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as good as it sounds 🥰

P.S. spot what’s in the background! defo the hangout for aviation lovers

Honestly the food here was not great. Not worth the money and time travelling. Just paying for the ambience.

Beautiful location, awesome friendly staff. Cycling friendly, smoker's friendly.
Decor and ambience is super chill. The vibe is perfect. Look at the unbelievable photos.

Only thing that bothered my was lack of showers. I expected a shower as the whole Cafe was very cycle friendly. Wheeler's friendly I mean.

Prices are a little high. A dinner for 2 with drinks could cost you $150++. Reserve for special occasion only.

I had a nitro coffee with ice cream for a whopping $14+. It was nice but not $14 worth. I guess you pay for the vibe.

Also, someone bursted my cycle Tyre while I was enjoying the coffee. Not the restaurant's fault but spoilt my mood. So keep your cycles in view.


can skip this side. quite hard to bite through

quite a big portion, very garlicky and lots of mushrooms were given!!

i found it to be a bit too salty, but my dad thought it was alright

If you made it to seletar, do check out this lovely cafe housed in an old Colonial House - it's combined with a pet boarding house/hotel and while we were dining, a Samoyed and Chowchow roamed free and said hello 🐶!! Meeting these friendly, cuddly dogs depends on their boarding schedule and we met these two.

Also, their pistachio yoghurt tart here is delicious - creamy, light and topped with pistachio crunch. Beautifully plated on a marble plate. The slight cracks didn't deter us at all (~$7)

The root beer float comes with lots of ice cream flavours, names inspired by the chowchows and dog residents here. We got the Snow White vanilla with root beer ($9.50).

Absolutely worth it for a idyllic afternoon with some fluffs and games! We played connect 4.

Super soft and melty pork ribs, expensive but well worth the money.
Portion size is also huge and leaves you full. The only obvious problem is that the sauce is splashed all over the chops at the time of service. So you really have no option but to enjoy the sauce as is.

The place has Lovely decor, great ambience, super friendly staff and above all they have us 10% discount just like that.

The food is average and nothing memorable but this is not the place for foodies. This is a drink and chill kind of place and does a great job at that. Expect around 120 for 2 people with food and drinks. The place has outdoor seating which is smoker's and pet friendly

4 stars

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Feature : Revisited New York Hotdog.
Soft brioche bun served with long sauerkraut and onions confit, topped with jalapeño, mustard sauce and fries.
📍5 by Sans Facon.
5 The Oval, Seletar Aerospace Park, 797863

A really satisfying rack of lamb! Because of the high fat percentage, go for it if you’re a quality over quantity kind of person. The pesto sauce that went along with it was really flavourful and delicious too.

We also ordered fish and chips and the beef burger which tasted great!

Margherita pizza, truffle fries, crispy calamari and fried chicken at such a romantic spot. Pricey but an indulgence!