Situated in the bustling area of SS15 Subang Jaya and also the newest competitor to the Subang Jaya burger scene is Spade's Burger. Spade's Burger specializes in Pork burgers but also serve beef, chicken, and non-meat burgers.

For the bacon lover, try the Burger of Steel. It's made up of a pork patty, 4 types of bacon, bacon sauce, cheddar cheese and vegetables. All in between 2 charcoal buns. You can also make it a combo which will come with a side and drink. Personally, I highly recommend the pork nuggets and bacon sauce. The cheese sauce is not bad but I feel it's too heavy for something as rich as pork nuggets.

The burger itself was not very impressive. But that is perhaps I felt it was a little too heavy. The taste of everything else has been overpowered by the bacon and in the end it just feels like eating bread and bacon. The pork patty was super juicy as I tried it on another burger. However, it was totally overshadowed by the powerful flavours of the bacon and was unable to shine through. The buns were not as soft as Burgerlabs and they tasted a little dry.

I might try the Orgashroom next time. But for now it will be quite a while until my next visit.

Verdict: 6/10

If you have not tried the nasi kukus in Bukit Damansara, YOU NEED TO. Located near CIMB bank and behind a police station, Farni’s serves one of the best nasi kukus on a budget. Choose from fragrant ayam goreng berempah, flavourful fish curry or even their daging masak hitam to go with your fluffy steamed rice.

Lines are long so be there early and enjoy your next lunch! 😊

Coming from a family where my mom is from Sitiawan and also growing up there, Foo Chow food plays an important role in my upbringing. This makes me all the more critical of my all time favourite dish- red win chicken soup mee sua. It’s a food we traditionally eat at my wai po’s every Chinese New Year’s or when it’s my birthday.

When visiting S11, lookout for a stall that says 福州麵 and proceed to order its Ang Jiu Mee Sua. There are many ways to ruin this dish: too much red wine, too much water, not fragrant enough, too little ginger, not enough garlic and the list goes on. This stall is actually one of the better ones, though some might argue it requires more ginger and meat. But at RM 9, there isn’t much room for complaints.

God bless me now I can tell my mom I didn’t waste RM 9 on something I can eat at home.

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Fancy a weekend dinner here? Make sure you’re either early before everyone else, or you come after everyone has left. Grub by Ahong & Friends has attracted a lot of attention recently, and rightfully so.

The place, located among the houses of Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya is nothing fancy. A simple, open space kitchen with 2 floors and minimal interior design. Everything is self-service : from cutlery to water to payment. Don’t expect first class service here. Wooden tables, plastic IKEA chairs, grey walls, and a cashier counter that does’t look like a cashier counter, the place has stripped everything so that it can cut costs to save you money, and they’re not afraid to make it known.

Food wise, Grub (honestly, that name is far too long) serves food that is well done for its price. For RM 39, I got a nicely done rare flank steak (300 g). The Bf and brother got a rib eye each (RM 59, 300 g), nicely medium rare and the momsies got a nicely done medium rare new york strip (RM 39, 300g). All the meats were nicely seasoned and came with jambu ulam (salad) and a little what I’m guessing to be starfruit purée . The purée is there for a reason, as 300g of meat can make even steak fans feel “jelak”. The purée nicely cuts through that and gives a nice dose of acidity to the palate.

The fries however, are not the best. Some were rock hard I swear at that moment, I heard my tooth crack (ok fine, almost crack). The lemon tart (RM 11), is what it is.

All in all, if you’re looking for steak and only steak, this is the place to be. If you’re looking for the ambience of a fine dining bling bling eatery, you better take your money (a lot of it) somewhere else.

From the team behind Huckleberry Food & Fare comes Birch. Breakfast by morning, lunch by noon, and drinks by night; this place does not let down in terms of ambience. Ample lighting, hipster walls, a little green, a little brown, yellow lights, natural lights. This place has it all.

But let's go to the food shall we? The cakes here are made by their sister cafe, Huckleberry. So I guess you can't go wrong there. The Macadamia Cheesecake was good. It hit the right spots with the salted caramel and also cheesecake that doesn't taste like packet cream cheese. The cake was dense, yet you don't get sick of it because of the salted caramel and macadamia nuts. All in all, it was a well balanced piece of cake. RM 15/16

If you're looking for the ultimate chocolate indulgence, get their Blackout cake. But be fast, cause it sells out quickly. For RM 15.90 (let's just say RM 16) the cake is just chocolate, on chocolate, on chocolate. Moist chocolate cake, creamy chocolate filling and oreo crumbles. They sure know how to pamper a girl.

