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and on a bed of wine butter sauce and crisp crusts, I recall it tastes like creamy carbonara too. we're more of a fan of their pizzas here (ofc, with it being a Pizza Co). Worth the carbs load.

Honestly this place is perfect for gatherings, and it's tough indeed with crowds dwindling in these few months.

🦀Tried the crab with two favors: salted egg and white pepper. Each piece of crab body is doused in a concentrated flavored of aromatic white pepper or salted egg. 😋
🦐Cereal prawns is another favorite for me. Cooked with crunchy and aromatic cereal. Good sized prawns with raw cabbage served under the prawns.

Located at the basement of @sunteccity (West Wing), @fluffstack is a homegrown food brand that specializes in the lightest, fluffiest stacks of soufflé pancakes. Freshly made from scratch upon order, do expect a 15 minutes long waiting time, if there isn’t any crowd of course😂.

👉Classic Soufflé Pancakes - SGD8.80

Not to all in on the first try, we decided to go for the classic, and boy did it not disappoint at all. The soufflé pancakes were soft, airy and had a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The slight saltiness from honey butter, as well as the natural sweetness from the maple syrup went perfectly well with the jiggly pancakes.

P.S. Can't wait to try their new Matcha Azuki Soufflé Pancake that comes with a side of mochi!
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gimmicky floral cup but surprisingly pretty refreshing tea served here. My choice of Lychee Four Season comes with sweet honey and lychee note. The tea itself isn’t the strongest but still fragrant and enjoyable. I really like the generous amount of crunchy aloe vera. Picked the 30% sugar level and found it just nice- not too sweet. Considering the cup size, $6.60 is a pretty good spending for me. Will return again since it’s so near office!


And another highlight was their healthy choices menu.

Botanic Plate (VG) | S$24, served with grilled tofu, quinoa tabbouleh, smoked eggplant, cassava, sauerkraut and pickles. My personal choice and recommendation because I really like it. Love all the colours and very tasty too.

Organic Pork | S$36, served with sauce gribiche and roasted peppers. The pork was tender and juicy!

Guacamole (V) | S$9, served with picked shallot and crisps. Who loves guacamole dip? I like it with my nachos!

Fluffy roll cake layered in with sweet cream and a hint of coffee. Best paired with a cup of americano!

Good and even better that they’re available in the comfort and convenience of Capitol mall. And we’re definitely happy about it. Of cos, its quality and taste are good. With a retro interior, it is a great place to showcase our local dish and heritage in the modern mall setting. A local gem that we should be proud of and support.

Very nice and soft pancakes! Takes a long time to make but fast to eat haha.

Featuring the following:
▪️Sweet Vegan Buns ($2.80 each)
▪️Fried Pumpkin Carrot Cake ($12.80)
▪️Mushroom Soy Carbonara ($13.80)
▪️Mini Chayote Spring Rolls ($6.00)
▪️Pea-fried Chinese Cabbage Gyozas ($9.80)
▪️Steamed Dumplings ($10.80)
▪️Tom Yum Pizza ($16.80)
▪️Mushroom Soup with Toast ($10.80)
Situated at South Beach Tower #B1-19, @realfoodsg serves delicious vegetarian food made with no processed ingredients, no artificial preservatives & no trans-fat! Self-run by a team of passionate and stubborn individuals who believe that we are what we eat. 👍🏻
Personally, my favourite of all is the fried pumpkin carrot cake which has a interesting taste and texture that you wouldnt find elsewhere with the regular carrot cake. Also, be sure to try their sweet vegan buns which are of the following: Earl Grey, Coconut, Azuki, Curry Potato. Yummy 😋
Thank you @singaporefoodlisting @sghappens for the invite @@realfoodsg @southbeachavenuesg for having us! 🙆🏻‍♂️
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pretty good dish!! recommended pairing with the spinach and egg stock~ chinese food is always the best perk me up 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