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One thing I knew I had to order was the Roasted Black Grouper w Vichyssoise ($28) What’s not to love about the combination; shimeji mushrooms, potato based soup, dehydrated mussels, dill infused oil and garam masala?! It sounds like a lot of experiments was done to come to this combination. And oohh I love it when all the components have been mixed, it bring out tons of flavour to the dish. The grouper however was a tad letdown with it being too firm :/ Good dish nonetheless!

Heard so much reviews and praises for their Seabass Pasta ($22) that I just had to order it to try for myself. Honestly, the visuals of the dish made me apprehensive about the taste and even hearing about the dish which is tagliatelle in seaweed cream? 🤔 Hmmm ... unfortunately my fear was true. The first bite of the tagliatelle and i can already feel the jelak-ness. Well we were warned it is on the heavier side if flavour. But, it just wasn’t the good kind of heaviness. Eating it with the daikon did help to lighten the flavour but for us, this dish was just not for us. For me and my partner, we found the taste peculiar and the tagliatelle was brittle as well which further dampened our hope to like this dish. Only saving grace I can say is the freshness of the seabass

Undoubtedly the most popular dish in Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong is the Curry Mussels w Mantou ($16) & I can see why. Juicy plump mussels with a fresh seafood flavour paired with the curry which was full of spices and had a nice kick to it. Mopped the entire bowl clean that we ordered additional serving of mantous (3 for $2) Just simple food but done right 👍

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Fish Pate ($16) came in decent size but the taste of the pate was subtle with hints of smokiness. Wished it has a stronger flavour especially when eaten with the sourdough, the garlic oil infused sourdough overpowers the pate. Nonetheless, love the sourdough and nice pairing with the cardamom cherry spice and berries at the side

My caption says it all!! Had the Cheeseburger ($13) with grilled onions, pickles, lettuce and hot sauce. Total 🔥 so so good 🤤 Other burger the Baconburger ($15) with all toppings. Pretty good but missing out on the cheese or else it would be great. Special shoutout to the bacon cuz its really crispy and flavourful 👍

Cajun fries ($7) was very delicious and well seasoned although got too salty at the end. Not bad in terms of portion for the price as well. However the milkshake for a standard price of ($10) is not recommended because its pretty pricey and skip the malt as it made the shake too thick which we couldn’t taste other toppings added. U can try adding bacon in the shake to have a savoury burst!! 😉

Overall price added up to $47 and I must say it is so expensive!! 😰 Felt that for the portion and taste of the burgers, it can be justified but I may not be getting it as often as I wish to as it is still on the pricey side.

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Gindaco is back! Though its my first time having it, I’m glad it came back. Finally some proper legit takoyaki. Bought both Original (6pcs $5.90) and Cheese Mentaiko (6pcs $6.90). Had to wait in line for over ~30mins but these balls of joy came piping hot and fresh! So good 😋 will be back for more

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Back again at TMBH, this time their Novena outlet. Found out they were having a weekend special of Philly Cheesesteak hence I knew I had to head down just for it! I mean how many places do you know in Singapore that does Philly Cheesesteak and pretty good bagels (had their lamb & Steak n Eggs from the Tanjong Pagar outlet awhile back and they were 👌)

So I headed down on a Sunday morning, extra early at 10am so I wouldn’t miss the bagels. Already had a queue (expected) and saw some changes to their menu. I decided to get myself the special ($14) with the all sorts bagel as well as a Warthog ($14) with additional cheddar (+$1) with a garlic bagel.

I felt like my overall experience this time was greatly affected by the fact that I ate the bagels an hour later as I had them to go hence they weren’t as fresh and hot. So i shall be slightly less stringent with my reviews.

That being said, it was overall pretty disappointing 😞 The cheesesteak’s visual was pretty meh (due to leaving it for an hour) so I wouldn’t really blame them as it is supposed to look like the picture tagged or so it seems (cr. TMBH IG) But the taste did not make up for the visual and the price tag I believe. It was nothing special and tasted more like black pepper beef that was just dry ... Maybe gotta add in other stuff together to make it better? The all sorts bagel that I got with it was pretty good though.

Moving on to the Warthog which is smoked pork belly with cucumbers, onions, coriander and Char Siew sauce. This was the more flavourful one and also too oily I have to say. The taste was not bad but felt that the Char Siew sauce did not really come through and felt the need to have an acidic component to cut through the oiliness. Gotta say the garlic bagel paired with it had the garlic seeds too burnt that it was quite bitter.

