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Not only pretty, it's also refreshing, not too sweet, with a lot of texture.
May we all blessed with abundance of health, happiness and good fortune.

📍Summer Pavilion.
Marina Bay 7, Raffles Avenue.
The Ritz Carlton.

Feature my favourite from yesterday dinner, Double Boiled Sea Whelk, Fish Maw,Chicken and Wolfberry.
Thick, flavourful with generous ingredients such as huge slab of fish maw, sea whelk and chicken.
The sea whelk gave briny and sweet flavour to the soup, dip into the chilli that provided.
📍Summer Pavilion
The Ritz Carlton,Millenia Singapore.
7 Raffles Avenue

OE Salad Bar is run by Aunty Karen who has a passion for hydroponic veggies grown locally. With no surprise, their vegetables taste sweeter and juicier than usual even without any sauce. Their carbs (olive rice & truffle mash potato) were very very addictive as well. Check OE Salad Bar out for affordable tasty salads and SUPPORT LOCAL! 😋

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$118 per pax
CNY set lunch.
The waiter kept emphasizing to my husband that their set lunch is $118 per pax. 😡
Taste : ok my husband like it.
Will return again if my husband is paying.

Generous toppings and thin crust so just nice, not too filling.

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Comes with a fresh egg on top. Nicely done sauce, not too dry. Thumbs up!

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When the waitress came I thought she brought me a meringue but it was my pasta. It was really quite small. I recommend the beef lasagna instead. I was still hungry afterwards but maybe cos I fat...

Based on his constant experimentations and ingenious visions of Mod-Sin cuisine, Chef Han successfully manages to let you see and taste our local dishes in a different light.

With this specially curated menu for the occasion, we started off with something cold and refreshing, the iconic and signature The Labyrinth Chili Crab, but this time round instead of the piping hot version, a local flower crab is battered and deep fried till crisp, and served with chili crab ice cream and a mini mantou. The snacks followed with Uncle William’s quail topped with Russian caviar in a prata for an interpretation of our mamak’s murtabak, the gunkan inspired burnt parts of claypot rice topped with house cured lap cheong (pictured) and the irresistible liushabao with the most outrageous QQ bun texture that has bafun uni and Kaluga caviar. The mains followed thereafter with the Kulhbarra Barramundi, which is Restaurant Labyrinth’s interpretation of the yusheng, sweetened with Nutrinest’s farm honey and grilled Oyster Omelette, served in a bechamel sauce and hollandaise.
✨ Restaurant Labyrinth
📍 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall, Unit 02-23, Singapore 039802
🍴 [Self Funded]


Over on the savouries, we have the SG Style Bak Kut The but this time round, there is no pork ribs in it, just the pure essence of the broth, which is essentially the star of this dish. Served with a mini you tiao to dip into the broth and a cold brew of Mandarin pu-er tea to infer the regular way of enjoying pork bone soup, the aromatic broth will hit your palate and nostrils the moment it touches your tongue and with the soft boiled egg and black winter truffle shavings, it adds to the creaminess and flavour to the other dish.

The following dish is perhaps my favourite of the meal, the popular fish soup dish that is ordered by many when at the hawker centres, and this time round, Chef Han pan-fries the garoupa from Ah Hua Kelong and wraps it up with a crispy fatt choy to mimic the seaweed. The base is made with homemade fish paste noodles and the fish milk is poured into it tableside. Texture and flavour are all on point, an absolutely comforting dish to enjoy.

As a tribute to Chef Han’s Gong Gong and family business, Cairnhill Steakhouse, he has included in his menu a dish that is used to be served to diners in the restaurant, which is a beef steak with some vegetables finished with a Hainanese style red wine sauce on a cow designed grill plate. We ended the meal with desserts before the Kaya, Teh Tarik & Eggs course was served, a Hainanese kaya and butter toast topped with Russian hybrid caviar, the ultimate curtain call to an excellent dining experience.
✨ Restaurant Labyrinth
📍 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall, Unit 02-23, Singapore 039802
🍴 [Self Funded]


Pasta with crabmeats, scallops, kombu caviar is an interesting combo. Bacon w tomato n cheese risotto was an good match. And the lovely ice cream worth taking photo-strawberry ice cream