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3 Park Lane
The Summerhouse
Singapore 798387

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This was a new item. I liked the look of it. Such a lot of blueberries! Unfortunately, it tasted faintly of cough syrup and was a bit too sweet for my liking. Cheese part was ok.

If you’re always on a lookout for interestingly flavored latte like me, do give this wildseed latte a try!

The mini cranberry tarts were sweet and sour. So nice! 3 for $7.50. Can mix and match. I loved this. The other one was actually a free one they gave me cos I wasn’t sure if I would like it. Indeed I didn’t like it. It was made of lemon peels and other dried fruits which reminded me of wedding favor cakes from my childhood.

Wildseed now has special seasonal items for Christmas! I chose the raspberry choc tart, which at $8 was pretty expensive. I was promised that there will be no raspberry seeds inside, and it was true! This had got to be the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten at Wildseed. The choc was creamy, with the tang of raspberry. And the red powder was cherry powder. Nothing artificial. Crispy tart shell completed this very delectable dessert. I wish they would sell this as a regular item. On my wishlist for Christmas!

I couldn’t tolerate the seeds in the berry compote so I asked them to make a special one putting only brownies. They very nicely obliged. Brownies didn’t have a lot of nuts this time so the whole thing was really sweet. The sticky date pudding in the petite 4s was also very sweet.

They have two flavors, milk and coconut. The coconut had a strong flavor and was bright blue. A bit scary looking. I got the milk soft serve, with bits of brownies and berry compote. The compote had a lot of seeds, which I had to spit out. But the tangy sweetness of the berries was great. The brownie was so yummy. Lots of nuts inside. I wonder if they can do just the brownies next time.

To be honest I’m always at a loss when it comes to ordering food at Wildseed. Simply bcos most of what I’ve tried were only so-so. But I like cheese and mushroom so decided to get this. They used shiitake mushrooms. The taste was bland, even the cheese didn’t help much. The panko that blanketed the entire thing made it too dry.

Whenever I am in doubt of what to order, pasta is the way to go for me, and I can say I made the right decision to order the Wagyu and Iberico Bolognaise ($26++) here!

The linguine is cooked al dente, which I personally really like and it is cooked with a hearty amount of sauce as well and cheese. Mincing wagyu and iberico meat to make a pasta sauce is quite a waste but I'll give it to Wildseed for serving a pretty good plate of pasta.

The only downside to this, and it's a very personal reason, is that there's cilantro in here! The waiter was kind enough to serve a complimentary second plate without cilantro. I was genuinely surprised, and I felt kinda bad too because they could have just charged me for the second plate because the issue was me and not the dish, but they didn't. That's some amazing service right there! 😱

The peanut choc tart (part of petite 4s) was really nasty. The tart shell was not crispy and what was in it was not nice. Just tasted sweet and nothing else.

I had a craving for avocado and decided to risk their milkshake again. This avocado and gula Melaka sounded simple enough but nope, failed again. No avocado taste. Just a creamy dunno-what. So I mixed the gula Melaka as best as I could and pretended it was gula Melaka shake.

The mini cakes fared much better. From bottom left clockwise, kaffir lime choc heaven, lemon coconut cake, kaya financier, and apple carrot cake. The choc one was hubby's fav. The bitterness from the kaffir lime made the cake less sweet. Lemon coconut was my favorite. The top was crusty and coconutty. Lemon made it tangy sweet. Kaya was very sweet, but I enjoyed the cheesy cream on top. Apple carrot was so dense and soft with a hint of spice. Wonderful texture.

Happened to be seated behind some people shooting promotional video, heard it was for STB. My fur-baby played with the crew and actors and developed a taste for stardom. I had to drag her off for a walk after she tried to video bomb them. 🙈 Sorry STB!

Terrible customer service.

Found a blog review about them that was really negative but decided to take a chance. Turns out, it wasn't worth the risk.

Firstly, when we arrived, no staff bothered to greet us or attend to us. This made us feel slightly at a loss of what to do. Next, we made a reservation so I had to find a staff to inform them about it but apparently, there were no tables reserved. Got thrown around to 3 different staff who did not know what to do with us and just left us standing there.

One staff led us to a table which was already occupied by someone else, resulting in a small squabble.

Another staff told us to wait outside for the next table but forgot all about us.

After 30 minutes, there was a table vacant but they started to give it to a new set of customers that had came in. We had to go to the staff serving them and inform them we were waiting for the table, to which responded reluctantly to give us the table.

They didn't even bother about the reservation nor do they pay attention to their customers.

Terrible customer service.

So next comes the food.

This is the Grilled Chicken ($20) which looks terrible in terms of presentation. The earlier fiasco already dampened our moods and the food just didn't help.

We will not go back again nor will we ever recommended this place to our family and friends.

The effort to drive to such an ulu place was wasted.

Saw that they brought back the mayo fries, this time with truffle. Truffle scent was barely there but lots of Parmesan cheese. I haven't ordered their fries in a while and forgot to request for no salt. Sigh big mistake. This bowl of fries was really salty. I expected better quality, esp since they increased the price from $12 to $14. I had to sip my latte in between bites to wash out the salt, so even the latte had a salty taste.

They have a new menu! This new wildflower meringue latte intrigued me as soon as I saw the name. So pretty! They dusted hibiscus powder and floated an itty bitty meringue on the latte. I drank from the hibiscus side. The intense sour made me wince. So I grabbed the meringue to save my tongue. The hibiscus totally eliminated the sweetness of the meringue and made the latte sour. Full marks for presentation. Fail for taste. At least hibiscus was supposed to be healthy. So I made hubby finish it. For his health of cos.

Not my thing. Too sweet. And the strawberry flavor tasted artificial. Supposed to have more flavors but they only carry two. I’ve waited months but still only two.

This is so sweet and flowery! With a hint of fruitiness. I really like it. But at $15, I find it a tad expensive.

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