We love our fries! (+ bonus points if there’s truffle included 😉). If we’re talking about portion alone, This’ edition of truffle fries is definitely a 10/10. We took so long to finish that it became so cold haha but thankfully the staff helped us to heat it up again 💯

It was slightly packed when I visited on a weekend aftn but because the tables are well spaced out, I’d recommend it as a conducive space for friends to catch up with each other!

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Highlight was Big In Japan ($16.90) which comes with 3 Grana Padano scones and 3 different sauces - yuzu jam, honey mascarpone and a cold shrimp & salmon in dill sauce.

The scones itself were lovely. They were fluffy yet substantial enough to serve as a great base for the sauces. My favourite was the cold shrimp & salmon dill sauce but honestly they were all great and I loved how when I got bored of one sauce, I could move on to another to refresh my palate. They were so generous with the sauces too, we couldn’t finish them 😂

If you’re looking for a nice place to chill at for Sunday brunch that offers more than your typical eggs ben, this is it.


Nothing much to shout about here but what I do like about this bakery/cafe is that they offer more affordable options compared to the other cafes in the vicinity. Coffee and pastries are decent!

The ambience is lovely. Decor is simple and straightforward, there’s tons of natural lighting and it always puts me in a cheery Sunday brunch mood :~)

Will return if I’m in the area!

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I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Cherki!

The Koreans have this popular expression - ‘Rice Thief’, referring to dishes that are so delicious, you don’t realise how quickly you finish a bowl of rice with it. The Rendang Beef Cheeks was this for me.

BUT what’s amazing is that there was an even better dish: the Baba Back Ribs. It was so flavourful, and not just salty….. And the meat was so tender, it almost resembled chicken thigh.

As many reviews have mentioned, the portions are indeed smaller but it was enough for me. Plus points for 1-1 on Beyond 🤩 Plus plus points for friendly staff who knew their menu well!

Will return if I’m in the area :)


My friend and I tried the Cacio e Pepe (w Fusilli Lunghi) and Ragu (w squid ink tagliatelle). The pastas had a nice bite to it but unfortunately as dishes, the Cacio e Pepe was at best, normal, and the Ragu was seriously lacking flavour. Even my friend who normally prefers her food to be on the blander side agreed with me.

Service was alright and it was a conducive space for catch-ups but unfortunately, will not be returning.


I felt like I was transported into the Victorian era the moment I stepped into Marcy’s - lovely choice of decor and tableware!

We tried the Wagyu Beef Tartare, Squid Ink Risotto and the Rigatoni, which stood out the most to me with the perfectly cooked octopus 🥺

Visit if you like foods with loads of flavour.

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Enjoyed the food more than I expected, especially the carbonara! I hate it when my noodles are too soft but this was perfectly al dente :-)

Good flavour too, not overly cheesy/creamy.

Each regular cup ($10) gives you 2 flavours so 1-1 gives you 4 in total 😍

Got the milk chocolate hazelnut and dark chocolate flavour. Everything was a tad too rich for me but the dark choc was sooo good because it was water-based so not overly thick but still sufficiently rich!

Chicken was well seasoned and paired nicely with the creamy white sauce. I normally get quite sick of creamy dishes but this was just nice.

Only issue is that portion is quite small. However, overall nice food and good service 😋

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What I really like here is the extensive menu and drink options! Too often I see the same few dishes whichever restaurant I go to but the take on dishes here are unique and yummy 😋 Plus points if you love your local flavours like hae bee hiam, chilli crab, bak kut teh.

House pour wines are reasonably priced at $6/glass but if you have deeper pockets, take a walk through their wine cellar for more options. ✨✨✨

Writing this review a week later, I’m still drooling at the thought of Ramen Nagi’s Tom Yum King.

What a perfect execution of a creamy, spicy and tangy broth that left me craving for more.

The other winner was the Kakuni - savoury and so tender it melts in your mouth. 😍✨

Tried their signature drink and the first mouthful of warm, chewy brown sugar pearls was such a delight. Paired really nicely with the creamy fresh milk as well.