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Spicy pulled pork pizza was yummy! Of course must have fresh cold beer with pizza on such hot sunny day!

Affordable food! Gyu don was below $10, and though I would prefer my beef to be medium rare, I couldn't complain as it was value for money. The Ayam Panggang had a generous portion for it's price point at slightly over $10. The Earl grey cheesecake was also a delight, if you like light and creamy cheesecake.

The place had a really nice ambience. Would recommend to catch the sunset and watch the planes fly while dining in. The cafe had a rustic look with bicycles and bicycle parts mounted on the wall.

This set lunch is available from Tues to Fri between 12-3pm. For antipasto we got GARDEN SALAD with cucumber, cherry tomato, carrot, feta cheese, corn and lemon dressing.

Wanted to go for the Italian Buratina for it is not available due to the current climate. Will be back to try when it is available.

For mains, I got Oven-baked Dory fish. Serving wasn't huge so I had room for dessert and coffee!

Most miso dishes tend to be on the salty end, however, this plate of Miso Shiitake Linguine from @thesummerhousesg has just the right amount of saltiness!

Love the miso cream! It’s so creamy yet light and tasty! The light and savory creamy miso sauce coated every strand of the al-dente linguine adequately, making each mouthful enjoyable and flavorful. It doesn’t get jelat at all! Topped with a perfectly cooked poached egg and baby corns to add a touch of sweetness into the dish.

Not sure if it’s because of lesser crowd, but another commendable point is that our food was served pretty quickly! Had such a pleasant experience dining in there.

First dine-in after months of being cooped up at home. Just in time for Father’s Day celebration🥳 This party bundle is a collaboration between @thesummerhousesg and @wildseedsg , which consists of a meat platter, pizza, jim beam taster kit and a piece of cake.

Meat Platter 🥩
The meat platter was delightfully tasty! It consists of the following:

Jim Bean Marinated Wagyu Flank
Jim Bean Marinated Lamb T-bone
Iberico Pork Collar

Love how flavorful and tender the meat were!! Highly recommend getting this meat platter for sharing!

Kelong Prawn and Scallop Pizza 🍕
I like how the crust is suitably thick and the scallops and prawns were really fresh. Love the cheese!

Chocolate Moka Fudge with Hazelnut Crunchy 🍰
Love how rich and moist the chocolate cake was! Can’t really taste the coffee but it’s definitely chocolatey. There are small pieces of the “hazelnut crunchy” but will be sooo much better if there’s more of it!

Gotta praise the staff as they were really very nice, polite and attentive! The ambience at The SummerHouse was really good - away from the hustle and bustle, with comfortable seating in the openness. Will definitely be back for more🌟

My last meal outside before circuit breaker 😭 after this I'll be posting throwbacks from places I've visited before. And before anyone freaks out, I sat indoors at Young's and we practically had the entire place to ourselves. |

I'm just gonna say it -- the food here wasn't great. But it might be because I came on a weekday night so I didn't have access to the brunch/grill menu. |

I ordered a pizza which wasn't bad and even tasted like flammekeuche, but it had an egg shell in it. The chicken schnitzel was just placed on a plate of tangy cheese sauce (which they called "yuzu sauce") and made the bottom all soggy. No potatoes or anything on the side. I did like the mini rocket salad on top, though. Finally, the milkshake looked pretty and I was excited for it, but they put some overwhelmingly saccharine "strawberry" syrup in it that made it taste like cough medicine. Utterly disappointing. |

Come here for a drink amongst the greenery if you will because the ambience is quite nice. But the food isn't worth it. ®️: 5/10 | .

The Truffle Carbonara didn’t fail to disappoint in terms of flavour and portion size 🍝 The Carbonara cream sauce was tasty and not ‘jelak’. Portion size was slightly bigger than a normal Carbonara dish outside so that made it worth every cent spent! Good for sharing with other sides 👍🏻

Hands down one of the best Matcha Latte’s I’ve ever tried - and I have tried a lot. Just the right amount of sugar to matcha to milk ratio. Just give it a little stir and you’re good to go! The matcha latte is smooth and silky 🍵

Wildseed’s Truffle Curly fried was tasty and served as a generous portion. It was paired with a truffle mayo of some sorts. A bit too fried and oily for my liking.

Was very disappointed with this as the beef was very tough and lacked flavour. The pastry shell above was not flakey nor warm just there for show. The cafe also knew their lack of seasoning skills as we had to reach out for the salt and among other condiments displayed by the water refill. This shows how common it is for diner to have to ask for extra flavour.

Brunch things at @wildseedsg ! Over-ordered as usual 🤪, but here’s what we tried:
🥯 Bagel Eggs Benny w/ Smoked Salmon ($14++)
🥯 Truffle Carbonara ($18++)
🥯 Wagyu & Pork Ragout Linguine ($19++) .
🥯 Loaded Mac and Cheese
☕️ Iced Café Mocha ($7.50++) .
☕️ Iced Matcha Latté ($7.50++)
☕️ Strawberry Smoothie ($8++)
☕️ Mango Smoothie ($8++) .
Overall, really enjoyed our meal there and needless to say, we were damn stuffed 🤧 Will definitely be back for more chill brunch dates!

The perfect breakfast combination - sous vide eggs, melted brie, truffle butter and croissant toasted to a crisp 🥐

Taste: 10/10 (The creamy cheese went so so well with the runny egg yolk. The dish was perfect with some freshly grounded black pepper)

Price: 7/10 (I thought this dish was very reasonably priced at $12 before GST.. But considering the location, items on the cafe’s menu were priced slightly on the high side.. )