hearsay this is the closest to Vietnam’s much cheaper and tastier banh mi. And indeed I can see why! The crusty-outside-soft-inside baguette 🥖 scored points. It was quite a challenge to stay near and glam munching into my lunch grub. I’ve tried the grilled lemongrass chicken once and going for it twice because it was just so good - the mix of sunny side, floss and well marinated lemongrass chicken. I wish there were more floss to go along tho! For veggie haters, you’ll be delighted to know that the veggies within are picklish and crunchy. It whets your appetite, doesn’t taste any close to a veggie. Just think of ‘wm as crispy collagen or bread sticks that complements the savoury bits so well. This, over preserved cold cuts from subway any time, any day!

Creamilicious burrata pizza with rocket leaves - this seemed somewhat out of place in a Spanish restaurant and expectations weren't high but hey, it was decent! According to my brother who've tried Lino's version, this was less awesome. Now I can't wait to try Lino's take on this!

$45++ for a full rack, grilled in the signature Josper oven. It was WOW! The charred bits and tenderness were on-point. Yet again another praise worthy grill. I'm guessing nothing coming out from the Josper oven could go wrong. The meat were expectedly fall-off-the-bone tender, moist and juicy. Served with patatas and salad on the side. These were nothing much to shout about. Dipping sauces - mustard and barbeque were provided. I wish the mustard and barbeque sauce were made in-house. Or if they were, more work could be done to enhance the taste profile. It somewhat tasted out of a bottle. But oh well, I guess the star of the show is the ribs, and not the accompaniments right?

Rich seafoody-broth with praise worthy mussels and huge prawns! It was a flavoursome carb. We got the big portion, shared among 5 and feeds just nice, especially if you're having the tapas and desserts. As for the 'charcoal' bit... sad to say it was kinda dropped in the taste profile. Perhaps it was just a reference to the charcoal pan in which it was served... (?) This was my first seafood paella and therefore, no prior reference to benchmark against. Shall try the squid ink version next time! Excited to find out how it compares to FOC's.

It would be a wasted trip without trying their cold cuts! It's akin to walking out of an Italian restaurant without trying any of the pasta or pizza. Thinly sliced and served with tomato spread on bread (as plain as it sounds), its saltiness is nicely balanced with the bland tomato bread. I guess it would've been made better with better quality bakes or biscuits.. but no complaints given its more of a casual communal restaurant as opposed to a fine dining setting. The ham was silky smooth and if not got Covid-19/hygiene reasons, I would have ran my fingers through to feel the silky cuts!

A must-order at every Spanish restaurant and... definitely do so at one with Josper oven! Grilled with perfect tenderness with bits of sexy char, this won praises around the table. Served on a rather generous spread of potato truffle(?) puree and olive oil. Hms, again, not much truffle tasted in the spread - pretty much just potato-y creaminess. I guess they could be a lot more generous in the use of their ingredients. Nevertheless, a great grill and a must-order!

It's my first time trying a proper Spanish omelette and therefore, there's no benchmark to compare this against. It was pretty good, with gooey mash of spicy chorizo and aioli. There wasn't much of 'spice' tasted so I'm guessing this is pretty kids-friendly too. Served with a side of toasted tomato bread that complements well with the egg.

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The Spanish version of nachos with chips? This certainly appeals to the young and the old. The potatoes were fried just-right, and not too mushy. The sauce could be more flavourful tho!

Aren't these lil' balls cute?! Too cute to be eaten but too silly to not devour it. Fried to crisp and filled with creamy mash of pork and chicken, it's the perfect tapas to start. While it tasted decent, more work could go into the fillings to accentuate the taste of the ingredients. To this point, my brother commented that the texture was great but he couldn't quite tell what went into the fillings. I prefer FOC's version which came slightly larger and way more pronounced in taste.

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Warning: Not for peeps with Trypophobia

My sis got this from homebaker Mamam munchkin. They're not super active on ig but their bakes are pretty good! The softness and moist, fluffy cake won many praises! Only gripe would be the lack of aesthetics (the Trypophobic presentation just doesn't work well ... even with peeps without Trypophobia). The banana taste in this chocolate version was subtle - perfect for non-banana lovers like my sister and yet, love chocolate cake. I guess it's a good starting point for non-banana lovers. There's subtle banana fragrance and whiffs out when you open the box and it gets more pronounced when you heat it up (not a must!) Mamam munchkin threw in an additional, complimentary serving of chocolate buttons which, tbh wasnt quite needed. Ours were left untouched after the cake was polished off!

Priced at $35, it's defo not the cheapest around, but 10/10 for softness and moistness.

Nothing could go wrong with Venchi's gelato offerings! It's incredibly expensive but worth every penny, and made more worthwhile with Burpple's 1-1 deal ($10 for a regular cup -2 scoops, so essentially it means 4 scoops!) This time, we tried a new flavour - probably not that new on the menu anymore but it's definitely the first time i'm coming across this flavour.
Taste profile: Unique!
Matcha hint was just right but perhaps slightly masked by the citrusy hint from the lemon. Pieces of white chocolate added to the mouthfeel. As with all of Venchi's gelato that I've tried thus far, it's creamilicious and rich. Very yum!

First of its kind on our tiny red dot - we tried the signature lava cookie set. The fiancé decided on the chocolate molten lava cookie while I decided on the Blue Pea Hokkaido milk ice cream. It's a signature flavour, hence (+$1.50). In total, this set us back at $11. Worth it? YES.

The molten lava cookie was baked to perfection and served right on the skillet that it was baked on. To allow customers to enjoy the lil' theatrics of oozing lava, the ball of ice cream was placed on top of the lava cookie only when served - ie right at our table, before our eyes. Luscious chocolate lava oozed out of the molten cookie as the ball of blue pea ice-cream sits atop. woah.

Blue pea hokkaido ice cream was worth the premium. The blue pea taste was pronounced; not just a colouring effect or marketing gimmick! Natural, true and generous amount of blue pea went into the making of the ice cream and I'm so glad that money and calories wasnt wasted here!