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Huge selection of dim sum at highly affordable price. One of my favourite got to be their porridge priced at $1.50 and was very flavourful with generous ingredient , chicken feet was braised really well and soft which was one of my hit and i will reorder that. Moving to char siew bao it is not the best, can skip that.. but saw that many actually got the big bao which probably would be a more popular choice. Long queue will be expected on weekends. This dim sum place is worth a try if around the area!

DK if you can see the juice inside but wow. The meat isn't as good as u expect but still it's decent

Steam items are quite limited and my favourites are the porridge and char siew pau. Siew mai was huge and meaty and tasted alright. There is a wide variety of fried items which are quite decent overall. Pricing is very reasonable and I won't mind revisiting if I'm in the area.

Not rlly sliced, it's chunks of meat but there's the soft gristle? Inside. Interesting texture from that but not otherwise super good or anything

This place has become me and ahma's weekend breakfast spot ever since we stumbled into them a few weeks back.

The entire coffeeshop only has this store operating in the morning plus the drinks store but it was still hard to get seats, not forgetting the snaking queue that doesn't stop even in the late morning 😅 that being said the queue moves quite fast! All thanks to the many aunties and staff serving behind the counter 😂

Don't usually eat fried stuff but this yam puff is legit! Even though it is fried, it doesn't taste oily nor gelat and even leaves an authentic yam taste. The addition of charsiew was a match made in heaven because the sweetness of charsiew added so much to the otherwise one dimension taste of the puff. 👍🏻ahma loved it so much she kept wanting to go back there every weekend 😂

Nice chunky pieces of succulent chicken. Pretty good, and bao wasnt too dense either