portion was just nice for me. may not be enough for big eaters.

A good amount of super smooth tofu which had a prominent soy taste and tender beef shabu slices.

soup can be more flavorful
Didn’t actually eat the seaweed

Nanyang Noodle House

So this is a bowl of chilli ban mian with no chilli. so it’s essentially tossed in black sauce. opted for you mian instead of ban mian and the noodle has a good chew to it.
ikan billis was very crispy!! v good portion of meat and mushrooms as well. love the oozey egg.

super worth it at ard $4+ and very filling!!

Fish was crispy and not too oily. Udon was abit too sweet for me. tasted like yaki soba

Fried rice was damn nice !! went for several servings. v little hint of spice.

Salted egg yolk fish was good too. wanted sweet sour fish initially but they said that it’s no longer on their menu

felt that their quality improved?? not too sure about their porridge as we ordered everything other than their porridge and every dish was good. even their claypot chicken rice was shiok

portion is not worth for the pricing
scrambled eggs were pretty miserable, croissant was crispy and flaky. still felt hungry after my meal :/
Iced latte was good.

we dined there when there was a $10 discount for $50 spent if reservation is booked through quandoo. but still i would say it’s not that worth.

there’s really better cafes out there like lola’s cafe which remains one of my top few!

Heard that the lagoon food centre reopened last year and I finally went down for a visit.

Super super packed on a saturday evening with many tables still being blocked out.

Ordered black carrot cake fr Lagoon Famous Carrot Cake #01-40 and it was good!! came w prawns too. not too sweet and the carrot cake was pretty soft prices start from $4. However if you wish to order a mix of black white, then it would cost min $6.

Next, we ordered the cereal prawn ($20) and sambal stingray($12) from Xin Long Xing Seafood BBQ #01-06. prawns were hugeee and there’s six of them. totally enjoyed the cereal, it wasn’t too sweet and I actually mixed it w my carrot cake. Sambal stingray on the other hand was too spicy for me to handle. but the stingray itself was quite good!!!

Overall, a lot of options to choose from and i’m definitely going back to try out the rest!!!

This was pretty legit as well. rice was moist and had sufficient seasoning and wok hey

I would say skip the pasta and go for the pizza and fried rice.

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must order!!
crust was thin like biscuit. flavour wise is a mix of sweet and savory with the shredded cheese on top

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my second time eating this but i felt that the first round was better.

not too oily and and packed with meat and some veg

super value for money!!
this set only cost $6.80 and comes w a drink too!
v affordable esp in the heart of orchard road

eggs were good, love the condensed milk bun. bacon abit on the fatty side but overall a decent meal

swapped the mushroom and onions out for prawns and ham!! yummy

came with 2 prawns and 2 squids
rice was abit on the wetter side, which i didn’t mind. a tad salty but overall still an edible plate