[CLOSED] Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodle (Esplanade Mall)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Since its inception in 1951, Wah Kee has amassed a huge following with its signature prawn noodles. Amongst the multitude of loyal fans who would queue to savour the dish includes famous Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-fat and local food blogger Dr Leslie Tay. High-profile politicians have given their patronage as well. Wah Kee's winning formula is its extremely piquant soup, which takes four hours to prepare. The gigantic prawns and al dente noodles also earn thumbs-up from patrons.


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Long queue for the stall as expected, tended by a really grumpy auntie🙄 She was rly rude and it did turn me off until it was my turn to order. $15 was unavailable so I ordered 2 bowls of $20 (big prawn) Only then did she undergo a 360degree change LOL. Is it only cuz I paying for her big prawns instead of her regular noodles? Tsk. Food standard was definitely there but I would definitely recommend going to the esplanade branch instead for better service and environment😄
• Big Prawn Noodles ($20)

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What a way to celebrate my national day hehehe, their ndp promo is $53 NETT!! Valid till this week super worth it, must try!!! We requested to change the wuxiang to chicken cutlet + century egg🤷🏻‍♀️ And please don’t bother opting for other kinds of noodles and stick to their signature egg noodles!!! Never a fan but I was so surprised and happy I chose that (cuz im a sucker for “best sellers”) In addition, the service staffs are very friendly too! Everything was made fresh to order and I guarantee that the wait is totally worth it🤗 Can see myself visiting often in future hehe
✨National Day Promo ($53 nett)
• Extra Large Prawn Soup
• Noodles Dry & Soup (Wah Kee Signature Thin Egg Noodle)
• Chicken Cutlet
• Century Egg
• Calamansi
• Grass Jelly

The big prawn mee kia ($20) comes steeped in broth, flanked by a serving of soup and a shower of pork lard. The respectably-sized prawns were fleshy and succulent. Noodles were completely starch-free and their bouncy texture made the slurping much more enjoyable! What stood out most for me was the soup. It smacked strongly of seafood and was sweetened by the addition of prawn shells (at least 4 variants) and clams. Oddly though, the broth carried a slightly different taste, which wasn’t objectively bad, but just nothing as thrilling as the sharply-flavoured soup.

My boyfriend, who all but forswore seafood, tried the regular prawn mee ($6) with yellow noodles. I ended up finishing his three prawns and honestly, I don’t think I tasted a difference between his prawns and my prawns leh. So the $14 differential was for… one more prawn???

To be sure, I haven’t many gripes about the food here. But I’m not wholly sure that the air-conditioning (you end up smelling like seafood) and iPad service justifies a price hike of $2-$3, especially considering how badly illuminated the place was at night. Might be better to just visit the Pek Kio stall: for the unadulterated original, and for aunty’s infectious jollity.

🏅 8/10
💭 Must try

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I am sorry to say I left this eatery feeling a little peeved.
Sure, their signature prawn noodles were tasty enough with that rich broth and three fresh prawns of a decent size (at $12++ for a modest portion, it had better be). Service was also attentive and prompt with my request for extra chilli swiftly fulfilled by two staff.
However, when I asked for a serviette thinking it had been overlooked, I was told they don’t provide any. As the staff went on to politely elaborate that they have wet napkins for sale at 30 cents a packet, I could only look at her with my greasy mouth hanging open.
Yup, at this casual restaurant that charges 10% service charge and 7% GST, they do not have any sort of basic cleaning items for customers. No tissue, no serviettes or napkins whatsoever. Zilch. Nada.
Am I wrong to be perturbed by this?


Best deal with their lunch set for only $15+, which comes with bowl of prawn noodle, drink and side dish.

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Go for the dry noodles version! Soup is served separately and the springy noodles (mee kia and thick beehoon × yellow noodles) are tossed in the spicy and savoury sauce. Fresh and succulent humongous prawns are cooked upon order 👍. The soup is full of deep flavours and sweetness of prawns that I drank to the very last sip. 😋