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Much needed spice to kill the flu 🤧 germs 🦠- that’s so prevalent these days .

Very well made latte with a good hint of spice from the tumeric and black pepper.

So comforting for the body and soul .

Everything on this dish was spot on .

Perfectly grilled fish on a bed of slithery smooth Soba and accompanied with fresh greens .

The tangy Japanese style vinaigrette brought the whole dish together in a beautiful symphony in my mouth .

Healthy and hearty .

Impressed with the high quality food at bewerk this evening before catching the jeventus and spurs live match .

These calamari rings are so crisp and fresh - they beat those I have tried in up class Italians restaurants .

Accompanied with a tangy spicy chilli sauce which was served warm .

Perfectly done molten chocolate cake with a gooey centre and high quality vanilla bean ice cream .

Still my favourite soft buns in town .

Made in house , fresh daily .

A little disappointed with the weak flat white.
Diluted and thin .

Pecan and cranberry bread was ordinary although cited as the shop’s signature bread .

Go for their pastries like the croissant 🥐 instead and skip the coffee .

Sundays are meant for brunch !

Had a lovely brunch buffet with mummy - some Mother Daughter time with great food and great ambience.

Great pizzas prepared with a traditional oven . Well balanced between being crisp and slightly chewy.

Pete’s Place reminds one of my favourite Italian places because it holds so many good memories .

The world may change but Pete’s Place remains unchanged .

Breakfast time @TheAffogatoLounge, where they serve a selection of paninis, bowls and baked quiches other than affogato.

Head back there the second time and can’t resist getting the mouthwatering Blue Swimmer Crab Quiche ($13). However, for a belly-filling option, Spicy Italian Panini ($15), toasted ciabatta sandwiching salami, red peppers and fontina cheese, is an excellent choice. Grab a cup of Bittersweet Symphony or Dark Mocha to go along tooooooo.

The Affogato Lounge
Address: ‪55 Keong Saik Road‬, Unit 01-02, KēSa House, Singapore 089158
#affogatolounge #affogato

Was craving for a good cup of matcha latte and found my way to hvala .

A little disappointed with the matcha latte here - not that the grade of green tea powder wasn’t good but more so the milk 🥛 overpowered the green tea powder and it wasn’t a harmonious drink.

It could likely be the brand of milk used .

It was a pretty small cup for 5.80 and the “ value Queen “ within me wasn’t too happy too.

Most of the cakes are also not made in house - I saw them at cafes else where and the gelatos were expensive😨.

Still on my search for a good cup of matcha latte 🥺

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For those of you who enjoy these flat breads,
They are now available at a more accessible location at People’s Park Complex .

Not sure why the brand name is Wen jia bao but they are using the xiao Yang Guo Kui bag .

The lady who collects cash also makes the pastry - so eat at your own risk 😱

Qiji still meets the cut ....

Although the rice was dry and quite lifeless ....

The condiments more than made up for it .

The chicken wing was served fresh - juicy , crisp and not greasy .

The otah was really outstanding - lots of flavour and texture .

The cucumber was freshly sliced .

The chilli was good, good, good .....

Just look out for which qiji you go to ... the one at Star Vista is to be avoided because food standards are bad .

Just stick to the Bugis village one - you will be quite safe .

Still hungry .....

I have seen quite a few good reviews about this place and a love a good toasted baguette.

Overall the experience was a let down .

The serving portion was small for the price .

I expected the baguette to be better given that it was made in house but it turned out rather dense .

The baguette was not toasted well enough .

The ingredients were few .

I am still hungry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣......: