Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village)

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Pure bagel goodness, hand rolled fresh from right from our very backyard. Be installed for a treat, savour one of our babies and get blown away. Addiction is guaranteed.

16 Enggor Street
#01-12 Icon Village Altez
Singapore 079717

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08:00am - 07:00pm

08:00am - 07:00pm

09:00am - 06:00pm

09:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 07:00pm

08:00am - 07:00pm

08:00am - 07:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Wow fantastic Bagel! Can see why there is a constant queue. Love the vibes!

This pulled pork bagel was well worth the money spent! Mad-packed with pulled pork, salsa and topping it off with the sea salt bagel was magic 🌟

Pan-fried bacon strips, creamy scrambled egg, melted cheddar cheese with smoked aioli sandwiched between toasted halves of a fresh garlic bagel. This bagelwich is without doubt a 10/10 💕

Taste: 10/10

Ambience: 9/10

The brisket burger was deliciously savoury but on the saltier side. Still think it's one of the better place to get your bagel craving satisfied.

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This has chipotle aioli, spiced pork sausage, lettuce, egg and cheese, surrounded by an onion bagel. The star of the show was actually the delicious chipotle aioli and the onion bagel combo, as that was actually all that was left halfway through the bagel. The bagel bread was so oniony, I loved it! If you don't love the taste of onions, maybe don't go for this. Definitely check your breath afterwords.
The sausage tasted more like kebab because of the spices and the softer consistency. If I'm in the mood for a lighter and savoury breakfast bagel, I'm definitely getting this again!

This is one of the cheaper options at $10.

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Consists of pepperoni, spicy tomato sauce and cheddar cheese according to the menu. The "spicy" sauce was super sweet and not really spicy at all. I think this sweetness was to try to balance out the saltiness of the pepperoni. The bagel was made of rye as they ran out of garlic ones which I wanted. Since rye bread is denser, this bagel actually tasted more bagel-ly than the garlic one I got last time. It was chewy and dense and that really helped prevent the bagel from becoming soggy from the sauce. There was also a layer of melted and hardened cheese underneath the bagels with tasted SO GOOD! I'm not sure if they deliberately fried extra cheese beneath or it melted downwards. Whatever it was, it ended up GREAT!
$12 for this. It's very filling so it's actually great to share! That will help make it cheaper too ;)

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