Decent and worth it

22 nett for usual price, very worth it for Burpple 1 for 1 (no gst or service charge so its one of the rare true 1 for 1s). Given tuna, salmon, scallop (not common at this price point), ikura, tobiko

Nothing truly stood out, but all the pieces were not bad. Overall very decent


Huluruk Myeon House is a restaurant along the newly renovated food street in Velocity Novena.

Satisfied my jajangmyeon cravings. The pork is also quite good, the cut of pork is probably the pork shoulder butt or similar, with enough red meat and myoglobin to give a chewy and deeper flavour. Meat is tender and not dry.

However, the other parts were lacking. The noodles were not dense enough, having almost the quality of 粗米粉 instead of a gluten filled texture. The noodles could be drained better, as this resulted in the sauce not coating the noodles well.


The basic prawn mee goes for around 6 bucks which is pretty decent for a meal in town.

The soup was very nice and balanced with enough prawny umami. The chilli when mixed into the soup adds more savory notes to the soup, and is interesting. However it could do wirh a slight bit more porky sweetness in it.

Order the 虾枣here! Truly a highlight

Bought it with Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 (usual price around 18 bucks), so very worth the price.

This dish was simple yet elegant. The pork itself was tender and not overcooked. The biscuit coating was nicely crispy and did not turn soggy easily. The coleslaw was also nice and refreshing. With 2 elements on the plate it was not confusing and it's minimalism allowed the pork to be the star. Portion size was also good. Would have been great if they used a darker pork cut, like the shoulder butt, as the pork chop was a bit rough and lean but that's a personal preference thing

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Used the Burpple 1 for 1 (usual price: $26)

A credible steak. It was nice and tender, medium rare as requested. Meat quality was quite good for the price. The steak was flavourful, the red wine sauce went well with the steak. However, the steak could be seared at a higher heat as there was barely any sear on the steak.

The salad was okay nothing to complain or rave about.

Ambience wise the place is pretty nice. You are able to look into the kitchen (always a plus for me), and there were some books and games to give a chill vibe


Very famous char kway teow at Hong Lim food centre. The queue for this char kway teow is usually so long it snakes around the stall. Very well reviewed as well.

On the dish itself, it was overall a very credible and delicious plate of char kway teow. Taste wise it had a slight tang to it similar to the tamarind taste in penang char kway teow. Very nice and moist and smelled fragrant too. Could have done with a bit more wok hey but they were going for a wetter version which was fine too. Would recommend!

Quite pricey for a chicken rice...

For the dish itself, the chicken was tender, and it was chilled for the chicken juices to form a nice jelly. However, the chicken itself tasted frozen and tasteless. The sauce was good, with a good mix of soy sauce and I could taste the chicken essence. The rice was fluffy and light even though I thought it was not seasoned enough.

Overall, not a bad chicken rice but probably not living up to the full hype

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$6 for their basic size

The broth was done very well. Very good balance of umami from the prawn shells, sweetness from the pork and was seasoned nicely. Shallot oil and lard were also made in-house and shallots had the aroma of freshly fried shallots (vs the ready made shallots). Prawns were decent for the price as well. The pig tail was tender with a nice collagen feel to the pig skin. Overall a very good dish which hits all the right notes. One of the best if not the best soup prawn mee around.

Ps. You can ask for an extra serving of soup so use ur privileges!

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Uses hungry go where (50% off at selected timings). Usual price is $26

The cheese at the top was nice, pasta was cooked with the right doneness and overall a pleasant dish.

Flaws would be there is not enough cheese, and it tasted more like a cream pasta with cheese on top vs a cheese sauce. They could be more creative with the cheese usage to add a cheese with a sharper taste like aged cheddar

Overall a nice dish but nothing spectacular


A relative new stall here, one can either take the set meal or pick ingredients (counted by weight, usual mala Market price of 1-3 bucks per 100g)

As a mala this is generally milder (which is good for me), all the flavours present, working together, moist and flavoured with the mala oil but not too oily. Ingredients were also cooked well; mushrooms were juicy, etc

Things to be improved would be the beancurd skin could be cooked a little longer


Yakiniku Like at Paya Lebar is the first store in Singapore for the famous Japanese Yakiniku chain. Their creative no fuss grilling dining concept and affordable prices have earned them long queues and rave reviews.

The beef Short Plate was so damn good. Nice and fatty, and screamed good quality (for the super affordable price). There is a difference between grills using racks and those like a hotplate. With their rack grill the meat tasted smoky and caramelised as the flames kissed the meat. The pork Jowl, as usual had very nice intramuscular fat that benefited from the grilling. The belly was quite nice, decent quality. Many sauces to try, which was pretty fun.

Overall good quality yakiniku, and given the price (paid about 10 bucks/pax for 150g of meat total, if you pick the right meats) just makes it super worth it. Can't stop thinking of the grilled meats and can't wait to be back

Let's go for the good points first: the broth is very flavorful and among so many prawn mees I've eaten (too many to count) it has the best balance of seasoning, umami from the prawn shells, and sweetness from the pork. Excellent base which is a big plus (and one of the most impt thing in prawn mee)

However, there were other problems: the broth was too peppery, prawns were not the best in quality and pork was cooked too long - instead of a succulent meat you get tender but slightly dry flesh.

Overall would eat if im in the area despite its shortcomings because the broth balance is good