You get 10% off your total bill from now until 31st August 2017 by the way.


Ah yes, LeVel 33. If you think paying SGD 20+ to go up to the sky deck at Marina Bay Sands is not worth it and would rather eat.... don't come here.

Here's a few things to note if you want to dine with the amazing skyline:
1. You need to spend at least SGD 60 to dine at the patio (no air-conditioning so sit at your own risk)
2. I sat at the patio and ants came to join me for my meal.
3. You don't get to see the sun setting cause it's in the wrong direction but the night lights are really amazing all the same (on Saturdays. Cause Marina Bay Sands has fancy light show)

Now that we have that out of the way, on to the food.

I ordered a starter, a main and 2 drinks. The starter, Snails and Pigs was breaded, deep fried braised pork belly with some escargots and a lone strip of bacon. And it tasted awesome. The pork was tender, escargots tasted great and the sace went well with everything. Heck even the bacon tastes good!

And that's it.
Why? Because everything else tasted like something I could get cheaper for 1/10 of the price.

But that's for another post.
Till next time! ^_^


Ok so I'm finally here. THE Naj & Belle which has been on my mind since forever (I do stay nearby after all).

Tiger prawn pasta is served with peeled prawns, cooked to I wouldn't say perfection since they were slightly overcooked; and an unpeeled prawn to... let you indulge in the joys of peeling your own prawn I suppose? Doesn't taste incredible. The pasta wasn't seasoned enough (except their huge ass kick of chili) and their basil leaves lacked flavour to have an impact of any sort on the pasta (basil leaves give that nice cut in the oiliness when it comes to aglio olio) so maybe that's something to work on.

Overall? Meh, not impressive. But it does give you a place for good photos.


Stumbled upon this creamery that was just a few doors away from my Hostel (Fisher BnB) and decided to give it a try to wash away the bleagh tasted of salt bae-ed yuk gae jang from my mouth.

Turns out this place has a few branches in Malaysia and came from Thailand! Their match green tea ice cream was rich and thick with no ice crystals, translating the smoothness of a cup of matcha onto your mouth while also delivering coldness to your tastebuds. Amazing eh?

Not bad! I likey! The yuzu soda was so so though... But if you're not looking for something heavy (I sometimes like to end my dessert on a more refreshing note) to end your meal, maybe you might want to give this a pass.


Ah yes. How can lah visit Singapore don't go for the FAMOUS Sungei Road Laksa. It's 4SGD for a bowl of laksa (one size) with EXTRA siham. Which are super juicy by the way and of course here's the thing that catches most Malaysians off guard (not me la since I'm a food chameleon) - you only eat with spoons.

Yes. Only with spoons. Those who ask for chopsticks shall perish!

Flavour is really thick and creamy with the paste giving it that hot kick. Juicy siham and bouncy fishcakes. Sweating while you scoop spoonfuls of the thick rich creamy broth with juicy blood cockles and bouncy fishcakes into your mouth. Proceed to wash down with iced barley drink.

You're welcome

Got maself a yuk gae jang (육개장) which is easentially spicy beef stew (served with rice) and the flavour was light, not in a bad way but it was soooooo salty 😭😭😭 I really wanted to like you! I really did! Price wise I guess it's pretty standard. They have a lunch special price so that didn't make me feel TOO bad. But gah. Gotta wash that down with some dessert (sounds like another review coming up eh?)

Till next time!


It's actually my first time coming to a cafe in Singapore (I mean... they're everywhere so I usually go for local, hawker-y food) and I decided to pop my Singaporean cafe cherry at a cafe nearby that was loaded with people.

At approximately 7 SGD for a cup of hot chocolate, this is quite a good cup (resit urge to convert) tho I wish the foam was...a little frothier and thicker. Will come back for the expensive looking cakes and ang ku kuehs.

Till next time!


Ola humans! I am back! After the long hiatus, the food gods have once again blessed me with a review!

Guess who is in Singapore for a while? Yes, yours truly. And what better way to start the day off with some pig organ soup?

The pig organ soup here is not exactly the same as Malaysia (where it's basically pepper soup), rather, the soup here is mild, warm and could use a bit more salt and pepper (nothing a little soy sauce can't fix tho) going for a price of "I can't remember", this bowl isn't terrible expensive (I remember giving a 50 dollar note and getting like 30 something in return for 2 bowls of rice and 2 bowls of the soup) and has liver, intestines, tofu, and pork meat.

So if you're in the area and need comfort food, give this a try! If livers, organs and stuff are your thing that is.