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Love how far they took the caramel so it’s not sickly sweet (like many choc caramel tarts). The herbaceous, savoury rosemary and sea salt complement the bittersweet chocolate and caramel perfectly while the hazelnut adds crunch. Even the chocolate tart base is perfectly crisp. One of the best choc caramel tarts around.

Will eat this more often if not for the price 😛

Tea taste was quite pronounced👍🏻. Konjac jelly + red bean + soya powdered muah chee (soft!) went well with the hojicha flavour. The slight savouriness from the coconut cheese milk cap helped to balance the sweetness. Eating this felt like I was having bubble tea. The generous amount of ingredients made this pretty filling and value for money too.

I just prefer shaved ice to be less milky and slightly less sweet. Worth a try if you are around the area but I wouldn’t make a deliberate trip down for this.

Double waffle with dark choc sea salt honeycomb and raspberry honeycomb.

Dark chocolate ferrero taste like milo or some cheapo chocolate soft serve - milky and not as chocolately as expected. Waffles were crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Honeycombs were meh. The rest of the toppings didn’t look that interesting too ie marshmallow, lotus biscuits, strawberry etc. Didn’t like that I have to pay for toppings I don’t even want.

I’d rather go Creamier for waffles.

Amongst all the donuts that I’d tried of late, these were most reminiscent of old school bakery sugar donuts. Soft, fluffy, not as chewy as sourbombebakery and slightly bready. Nice, but I ask myself why am I paying $4+ for one instead of going to the neighbourhood bakery? 🤣 Cinnamon spice at least was more special.

Maybe I should have gotten the filled donuts instead. Cinnamon spice > Classic sugar.

Seared chicken liver, tahini, spring onion, salsa, chilli

There were at least 5 pieces of thick, creamy, not overcooked chicken liver inside. Think I overestimated my love of chicken liver (lol!), the taste was pretty strong for me so I didn’t finish the livers but get this if you love ‘em as they were tasty.

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Butterfly pea malfalde was really chewy think I taste gluten 😛 and was perfect for catching sauces in its crevices. Love the pink sauce + truffle pate + bird’s eye chillies + chilli flakes + parmesan combi. It was creamy, flavourful and super spicy (shiok), I cleaned the plate of its sauces. I think the option to add on chilli padi is what makes Tipo special. Smoked duck was a good choice.

Not authentic flavours but I will go back again for spicy pasta. It was like having western chilli mee.


shredded chashu, minced pork, diced onions, fried onions, pickles, onsen egg. Opted for very spicy (not spicy actually)

The meats and the noodles itself were tasty. When mixed together with the very umami, nutty, very slightly numbing sauce, it was wayyyy too salty for me even after adding in the broth and vinegar on the side. Looking at the rave reviews, many seem to enjoy it, try if you like strong flavours, I guess.

Service was really friendly and good though.

Espresso, mascarpone, pure cocoa, savoiardi biscuits, coffee liqueur.

Biscuits were well soaked with coffee liqueur and espresso - the flavours definitely came through - and loved the copious amount of cocoa soil on top which helped to balance the creamy texture of the mascarpone.

Get this as part of their 2 course Weekday set lunch at only $20 + $3 (top-up)

Fresh burrata, cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, ligurian basil.

Highlight were the generous amount of soft, creamy burrata and that chewy, yet light dough with slightly charred edges. Seldom do I get burrata pizza with so much burrata. It was well worth the price and I will order this again.

Get this as part of their 2 course Weekday set lunch at only $20 +$5 (top-up!)

Miso sauce was sooo good - I need more! 😫 Just want to slather it on my fish and rice. Rice and miso soup as usual were fantastic. The bones were not so ideal for an impatient eater like me though. The ambience is better at the Jewel outlet.

Still prefer their fried chicken with black vinegar.

Loved the buttery, moist coffee flavoured financier with coffee icing and the crunch from the walnuts in the cake. So good. Will definitely get this again.

This was my to-go flavour here because I find the rest of their flavours to be quite subtle and mild (fans of BoP may like M&M). It used to taste like salted butter + gula melaka but now it tasted like caramel ice cream instead. I asked if they had changed the recipe (they did! 🤬)

The best thing about M&M was their cone because it’s crunchy, buttery and savoury. However, I also thought it tasted less savoury (less yummy to me) than before?! Anyway, this was still better than the cone from BoP.