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(New outlet at The Red House @ Katong)

I’m aware the focus makes it seem like the nut butter toast was much more memorable than the grilled cheese, when in fact, they were both very palatable! As usual, the sourdough was amazing - warm, fluffy and still substantial on the inside with a crisp crust that isn’t too hard like others may produce - i haven’t been disappointed by the bread here before!

The nut butter is a combination of hazelnut (which tastes like an upgraded nutella with a pleasant coarser mouthfeel), honey and what appears to be peanut/hazelnut ? It went well with the toast, and i imagine it would make a nice light breakfast if paired with coffee. Apparent sea salt seemed to be slightly lacking though. I was glad that the grilled cheese came with refreshing sauerkraut and a side of tomato puree sauce - you won’t enjoy the latter if you don’t like coriander though.

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Super worth it with burpple beyond! Each item was hefty and decently done. I really liked the sausage - substantial and fragrant. The sourdough was slightly on the tough side, even for sourdough.

A croissant muffin is genius cos it allows for a filling. Thought this wasn’t their best flavour (I also tried the lemon curd, which I felt was better) but the pastry was beautiful, strong butter notes but not oozing with oil. The salted caramel had more of a ?butterscotch flavour and had too much saltiness in proportion to sweetness. But i guess the sugar coating on the outside made up for that. If you like your flavours many and bold, you’d probably like this!

This grew on me more as i ate it! The tomato sauce tastes light but not watery since it’s full of what i assume is minced garlic. No overwhelming garlic taste though, surprisingly. They were generous with both the pasta and the sausage; pasta texture was perfect.

Probably one of the best aglio olios i’ve eaten (although i haven’t eaten many). When it came to the table I wanted to cry because the garlic smelt so good. The spaghetti was, as they say, al dente, and they were extremely generous with the bacon and mushroom. Would definitely come back for this with burpple beyond.

Dude this black carrot cake is amazing! It’s dark and sweet and savoury - came with chai por and the right amount of char.

This was better than the other dish, if only because it’s harder to get wrong. Other than the slightly lacklustre breading, everything went well together. The mushroom sauce was like a rich mushroom soup and went well with the fried chicken breast and creamy mash.

I quite loved the ambience at Breko Cafe! Easy-to-chat place, sturdy benches, natural lighting that doesn’t blind you, relatively soft music choices. Food-wise, I enjoyed the salmon - crispy skin and not overcooked like many places do it. I do feel that the portion could have been bigger though. The tomyum cream sauce was pleasantly mild. The potato salad was alright but the truffle lotus... would have been great if slightly more crunchy and if they hadn’t been so liberal with whatever spice it was laced with (most likely aniseed). I would give the other sides a try if you’re not a fan of aniseed.

This was okay and only if you LOVE sweet stuff. Like LOVE. It was a big dessert, filled with salted caramel (that wasn’t quite fragrant enough), coated with sugar and fried. Epitome of unhealthy. It was slightly disappointing because it tasted just like a layered donut, no croissant. My favourite part was the chocolate balls on top.

We were way too full to eat the regular-sized juju bowl so we gave the baby a try! Not sure if it’s because we generally have small dessert stomachs but for $4.50 I thought this was decently portioned. Just like a scoop of ice cream. If you like acai, and you like refreshing things, this will probably be great :-) came with a scoop of granola at the bottom too.

Before this i was a strictly fudgey-brownie-over-all-else person, like what even is a soft brownie?? I think you mean chocolate cake. But this!!!!!! Changes things! It had perfect texture - soft and slightly dense throughout with a moist middle. I can say (shout really) that i’ll be back really soon!

In all its grisly goodness. They have good cream cheese, although i felt it lacked a little scallion. Super generous with the smoked salmon! It really is huge though so unless you’re really hungry, probably not the best idea.