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didn't think it was that fantastic. the ramen were too hard. the teriyaki chicken was quite tender and succulent though. anyone had it before. what's your thoughts?


Beef bulgogi. Yummy! Hope to be back to try the other fillings.

Surprised to find something deliciously hip around the area.


I was utterly delighted when I saw that they had the ramen burger on the menu as my friends told me they'd stopped selling that since the end of January. Two "buns" made of fried ramen, crispy on the surface but soft within. Generous serving of bulgogi, a slice of lettuce and a slice of tomato, voila your ramen burger is formed. While decent, I was underwhelmed by the ramen burger, which might have been in case of having way high expectations for something sounding so very awesome. Also, would have preffered it if my food was hotter, especially since I saw that it was prepared on the spot for me. Nonetheless, I think this is still worth a try for an interesting gastronomic experience. Currently located at The Promontory for the Extreme Sailing event, visit The Travelling C.O.W before it moves on to greener pastures, literally. Visit The Promontory and you will get it. Also, the ramen burger looks like an extension of my hand 😂

$4! Rich chocolatey goodness


$9. Meaty juicy tasty, quite interesting! Tastes pretty good although I bought it an hour ago - some parts of the ramen are still crispy!