Creamy pistachio gelato with very crisp waffles.
The best part of this dessert was that addictive sea salt caramel sauce .

One of the best versions I have had.
Crisp, non greasy , well marinated but not too salty .

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One of the lighter , better and less sweet banana sponge cakes with a real banana flavour.

Slightly expensive so eat in moderation.

Innovative menu but sadly the execution lacked finesse. Lots of potential for this western diner but the execution needs improvement.

Salmon was over cooked and the eggplant parmigiana was almost burnt. The portion of the eggplant parmigiana was so little , it was hardly worth the overall price tag.

Better to stick with their lunch set deals for a moe affordable meal.

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Fluffy , aromatic , good genuine matcha flavour .

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Lovely fluffy buns ,generous bacon and scrambled eggs.

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One of the best I have had.
The ambience is amazing -
You look out into the sea 🌊.