Standing out amongst the bustling nightlife of Duxton Hill, Xiao Ya Tou is a restaurant bar serving up modern Asian cuisine with a naughty touch. The fun begins right at the doorsteps - walk through an array of lanterns and be greeted by the sights and sounds of Asian influences.

6 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089592

10:30am - 11:00pm

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Absolutely blown away by this dessert. Tau huay's texture was on point, it just disintegrates in your mouth but holds its shape well if you don't touch it. The coconut flavour also comes through brilliantly. The honey ice cream has such an amazing honey taste. Every component is great on its own. Really difficult to reconstruct people's childhood, put a modern twist on it so subtly but surely and execute everything well. The salted butter cookie crumble provided a refreshing texture. This for me is deserving of being served in a Michelin establishment if not for 2 minor issues: tapioca balls have a honey note which is a repetition, and the strong flavours of the other elements end up overpowering the coconut tau huay(and there isn't really a easy resolution to this problem since the coconut flavour is already there on its own)

Overall fantastic dish and this level of thought into a dish is simply unbelievable. Starting to love the idea of this place, when they execute crowd favourites perfectly but instead of revolutionising it, they just put a small spin on it to make it theirs

Redolent of kway chap when the dish was brought over, probably because of the braised peanuts. I prefer braised peanuts to be really soft to the point of being mushy, but this one had bite.

Visually this just seems like elevated hawker food and taste wise they certainly delivered as well. Look at the colour on the kurobuta charsiew. Really crispy exterior but it loses its crisp quickly so don't wait. The fat to meat ratio is also excellent with more fat than meat which results in the luxurious mouth feel worth saving cheat day for.

The low temp pork belly was also a stunner, being well marinated to the core and very tender as well. Slightly crispy on the outside but could have been crispier imo. The mustard was interesting but it's better on the side so that people can choose how much they want

Overall solid option for lunch and very value for money

Coconut Tau Huay ($6.00) Honey Ice Cream, Topioca Pearls and Salted Butter Cookie Crumble
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Location: 6 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089592
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While this modernised version may not appease lovers of strictly traditional fried carrot cake, XYT Chai Tow Kway ($16) is a somewhat deconstructed take on the iconic Singaporean dish, with scrambled eggs, cubes of moreish crispy-edged homemade radish cake and radish slices (staying true to the main ingredient here I see).

In my opinion, the trio of spicy minced pork, dried shrimp and XO sauce takes centre stage here, with a hint of sweetness as well, giving the eggs additional oomph. This is a dish easy on the eyes, and also on the palate; an interpretation I can totally swing with. ☺

Arguably their most popular brunch dish, the Unagi Benedict ($16), consists of a low temp. egg drenched in yuzukoshô hollandaise with a slab of gorgeously glazed unagi (the soft, fatty kind) on top, sandwiched between fried mantou. Sounds like a perfect combination, but while I liked the Japanese-esque flavours used, the richness got rather overwhelming. Quite an acquired taste, I guess???

Came with a side of fried prawn & potato chunks (like croquettes), as well as a light ebiko-flecked kewpie mayo salad which helped to balance out the greasiness.

Get this to share (trust me on this) and with a drink from their vast selection of cocktails, mocktails, coffee and the likes on standby, as this tends to get very jelat, with some possibly experiencing an 'oily aftertaste'.

Twice Cooked Spiced Duck Noodles ($19.00) Duck Leg Confit, Egg Noodles, Pickled Green Chilli and Fresh Herbs.
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Location: 6 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089592
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Second time here and this crispy mantou and Unagi combination is still the bomb 😻 the side potato/crab mayo is a welcome side

Enjoying weekend brunch with a twist. A step away from the usual cafe fare, Xiao Ya Tou jazzes up some local favourites for brunch.

Like this take on one of my all time favourite dishes — the simple Chee Cheong Fun is served with juicy, tender dongpo beef and home-made hoisin sauce on the side then sprinkled with shallots and toasted sesame. This will always be a comfort dish to me.

Weekend brunch at Xiao Ya Tou is available on Saturdays & Sundays 10:00am – 3:30pm. You can even order from their range of locally inspired cocktails if you're yearning for an early drink.

Favoured their Hokkien Mee over this, but this Char Kuay Tiao did not fare badly, just a personal preference of mine. It comes with a pretty hefty price tag, tho they kinda make up for it with their ingredients. Just look at their oysters !

Now, $16 for a plate of Hokkien Mee is slightly overpriced, but they make up for it with their ingredients! Besides the seafood, the Hokkien Mee also has a distinct wok hei smell, which makes the dish even more enjoyable

Not the most flattering photo, but man, Sous-vide for more than 30 hours, the melt in your mouth ribs seemed to be marinated in a char siew-esque sauce. Every single slice was mouthwateringly tender and marbled with fat. It has a charred crust and is accompanied by sesame butter. The cucumbers serve as a great palate cleanser to make sure that you enjoy every bit of the dish right down to the very last mouth.

mixed with pepper spiced lamb and pickled Chilli yogurt that worked surprisingly well

Love the twice cooked angus short ribs that melts in your mouth 😍😍

Unagi Benedict

Consists of a Low Temp Egg, Mushroom Duxelles topped with Yuzukosho Hollandaise that was served on Fried Mantou "Patties" with a side of Prawns and Potato Kempie Mayo Salad accompanying it.

What did I liked about the dish? Probably the buns; fried exterior with a sweet taste (The usual you would expect from any asian restaurant.) What did I not like about it? Many things. Now the things on the plate individually tasted fine, the Unagi was well seasoned and tender, egg was cooked well, yolk broke beautifully but they just didn't go well together. There was already the hollandaise sauce and the runny yolk going on within this dish but then came the Unagi that was coated with its own sauce. It didn't add any texture to the dish but it ended up rather "slimey" because of all the runny liquids and there was no bite that would provide a satisfying chew like the usual salmon would as the Unagi meat just seperated too easily in the mouth. Also as the Unagi sauce itself had a distinct taste to it, that yuzukosho sauce can't be tasted and was hence overpowered.

The sides were alright but I wouldn't say that it complemented the dish in any way? Overall, it felt like the attempt of replacing Salmon with Unagi was a terrible attempt and the classic Egg Benedict dish should be better left alone. I had a couple of other dishes at XYT but let's just say they are basically selling hawker fare dishes at 3.5 times the prices we can get anywhere else in Singapore.

Other dishes:

Crispy Otak Otak Rojak $16
Pork Knuckle Fritters $18
XYT Chai Tow Kuay $16
XYT Lu Rou Fan $13

In my opinion, their brunch menu is not great and I wouldn't come back for it as it's not the cheapest. However, I have not tried the other menus and I can't say for those but for brunch, just no.

Xiao Ya Tou ambience is really nice with Chinese lanterns & umbrellas on the ceiling of the restaurant. Really friendly staff & food nicely executed! Price range is however a bit on the high side for food like Hokkien mee & char kuey tiao. Hokkien mee taste really good but wouldn't be somewhere I will frequent due to pricing. Chope is having a promo code for free Hokkien mee with minimum spending so remember to book from that app! ;)

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