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Burgers, Western, Fast Food Burgers by Bossy Flossie There are two critical components that make a good burger. The first is having a thick, prime-beef patty cooked to a lush medium-rare. When I’m eating a burger I want to see plenty of meaty pinks and reds, and I want to feel those fatty juices dripping down my chin with every bite. The second important quality is the burger bun. This is all too often underestimated in burger joints. I mean, how on earth did brioche buns become a thing? No, no, no. The bun needs to be soft and plain-tasting (wholemeal is a bonus) in order to complement and not overpower the beef patty.
Cafes & Coffee, Breakfast & Brunch, European Bossy Flossie Loves Brunch Coffee, eggs and smashed avo on toast are just a few of Bossy Flossie’s favourite things. There is a damn good brunch scene in Singapore that I’m happy to share!
Fine Dining, Date Night Posh Spots by Bossy Flossie Feel like going somewhere a bit special and a little more pricey? Check out where Bossy Flossie has been wining and dining!
Local Delights, Cheap & Good, Hawker Food Cheap Eats by Bossy Flossie This is my guide to reasonably priced local food that I love in Singapore - from hawker fare and noodle shops to shopping mall restaurants and much more!