Simply one of my favourite places for a no fuss afternoon tea.

How can a simple toasted raisin brioche be so delightful ? Crisp on the outside and soft and warm on the inside with a nice buttery aroma and plump raisins .

The coffee here is such a winner - the mocha was smooth and not too sweet - with a stronger coffee flavour - the way I like it .

The Long black and the cappuccino are both very smooth and aromatic as well .

If you ask me - much better than whatever roast at wherever else .

Simply bread - simply good .

Granted that this is not baked in a stone oven but it was still very lovely .

Crisp and thin . The best part is that it was generously adorned with a bright tasting tomato purée and then well marinate juicy Field mushrooms and topped with generous cheese and a splash of truffle .

Couldn’t quite find the pesto but this was good enough .

So good that I’d almost finish the whole pizza and that’s very rare.

Discounted with eatigo and the setting of this restaurant was just so lovely - the ambience so alluring enough to make me keep coming back .

Dark wood and natural light - the smell of parquet - just like dining at home .

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Absolutely refreshing .

The umami of the crab and the creaminess of the avocado 🥑 and the sweetness of the chopped tomatoes .

When paired with warm toasted sourdough, this was faultless .

A hidden jewel within minutes of City Hall mrt in a 140 year old building .

Discounted meal with eatigo .

Amazing pistachio gelato that’s not too sweet . Surprises of swirls of candied pecans add on a nice nutty flavour .

1 for 1 for their opening promotion till 29th Feb .

The waffle cone has a subtle flavour of lavender - pretty pleasing .

Good range of interesting flavours - opened by the same team behind savuer, the French food at purvis street :)

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No killing of sharks here ...

But a good homemade “sharkfin melon “ soup with scallops - perfect for this crazy weather .

Melon that has a strip- like texture like sharks fin - how nice 👍

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Perfect broth with lots of prawn and scallops flavour .

Crunchy noodles .

Good enough prawn wantons.

The homemade chilli elevated the dish to another level.

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Tasted enough Hk ccf in Singapore to know an excellent one -

Probably the best tasting ones I have had .

QQ texture without being too thick , generous nicely glazed char siew bits and a delicious high grade soy sauce .

If this is not good enough , the price is also so good - you”ll come back for more .

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Quintessentially Japanese

My favourite hideout for a no fuss tea time.

Sesame cream cheese Viennoiserie with a smooth cup of cappuccino.

A little sweet from the glaze and a little salty and sweet from the cream cheese.

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If there’s anywhere you should get your waffles ,it has to be here.

Unlike most places that use food colouring and or artificial pandan flavouring, Gambateh insists on using on fresh pandan extract from the real stuff - yo !

The red bean filling is a must try - so creamy , aromatic and not sweet at all .

The waffles are both crisp outside and soft and fluffy within - absolutely Delish !


My go to place for a consistently delicious Penang char kwey Teow with good wok hei.

Unlike most places which use frozen prawns , the prawns used by Jason Penang are freshly peeled prawns which impart so much flavour and texture to the dish - and by the way they are very generous with the use of their ingredients.

The kwey Teow texture is QQ and the bean sprouts are fried till perfect neither to raw or limp.
The fried kwey Teow is also well seasoned - not too salty or oily . Perfectly balanced in every aspect .

Michelin worthy .

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From the one and only stall in Ghim Moh that sells ccf.

Good texture and good chilli but not enough soy sauce . Cutting also requires some skill - the pieces are too big .

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If anything excites me, it is a warm fresh bread from the oven .

Arrived at the bakery this morning and at was hunting for my favourite chocolate twist amongst the shelves .

Bad news - can’t find it .

Good news - it just came out of the oven at 10.30 am.

Even better news - I get to eat it fresh and warm .

Aromatic imported from japan chocolate that’s not too sweet , crisp almond flakes and a fluffy bread .

This really made my day.

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