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Absolutely seductive cakes and coffee ...

From the moment I entered this cosy cafe at sultan plaza , the matcha roll hadn’t stopped winking at me .

What hit me next was the smell of the aromatic freshly ground coffee beans .

The matcha roll was as good as it looked or even better . Luxurious matcha smooth paste atop fluffy matcha cake with a little matcha cream .
The cake was so lightly sweetened that it was such a pleasure to eat .

The latte was so incredulously smooth and aromatic - better than most coffees at famed cafes .

Get the Swiss roll and coffee cake set for 9.50.

The other hot favourites are their homemade sweet potato cake , Earl grey cake and black sesame cake .

Don’t forget to bag some almond and cranberry biscottis home - they were so good - I finished the whole bag at the cafe on top of my cake and coffee .

Cakes are baked by the korean owner and you can order them a day in advance if you need whole cakes . So affordable at 36 dollars for a whole cake with such high quality taste and ingredients .

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At the corner of Geylang lor 14 is this coffee shop that houses a few stalls which are not open in the day except for want kok wanton noodles.

The adventurous spirit was up today for something new and I thought why not try ? So I abandoned the idea of going to koung wanton noodles and settled for this instead while driving by.

I am Glad I stopped by . This was a truly ole school wanton mee with a springy QQ noodle and well marinated and roasted char siew . The chilli is homemade and so delicious - not the sambal kind . So those of you who Prefer a wanton mee with a savoury note - this would be it !

One mouth of the noodles and both my husband and I had our eyes meeting . We both exclaimed “ it’s that ole school flavour “.

Heard from the uncle that they used to be at Geylang lor 9 but moved here some time back .

They do a good homemade roast pork noodles as well .

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Back to jin seng for my pandan chiffon cravings.

Lacking the pandan aroma slightly today but still Soft and nice .

Can’t complain for a 90cents cake .

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Tingkat peramakan serves homely no fuss Peranakan set meals starting from 10.90.

I used to like the food a lot - but standards seem to have fallen a little these days - the curry chicken was a little more milky than I would have liked and the chicken was tough .

The chap Chye and Chin Chia Loke omelette were slightly better .

The best was probably the sambal belacan chilli 🤣.

Topped up an additional 1.50 for a hot Bo bo Cha Cha but it was a real let down . Worse off than those served in Food courts . Just stick with the free sago gula meleka dessert provided as part of the set meal .

Still relatively ok for a quick meal 🥰

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Had a pecan craving today and what better than a pecan pie .

The only place I can find a decent pecan pie these days . The standard is pretty close to the ones olio dome used to serve - if not better 😀.

Not too sweet with an aromatic honey flavour .

The tart is filled with pecan nuts and the tart base is nice and crisp.

Ask for your pie to be warmed up for 20 seconds - that’s the magic number .


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Simply love the sight of freshly baked bread.

As Long as its warm - all breads taste good .
You will be spoilt for choices at their SingPost branch and the breads are ready as early at 9 am.

The basement of SingPost is like a mini breakfast heaven.

You get coffee and toast , Swee Heng cafe , nam kee pau and of course one of my favourites , Kopi and tarts .

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I like the quality of tea dust used at nam kee - very fragrant tea and not forgetting their fluffy red bean paus .

Perfect match !

Just look out that when you order your paus , the server doesn’t give you a pau with blisters .

It’s suggestive that it has either been steamed too long or it may be overnight food 🤣.

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Enjoying this almond ginger milk tea to excuse myself from caffeine so that I can have a good sleep tonight.

Been downing too much of caffeine lately .

Love fun toast for their innovative-ness in drink menu .

More variety more fun 🥰!

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Who says you can’t brunch in a hawker ?

Black sesame sourdough bap from le wheat nearby and eggs and beans from the western food stall .

Total spending = 2.50

Add on 80cents for a hot cup of teh .

#ear well#savemore#financialindependence

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Breakfast started well !

Really enjoyed the spaciousness of this cafe and the friendly service .

The thosai was really well done - must say that this standard here is better than the ones that I have had recently at heavens at Ghim Moh market .

More distinctive sour taste here and a nice charred skin with fluffy interior . The potato fillings were also more chunky and generous .

What a rare gem ! Incredibly value for money at 3.50.

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In a small hidden coffee shop at Blk 19 Toh yi drive ( near 7-11) is this stall sharing a stall with a chicken rice stall that sells homemade yam cake and a host of other savoury Kuehs .

The homemade yam cake is the best - generous use of yam , non greasy and a good accompanying homemade ikan billis chilli that doesn’t use belacan given the stall owner’s choice of preparing healthier food for her customers. This is the best yam cake I have ever tasted - it doesn’t require all of that waxed sausage or mushroom - just lots of yammy goodness .

This stall also does a good Cheong fun ( the thicker rice rolls with homemade fillings ). Special mention to the turnip rice rolls .

The stall owner also does a very good White fungus and peach Reisin dessert which is so soothing for the throat .

Don’t leave the stall without a box of her homemade sambal ikan billis chill.

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I have walked past this stall many times at Holland drive market but not motivated to try because of the their more greasy , chopped till small pieces type of carrot cake which I didn’t quite fancy .

But was very much intrigued today when I saw that the folks were making their own carrot cake from scratch . Anything handmade has got to me good 🤣

Asked for larger chunks of carrot cake and less grease and topped up 50 cents for an extra egg - the result was good .

Lots of piquant garlic and Chye Poh and a little spice from the chilli with QQ carrot cake . You could still see little carrot shreds within the carrot cake .

Pretty outstanding .

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