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The Truffle Carbonara didn’t fail to disappoint in terms of flavour and portion size 🍝 The Carbonara cream sauce was tasty and not ‘jelak’. Portion size was slightly bigger than a normal Carbonara dish outside so that made it worth every cent spent! Good for sharing with other sides 👍🏻

Hands down one of the best Matcha Latte’s I’ve ever tried - and I have tried a lot. Just the right amount of sugar to matcha to milk ratio. Just give it a little stir and you’re good to go! The matcha latte is smooth and silky 🍵

Wildseed’s Truffle Curly fried was tasty and served as a generous portion. It was paired with a truffle mayo of some sorts. A bit too fried and oily for my liking.

Was very disappointed with this as the beef was very tough and lacked flavour. The pastry shell above was not flakey nor warm just there for show. The cafe also knew their lack of seasoning skills as we had to reach out for the salt and among other condiments displayed by the water refill. This shows how common it is for diner to have to ask for extra flavour.

Brunch things at @wildseedsg ! Over-ordered as usual 🤪, but here’s what we tried:
🥯 Bagel Eggs Benny w/ Smoked Salmon ($14++)
🥯 Truffle Carbonara ($18++)
🥯 Wagyu & Pork Ragout Linguine ($19++) .
🥯 Loaded Mac and Cheese
☕️ Iced Café Mocha ($7.50++) .
☕️ Iced Matcha Latté ($7.50++)
☕️ Strawberry Smoothie ($8++)
☕️ Mango Smoothie ($8++) .
Overall, really enjoyed our meal there and needless to say, we were damn stuffed 🤧 Will definitely be back for more chill brunch dates!

The perfect breakfast combination - sous vide eggs, melted brie, truffle butter and croissant toasted to a crisp 🥐

Taste: 10/10 (The creamy cheese went so so well with the runny egg yolk. The dish was perfect with some freshly grounded black pepper)

Price: 7/10 (I thought this dish was very reasonably priced at $12 before GST.. But considering the location, items on the cafe’s menu were priced slightly on the high side.. )

I was originally going to bring @jooeunchung for an impromptu 1000th day anniversary at The Summerhouse but it was full (and I think we were kinda under-dressed for them 🤔). Instead, we landed up at their casual sister cafe, Wildseed, in the same building instead.

Wildseed serves typical brunch fare and does them well. We loved their truffle carbonara pasta. We absolutely loved their creamy carbonara sauce with crispy bacon bits in it.

We also had their wagyu cheese burger which featured a MS8 wagyu beef patty with cheddar cheese, golden abalone mushroom and truffle mayo. This was really well-executed and I loved that they serve curly fries on the side as well.

The cafe is also dog-friendly and it's really nice to spend a lazy afternoon surrounded by our furry friends!

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A place exhibiting chill vibes for a perfect Friday, this is a good place to hang out with friends and bond over snacks and beer, with a live band serenading you with mellow music. ⁣⁣

The sausage was juicy and the slices of bacon were thick. The three slices of sourdough bread was a bit of an overkill though! |

This cafe is in the middle of Seletar Aerospace so it's quite inaccessible, so I suggest you drive here to sample its various cafe selections. The ambience is quiet laid back and is dog friendly! Take note that most of its premises is outdoors save for a few seats in its small air-conditioned interior. | ®: 7/10|

Very healthy and not too shabby in the flavour department either, the avocado-slathered ciabatta is topped with grilled portobello mushroom, feta, and pea shoots. At $16, the poached eggs really shouldn’t be add-ons though.

Taste: 3/5


Hardly a hint of sesame in the sesame mayo, and the fried chicken fillets looked(and tasted) like they came out of the freezer section of the supermarket. Also the service here is terrible. They mixed up our order and other customers' orders as well. Why is this $16 again?

Taste: 2.5/5