Enjoyed the food more than I expected, especially the carbonara! I hate it when my noodles are too soft but this was perfectly al dente :-)

Good flavour too, not overly cheesy/creamy.

Each regular cup ($10) gives you 2 flavours so 1-1 gives you 4 in total 😍

Got the milk chocolate hazelnut and dark chocolate flavour. Everything was a tad too rich for me but the dark choc was sooo good because it was water-based so not overly thick but still sufficiently rich!

Chicken was well seasoned and paired nicely with the creamy white sauce. I normally get quite sick of creamy dishes but this was just nice.

Only issue is that portion is quite small. However, overall nice food and good service 😋

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What I really like here is the extensive menu and drink options! Too often I see the same few dishes whichever restaurant I go to but the take on dishes here are unique and yummy 😋 Plus points if you love your local flavours like hae bee hiam, chilli crab, bak kut teh.

House pour wines are reasonably priced at $6/glass but if you have deeper pockets, take a walk through their wine cellar for more options. ✨✨✨

Writing this review a week later, I’m still drooling at the thought of Ramen Nagi’s Tom Yum King.

What a perfect execution of a creamy, spicy and tangy broth that left me craving for more.

The other winner was the Kakuni - savoury and so tender it melts in your mouth. 😍✨

Tried their signature drink and the first mouthful of warm, chewy brown sugar pearls was such a delight. Paired really nicely with the creamy fresh milk as well.

Flavours Blue Milk and Caramelized Strawberry in beautiful pastel blue and pink colours respectively 😛

Blue Milk is a light vanilla flavour that isn’t too jelat. My go-to flavour definitely.

Caramelized Strawberry managed to convince me - I normally avoid strawberry flavoured items - with it’s slightly sweet and tart flavour.

I absolutely adore mentaiko so it was disappointing to find that my mentaiko salmon bowl was slightly cold. :/ Maybe I came at a wrong time.

However, the mango roll was pretty yummy! Sweet slices of mango paired well with the battered ebi tempura!

Prices are great for fuss-free Japanese food with close friends.

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Once you get past the strong fermented scent, digging into the Impossible Burger at Stamford Brasserie was a pleasant surprise. Strangely does taste like real meat!

Unfortunately, it didn’t wow me enough to justify the price that impossible meats are normally tagged with.

My winning vote of the day goes to the Kani Miso - an unassuming bowl of crab tomalley paste that was full of umami flavours 😍😍😍 Runner up goes to mentaiko rosti!

Overall a great menu and fantastic dining ambience!

Portions are HUGE and prices are very friendly, especially at a place like Esplanade.

Restaurant has an interesting concept - a great conversation starter with your friends/date :-)

My favourite dish of the night - the Onglet steak. Have never tried this cut before but I’m a big fan now!

For those who prefer leaner cuts, I highly recommend this! :-) Sautéed mushrooms and cheesecake was yumz too.

Really appreciated the casual ambience of the restaurant as well.