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Thought the pistachio flavour was actually not bad, but didn't enjoy the icy texture of their Icecream.

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Was lacking the vanilla beans in the custard, which would have added good flavour to this creme brulé.

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Cream was kinda dense as they mix whipped cream with mascarpone, and the part with the espresso was extremely strong and bitter - might suit coffee lovers.

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Truffle bits, truffle paste, thick cut fries, kosher salt. Wouldn't mind for the fries to be crispier!!

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12-hours prawn broth, crispy basil, sourdough bread. Can't eat prawns but the sourdough bread was good! Crispy on the outside and pretty flavourful.


Beef bone, fresh baguette, red sorrel, carrot puree. Personally am not really a fan because of the strong iron-ey flavour.


Crispy bacon, Fettuccine, Pecorino, Parmesan, Egg yolk. Didn't have much flavour to it (slightly bland), thought the parmesan could be a lot stronger!

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Located at Level 2 of @marinasquaresg, @thevermilionhouse serves up slightly different mains for their lunch and dinner menu, in a 2/3-course style to pair with their wine too.

Truffle Mushroom Risotto ($21)
Crispy fried mushroom, roasted mushroom, Parmigiano Reggiano. Fried mushroom was crispy, altho the risotto rice was slightly undercooked (a little hard) for my liking, and sticks to your gum a little.

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still found it pricy for the standards, 6/10 at best

Ordered large one for one acai. For one of the cups I only ordered 3 toppings (maple pumpkin granola, chia seeds, mango) to my surprise I received 70% granola 30% acai. Quite disappointed.

Surprisingly tasty with a nice touch of spiciness in the Laksa sauce. Good food to pair with beer

With beyond and 1 for 1 the meal was super for value. Ambience was nice and Fish & chips were not too deep fried. Fries had Cajun spices. Good option for toddlers at Esplanade area