2 Venture Drive
#01-22 Vision Exchange
Singapore 608526

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01:00pm - 06:00am


01:00pm - 06:00am

01:00pm - 06:00am

01:00pm - 06:00am

01:00pm - 06:00am

01:00pm - 06:00am

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From the Burpple community

Located at Venture Drive, this ice cream cafe is open from 6pm to 6am, offering a place for night owls in the west. The owner was really friendly and took the time to explain how the flavors are rotated in his cafe. He also gave us recommendations on the flavor of the waffle to get after we’ve chosen our ice cream flavors. Unfortunately, as we wanted the premium flavors, we didn’t get to use the Burpple vouchers.

The Tiramisu scoop was rather interesting, with some hint of alcohol but the coffee taste wasn’t very intense. As for the hojicha, the tea taste was prominent but I found it a bit too sweet for my liking. It was also a little odd that the rainbow and chocolate rice were added on top of the ice cream scoops, since they might not go well with all flavors. The addition of marshmallow bits was also a little odd.

The waffles were quite dense and had some crunch on the outside. However, I would have preferred them to be without the icing sugar above, especially since most things on the plate were already quite sweet.

For those who enjoy the combination of waffles with syrup, bottles of syrup are also available for each table. On top of that, we had access to free flow water, which was a huge plus.

Overall, it’s a nice place to chill if you want to find a less crowded space around the Jurong East area but it might not be the first place I think of heading to when I have cravings for ice cream and waffles.

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Friendly owner and pretty affordable prices. I loved the waffle 😋 Wish I had known that the place was on Burpple Beyond when I visited.

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1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

Felt like I stepped into a whimsical land when I first entered Sweet Young Things’ Cafe because of it’s pink interior coupled with some soft toys and an indoor swing. The friendly owner told us that many mistook their opening hours since it’s stated as opened till 6am, but he actually intended for Sweet Young Things’ Cafe to be a supper place. So happy there’s finally a place in Jurong East where foodies can hang out till late!

After several sampling of their ice cream flavours, we decided to go with the Thai Milk Tea and Pistachio. We heard from the owner that their ice cream are churned in a central kitchen although they are still looking into churning in the cafe. While some of the flavours tasted a little artificial, the Thai Milk Tea resembled Cha yen quite a bit without being too sweet, and we especially enjoyed the pistachio flavour which had a rich roasted nuttiness. Will be back to try out their waffles the next time as the waffle machine was down during our visit.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we enjoyed a sweet dessert of 2 ice cream scoops at the price of 1!

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The Sea Salt Caramel has a really nice and had a subtle nutty taste. it was lovely and not overwhelmingly sweet at all. The Belgium Chocolate was smooth and rich, really really nice and super worth even without the burpple 1-1, because the scoop is rly big.

Also opens from 6pm - 6am, a great place if you're craving something sweet at night!

Located in Vision Exchange at Jurong East, this cozy dessert cafe serves up both classic and bold, exciting gelato flavours to satisfy every palate! Hide away from the hustle and bustle here while indulging in their wide assortment of ice cream flavours — Strawberry Cream, Mint with Cookies and Chips, Mocha with Biscotti and Chips, Hojicha Green Tea, Thai Milk Tea, Black Sesame, Coconut Cream and Sea Salted Caramel w/ Almonds — all at just $3.80 per single scoop!

Tasty special flavored ice cream topped onto the thick and crisp waffles handled by the cafe. Well thought plating design, love how things are presented, very appealing. Fun and light ambient in store to start your day right. Affordable prices plus worthy taste ⭐

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