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Another deal that’s worth many many revisits on Burpple. I’ve not tried maki-san and probably wouldn’t because I’ve got wooshi on Burpple!! It’s so, so, so good. Love the extensive selection of ingredients and how generous they are with the fillings (as pictured!)

Make-your-own-roll (or you can also ‘cheat’ by getting inspiration from the combination of their signature rolls)
Love the variety of fillings to choose from! Amazing selection of ingredients and meat selections for a wholesome, yummy meal. Who says healthy can’t be delicious too! And to make it better, this is so worth it with Burpple beyond!

Left: Oolong w red bean
Right: Oolong w oats (repeat flavour, v yums!)

Had tried the oolong w oats (many thumbs up) and reviewed it earlier so in this review I’ll focus on the red bean. It’s a.... miss! Skip this on the menu and go straight for the oolong w pudding/ oats. The mushy red beans just don’t go oolong well w the milk tea..

Super long queue but super worth the wait!! Testament to the worthiness of the food is the .. queue! Most ordered the white beehoon and fried fish. I decided to go for the claypot noodles instead - was in the mood for salty that day! It does overpower the light, refreshing and milky taste of the soup tho. So select your noodles wisely!

Well.. it’s special because it’s served with plenty of rice! We’d have preferred less rice. Servings came in 3 options - small, regular and large. Pictured here is the small portion that doesn’t feel small at all! Definitely way more filling that it looked. Love the generous serving of poke cubes and crunchy greens!

Healthy lunch option at Pink Fish! Pocket-friendly price with at $10.90 for small serving (this is small!). It was served with a bed of Japanese rice - too much rice for my preference but definitely a very filling meal. Love the edamame that was served clean - no sauce nor gravy that would have reduced the healthy factor! Saba was freshly cooked upon order - the skin and sides were crisp! Love the tanginess of the kimchi and mild fragrance from the sesame. Not forgetting the teriyaki too!

Genmaicha | Salted egg yolk
Granny’s favourite | Almond biscuit

Very local, homely ice cream treats.

We were around the hood for something else but it was closed! Turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we got to try this yummilicious asian delight served with a modern take! Chef Joel’s meekia was served with runny onsen, shredded crab meat and thiccccc braised charsiu. It was a very satisfying, slightly upscaled version of meekia.

Crispy horfun was mind-blowing. There wasn’t any sight of horfun when the dish was served. Turns out, the crispy, keropok-like strips were horfuns! Yes, they’re battered and fried - not exactly the healthiest but I’d say it’s indeed better when battered 😂 Doused in horfun gravy with egg swirls and served with a generous serving of pork slices!


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With so many bbt options out there, the bar for the “wow” factor is definitely high. I keep a lookout for really fresh, quality tea leaves. My cup of light, aromatic oolong leaves paired with milk at 0% sugar and scoops of rolled oats was a WOW! The rolled oats were a healthy twist to the usual boba; loadsa mouth work in the chewing of the oats - there’s definitely no compromise in the texture of a boba tea! This is definitely my go-to drink at Chun Yang Tea from now!

Always a light and refreshing treat to the sweet-toothed me! So much love for the floral ice cream creations from Birds of Paradise 💕

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$7.50 for this plate of fried goodness. What drew my papa to this stall was the display of pre-fried items that didn’t look overly brown (papa said that’s a sign of fresh oil, not recycled oil!) nor oily. Indeed, each bite was a crunchy crispy mix of dough goodness, absent of the distasteful smell of stale oil! Love the sweet, peanut-y and spicy mix dip. Yums!!

🦈 nuggets drew me to try the lor mee at this stall with an endless queue. Time check, it was only 10ish in the morning. Well, the regulars can’t get it wrong - if there’s a queue after so many many many years of operating at this hawker, the food must be good, if not great. Verdict? Yes it’s slurrrrps! Herbally broth that wasn’t overly herbally for my liking, with generous servings of fish cake, sprouts and some slices of lor bak. And the highlight? 3 fat shark nuggets fried to a crisp! ‘they remained crispy out, tender within. Texture of the “shark” meat is a cross between fish and chicken, a new intro to the tastebuds!