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Long pasta, haus marinara, haus meatball, haus bacon, pork croutons and parmigiana reggiano. Our haus meatball rolled off before it reached our table so it looks a teeny bit messy here 🙊. Was happy to see the generous topping of parmigiana reggiano, but unfortunately for the rest of it, they felt more like separate components and the flavours didn’t blend in that well with the pasta.

There’s Burpple Beyond here for their Haus Pasta + free flow drinks (salted plum juice, honey lime juice and water)!


Butterfly pea curly pasta with Sichuan garlic oil, garlic prawns, lap cheong crumble and tobiko. Appreciated the variety of textures, but thought it was a bit too dry and the overall flavours fell a little flat. Was really hoping for a stronger punch. Servers were friendly but it’s basically self-service even though there’s service charge. 😅

There’s Burpple Beyond here for their Haus Pasta + free flow drinks (salted plum juice, honey lime juice and water)!

Loved this! Had pieces of garlic and shrimp on it. Garlic taste could have been stronger, this was like pieces of garlic placed on the pizza, taken off, the pizza did not have any garlic taste.

Love the cream base, was tangy and sweet without being overly sweet. Crust was good too, I usually don’t eat the crust but this was good.

Great value with burpple beyond, though the largest size to order was 14” pizza.

Are you someone with adventurous tastebuds & always in search of fusion dishes to intrigue you? 🤔 If your answer is yes, look no further than @pastasupremosg, as their haus pastas are bound to challenge your tastebuds! ✔
My favourite has got to be their Supremo Porky Marinara ($14++), which features long pasta made with activated charcoal drenched in house-made marinana sauce. ❤❤❤ The fresh pasta carried a nice chew & soft bite, presenting a more desirable texture than their curly pasta which were generally very soft. 👍🏻
The savoury elements on the plate were well complemented by the sweetness of the tomato-based sauce. 🤤🤤🤤 Be it that huge chunky meatball, seared bacon slices, crispy pork croutons & a shower of Parmigiano Reggiano, they all brought so much flavours & textures to the plate. 💕
Loved every component of this dish! 😋

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Loaded in crispy Kueh Pie Tee tart shells. The most enjoyable canapés of ALL TIME 💛
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Location: @alteregosg #01-13D, Esplanade Mall, 8 Raffles Avenue, 039802.
#alteregosg #burpple #burpplesg

Ordered every Haus Pasta on burpple beyond. Pasta is my favourite carb and it always delights me when someone/some place gets it right! This is another one on the list that I’ll recommend for people who are seeking for tasty and refreshing handmade pasta. Every dish was great in its own right, but my fav was the vege pasta which was seasoned in pesto sauce and topped with amazing, creamy mushrooms! I’m sold.

Rating: 4.5/5

$8 sambal kangkong: veggies were cooked at the right amount of time that did not make the leaves and stem too soft. The gravy tasted slightly different from the usual sambal that made it memorable. A must order

La La in Superior broth ($12): very peppery, and it opens up the appetite. If you order those heavy tasting dishes, good to order this as it will help to cut through the grease

Situated at Esplanade, this halal certified place offers good and affordable food that do not deviate too far from the usual price at kopitiam tze char

Make it more affordable with Burpple Beyond 😁

A must-order at every tze char place

The mid-joint chicken are decent, crispy and juicy. As you chew more to appreciate the juciness of the meat, the savoury saltiness of the prawn paste slowly develop in your mouth.
Munch on those tiny bits of crispiness toppings once you are done with the main meat. They are soft like sand yet crisp

For its location (Esplanade), the restaurant actually offers an affordable price point fornits dishes. This plate of har cheong gai cost about $12 for portion enough for two pax. Make the deal sweeter with burpple one for one deal

FYI, there is a promotion going on for their Claypot Curry Fish Head at $15.