese #japfood #lunch