A cozy humble spot that offers soft serve in a variety of interesting and even local flavours such as Chendol. The portions are incredible for the price! Toppings are very generous as well. The soft serve melts really quickly (no surprise there) but it is very very shiok to eat especially with SG's weather, and it is also very nice to hold the cup and eat it as you explore the many happenings around the area. I would definitely be back again to try their other flavours, except maybe sharing it with another

Loved the presentation (it's so pretty!), definitely less messy to eat as compared to a normal cheesecake. Also loved that it is not "too sweet"

Mushrooms are from Kin Yan farm apparently and they are very delicious. I liked how the eggs were "planted" nicely into the sourdough bread (and it's sourdough!! which i absolutely love) such that it doesn't wobble off and seeps into the bread nicely when cut. Overall i love how the flavours come together especially with the herbs. I would have liked it if the mushrooms were a bit fatter instead of being sliced so thin, so that the texture becomes more satisfying.

For $18 this is definitely a steal bcos there's so much beef inside?! The herb taste is strong and the beef stew is extremely tasty. Was a good choice to go with the ciabatta that was crispy and not too "dense".

Very very underrated store in Toa Payoh! This bowl was only ~$6.50 yet packed to the brim. Rice noodles are very comforting and there were many bits of grilled pork. They give you a sufficient amount of sweet chilli sauce (that isn't spicy at all) to pour over your noodles. The combination is simply amazing. Not too heavy also, hence leaving you with the right amount of satiety.

Pictured below are two bowls, yam paste (orh-nee) and sesame paste. Very affordable yet good. Even better cos they allow top-up of tangyuan at $1.40 for 3. I like how the desserts are not overly sweet (no syrup spam) and hence you can really taste the flavour of the sesame of example. Will definitely be back again.

Very affordable under $10 bowl of ramen. Taste wise it is average, not the most generous meat serving and also not the best noodle texture. (The black soup base wasn't that black also). However it is very worth it for the price offered. The soup is pretty good. As you can see in the picture it is decent enough for under $10 and I will come back again

Basically your eggs benedict (except there's an option to change to gluten-free bread, which I did). In general this cafe serves a wide variety of brunch dishes inspired by specialities from different regions. The price ain't that cheap but the portion and the flavour is so rich. Even the fish roe and the hollandaise sauce in this one was super filling. Their desserts and drinks are very rich and sweet as well so you might wanna be cautious. Ambience wise, the place is spacious enough with a high ceiling, just that somehow it gets noisy (maybe the acoustics are echo-ey).

Very wholesome bowl of fried rice with healthy and yummy ingredients at the side. Not to mention the fried rice was sooooo good. Portion was generous at a very reasonable price as well (under $10). Also, PLEASE do take some time to observe the machine fryer do the work.

Very comforting and very affordable claypot dishes in a cozy part of Serangoon! Of everything the ngoh hiang is to die for, especially when eaten fresh. Skin super crispy with a generous amount of filling that is very savoury as well

Classic bunch dish, poached eggs with avocado spread served atop sourdough bread. Loved the pomegranate which added that tangy sour taste to the creamy textures. And the portobello mushroom was really nice as well, provided the more "meaty" textures. Overall the presentation was good, taste wise not bad, portion might be a little small for the price, ambience is great for photos as well

As the name suggests, this place specialises in lamb. Slightly pricey but quality is not bad, decent variety, and the environment was nice.