Honestly this time round, I’m not impressed but I am hopeful as this place always keeps their menus changing to bring something new and unique to the table, plus they provide excellent service 💯 I’ll be back but just not anytime soon and definitely would not make my way to wake up early on a Sunday just to get their bagels. But if I am craving for some, then yes I’ll be back 😌

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We were so full after all the dishes we had (read previous post for reviews on it), there’s always another stomach for dessert 😋 Hence, we decided to try the most expensive yet tantalising one which is the Baklava Cheesecake 🍰($22)

When it came, immediately wow-ed by the portion is huge for 2! And it looked great too with all the different components; the ricotta cheese dollop on the huge piece of cheesecake with generous pistachio bits and crunchy pastry skin called Kataifi which is made of almond and walnut being sprinkled all over.

First of all, the cheesecake was warm, moist soft and flavourful on its own with a floral-orange syrup poured all over it. Would have been better if the cheesecake was more firm and burnt around the edges to give more texture. The whipped cream cheese was warm also and felt that a simple vanilla ice-cream would have made a better pairing. Overall, it was a too sweet dessert and too big for 2 to finish. Would probably stick to their non-dessert items and go elsewhere around the area for dessert (such as the uh-mazing softserve 🍦 from Brotherbird to name one hehe)

We later found out that this item is new on the menu and were asked on our thoughts on it by one of the staff. So is it worth the extra calories? Answer is no. Save it for an additional main and that would do your dining there justice

Love the ambiance here, opted for the al fresco dining.

To start off our 5 dishes meal, its the Hummus Musabaha ($10) from the appetiser section. Ordered it with the Turkish Bread ($4.50) to thoroughly enjoy the dish. It was a very good plate of hummus except that there were mention of burnt miso but there were no trace of it at all. 🤔 But still swept the whole plate clean 👌

Secondly came all three as seen in the picture. On the bottom is under the Vege section, Fried Cauliflower ($20). We felt it was too oily and too much going on despite it tasting not bad. Personally, I liked the rice popcorn to give that crunchy texture to the rather mushy dish. Would not order it again unfortunately.

The Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder ($42) was extremely good. Love the gaminess flavour from the lamb with its tender meat soaked up in the soup. It came with a plate of onions sprinkled with sumac and two sauces which I forgot 😅 Eat it together with them!

And my personal favourite, the Green Harissa Prawns ($38). This dish was such a delight with the split cream and harissa flavour combining to create an absolutely delicious sauce (reminiscent of green curry) 🤤 Ordered another bag of the bread to sweep up all the goodness. There were 5 medium-sized prawns that came along with the dish and sadly, its just like any other regular prawns. Felt that they weren’t seasoned enough.

Had their dessert as well (new on the menu!), which is on my next separate post. Do read it to see if it is worth the extra calories on your next visit! 😉

Ordered platter for 2 ($90) which comes with a pickle platter, nashville fries with an add on of yuzu slaw ($4). First of all, why call it yuzu slaw when you can’t taste yuzu? 🤔 And the pickle platter is a joke; with musty jalapenos and soft cucumbers...everything seemed to have been brined by the same mixture. Cornbread was ok but the honey on top .. what is that?? 🤢 Fries was nicely seasoned but i felt like breaking my jaw eating the fries, it was super hard 😠

On the platter, 2 brisket spring rolls were given and it was ok, better with the sauce. Still bearable. 2 small portion of pork belly was a tad too soft and mushy despite the nice seasoning. The alleged favourite of many, the burnt ends pastrami was not bad but quite charred and left and undesirable burnt taste. The buffalo wings was pretty good but nothing to shout about.

Onto the major stuff, the brisket was soft. But too soft. The pork ribs was also soft to the point it was appalling to eat it due to the overly soft texture🤮 The flavour was nice though.

Moral of the story: don’t bother eating here. May sound harsh but i was expecting quality food. Extremely disappointed after looking forward to eating at one of the best barbecue place in SG but only left with regrets, despite using my Chope vouchers. Sigh...

Had their Fried Chicken. Pretty juicy but a more expensive version of McSpicy? Haha... had their Cubano too and it was pretty good. Pity they no longer have cheese steak on their menu as I really wanted to try it :/

Heard so much about their food and has been wanting to come for a while now. Finally headed down for lunch around 3+ with an empty stomach so I ordered quite a bit: beef rendang, vegetables lodeh, sambal goreng, sotong, ayam bakar and bergedil for two pax. Was so hungry that i forgot to snap a pic.

Overall, their food was quite salty, especially the rendang. Not sure if it was just that day but couldn’t bring myself to finish it as other dishes was salty as well.. even the bergedil. Weird. Other dishes were really mediocre and even the chili was pretty mild and do not have the kick to it. Despite being pricier, I will choose Hajjah Maimunah anyday for the variety and taste. Honestly, very disappointed :(