A really Japanese bakery located in one of the Japanese expat hangouts/residence areas. I had the banh mi, essentially baguette with the typical beef found in gyudons. Not sure if actual banh mi is stuffed with this method of cooking up beef too, but it tastes Japanese. I had it for dine in and the staff, while friendly, didn't offer to re-toast it so it is quite hard and chewy sadly. The coffee is served in takeaway cups (didn't ask if can BYO) and the beans are from Japan itself and therefore quite special.

The salmon was done really nicely, crispy skin and tender flaky flesh. The fettuccini was done well but otherwise nothing quite special for me.

Small, minimalist aesthetic café with unique and limited offering, but is very popular. I came after lunchtime hoping to get my hands on their donuts to no avail. I had the strawberry pistachio instead, nice cake crust and comforting combination of the ingredients! Not for those who don't like nutty/strong pistachio flavor or texture as advised by the staff. I also got the osmanthus tea which is imported from Taiwan, which complements the cake well.

Jimmy Monkey serves great food and coffee, though being an Australian-inclined café the choice are limited to bread-based western. Here is the all day sourdough and egg with additions of bacon and wilted spinach. Great crispy bread, decently-runny egg (adjust the seasoning by yourself as the egg by itself is not heavily seasoned), crispy bacon. They offer 4 different spreads and I chose vegemite. Wholesome brunch indeed!

A new kid on the block, just a few doors from Habitat. Nice small-ish place to hang as a group (there is a big round table rather secluded) or enjoy your time by yourself. The flat white is almost-full-bodied and moderately strong.

It is within NEWest which was very quiet on a weekday afternoon when I visited. They mainly offer fried chicken-anything, including waffles, burger and bowls, though they serve salmon and the likes too. The fried chicken bowl [$10] had a very cripy chicken skin with the meat quite tender. The rest was quite normal – normal (a bit under watered?) sushi rice, runny egg with ikura, side salad and sesame sauce which was quite diluted. The chicken was, rightly, the highlight of the meal if you are into this way of serving. The alcohols they serve is from local-owned, and aptly named, Sunbird Brewing Company. The witbier [$8 a bottle] was recommended by the staff as a crowd favorite. It is light, other than that just like your typical witbier.

I came intrigued by the Pooh theme. It is a small ice cream parlour decked in yellow main decor with wooden accent and some Pooh toys and quotes on the wall for photo-ops. They offer some standard, some unique flavors. I had a double scoop of Honey Chrysanthemum with Cacao Nibs and Roasted Pistachio [$9.5 due to premium and gourmet flavors, $8 for double scoop with standard flavors]. The former was quite heavily chrysanthemum [which I like] with hints of honey that added a natural sweetness, and cacao added a nice crunch to it. Roasted pistachio was mostly nutty, which I welcomed but not everyone may like it. They offer waffles and Vietnamese coffee too. The staff were friendly and willing to give recommendations. A good quieter place to go in the area!

This is not the fluffy, airy, jiggly, for-the-'gram Japanese pancake (soufflé) that people may expect or are more familiar with. Their dense, Macs' hotcake-style pancake is made of wheat and other grains from various prefectures in Kyushu, an island in the south of Japan. It felt less egg-y and not jelak even after the third piece! It might feel bland as compared to the the usual buttery soufflé, however I could taste some hints of barley and grains. It complements the toppings really well and let the toppings shine alongside the pancakes. The cream and ice cream taste so commercial, but still alright nonetheless. Will come back to try their savoury waffles next!
in frame: berrylicious pancake [$16.9]

Located very accessible to the CBD crowd and CBD bar hoppers, at Amoy Street. Price wise is real steep (about twice of another hyped burger joint SS) but I guess you pay for quality uh? AFAIK everything is served in disposables, though they say those are biodegradable I am not sure if they compost all the trash generated:/ They also collaborate with local charities in providing food for the needy.

In frame is one of the Singapore special burgers which consist of a meat patty, chimicurri, and locally-grown or organic veggies. For the not-a-burger-fan me, I think the buttery bun was not dry and therefore great, and the patty is so tender and flavorful! For non-beef eaters they serve chicken and vegan burgers too.

I visited during the soft launch phase and as I find the burger quite big and I was turned off with all the disposables, I did not get any of the sauce and the promotional, free set of much-raved fries and soda or mineral water. Maybe next time, and with so much packaging waste yet heavily raving on eco-friendly they try to be, I wonder if they would accept BYO.

The place offering nice mint mocha nearby closes early, and this is a good alternative that opens till later! It is also a nice place to hang till later with indoor and outdoor seatings.

One of the two affordable Japanese seafood bowls in the area, Unagi vs Salmon is the closer one to the MRT. I'm not a fan of unagi in general so I got myself the salmon poké. The salmon supply is fresh daily, they say, and yes it taste quite fresh and not fishy. The sauce is not very strong, therefore the taste of the salmon came through. Interestingly, for takeaways they offer two free toppings, I had the seaweed edamame and onsen egg (with a bit of roe on top). The onsen egg is not excessively eggy and yet still quite flowy, I like! The seaweed compliments the dish very well. I also like that they use red rice instead of normal sushi rice, it feels healthier that way. Also the normal salmon poké comes with lettuce!
In frame: BYO Bowl [$9.9]

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Don't think I have ever made an appreciation post for my favorite bagel here - Hangover Helper [$13]. It is the typical big brekkie, say scrambled eggs, bacon, tater tots, parmesan and aioli in bagel form. They also stock up on drinks, both in-house and canned/bottled. Since they open only till the afternoon it's where you can get your morning/brunch/noon booze too!