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Gruyère, maple glazed bacon, honeycomb. Perfect combination of sweet and savory with the soft fluffy buttery brioche.

Truffle salsa, sourdough, gruyère, parma ham. Got to love that oozy cheesy goodness 😍

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This was promising but the reviews were right about one thing: the white rice beneath the omelette was too independent of the cream or the egg or the salmon, and crippled the dish. Fish was also the worst kind of salmon, although cream sauce is always welcome.

Two underrated dishes at the appetiser bar. The noodles weren't really udon and more like Hokkien mee or linguine. It was tasty. Meat was quite Chinese and I guess that's a good thing haha.

From the appetiser bar. Eggplant was fantastically umami and how it should be treated. Sweet potato was kinda over-fried but the sweetness helped a lot. Potatoes weren't really seasoned so take them only if you love natural potatoes.

Such a waste this was only replenished at the end of my meal when I was stuffed. Simple but delicious rice. Given the ingredients, no wonder it tasted like chicken rice.

Free-flow and quite good. Beneath the mushroom, there were also the other ingredients, including surprisingly clams.

Black sesame surrounded by matcha!! with caramelised nuts inside too!! intense earthy taste which i really like 😋😋

More Korean than Japanese imo. Belly was too thin to make a splash.

Absolutely appalling service - went there at 9 for dinner, knowing that the place closes at 10. when I got there, the staff had closed the restaurant and were packing up, and I was told that they’d closed up because there were no customers. Flora (possibly not her real name) told me that her boss had approved the early closure.

When I pressed further and showed her the official closing time, and told her that there was no reason to close the shop now that there were customers, she had the temerity to inform me that the restaurant was supposed to close at 9 just today, and that it closed at 10 on all other days.

I recommend against treating your potential customers as fools.

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