Sadly, the Nutella muffin turns out to be a plain sponge cake with a side of nutella. It is indeed huge. And filled with sugar. So you’ll definitely be full

Get a whole set to share with your friends! Good enough for 4 people! The massisoyo set ($50++) comes with a double stew with choice of meat, rice ball, side and beverage!

Friendly service. Good for big groups.

I especially like the hands on for making rice ball - the tuna was good but I want to try crab meat and roe next time! Ohhhhh and the squid and leek pancake is very good. Still crispy when cold. The sauce was a must to dip, and very good with the pancake. I also really liked the grapefruit yoghurt drink - great to balance the spicy dishes. The pickled lettuce and radish ban chan were good too.

I was not particularly a fan of the chicken stew - definitely had potential but probably because I’m not a fan of chicken. Spicy level 2 was even too spicy for Indonesians! Beef is supposedly really good. The thick glass noodles, ricecake and mushrooms were good in the stew.

Will be back with groups of friends!

313 somerset B3-02, next to subway

Hidden in the corner of Tanjong Pagar Plaza, a great place with lots of choices. You can have a super small bowl to a large bowl of soup, matched with a bread basket, popiah (great local vibe) and several other options (that slipped my mind).

I tried the creamy mushroom soup combo (only at $8.90) - not too heavy, fragrant. I got a bread bowl with it - very creative with green tea bread and charcoal bread but perhaps practically might have been better to eat sine with butter. The combo also gave a free genmaicha tea but wasn’t wanted for me since I already had soup.

The shop overall seemed mindful of recycling and waste but the tea cup was a typical wax cup with plastic cover..

Good place to stop by for a quick and light meal! Excited to try popiah next time.

Location: 7 Wallich St, #B2-31, Singapore 078884, Singapore (mall by MRT)

The queue is long and sadly the food was not worth a wait.. the garlic pizza was SWEET?! And came with whipped cream on the side.... maybe some people will like it. But not me and my friends! We got the pizza as part of a set with two pastas and a drink. Not sure I’ll visit again!

I had beef curry ($5 half portion) and beef sutikei. It was beeflicious ($13 half portion)! free rice was great too with a yummy onsen egg ($1). I loved that you can do quarter half or full portion so I could try a bunch of stuff! ✌🏼also tagging this donburi gives me 300g of jap rice - sushi party time?

#donburirevolution2018 @wattentionsg #drklingeats #beeflicious #beefcurryrice #beefsutikei #kokonoekitchenstage #sushitei

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Which is the bigger bun? That’s THE awkward question to ask when you’re sharing with someone else. The funny thing is, @lipperrrs and I both thought the other piece was bigger. So it worked out for us! Which one did I get? Of course the one with the giant slab of butter!!

As a true born HK gal, I give Honolulu a thumbs up for the polo butter bun! Hidden on 1st floor. Definitely a good place to get authentic polo buns. The sugar crust is yayyyyyy. Chewy and didn’t just disintegrate into nothing. The bun itself... a bit too sticky for my teeth. But I still give 4.5⭐️ will come back again!

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Woodlands sourdough bakery pastries - so many to choose from! I love the baked goods from Woodlands sourdough bakery, but the ones I chose were a little too dense for me. I think I’ll stick with the giant loaves and cookies next time!

The jalapeño cheese bread ($3) and the other pastry the name escapes me with pumpkin seeds, cheese and carameljzed onions ($5) were all too dense. The flavor was great but texture not really my thing. I was full eating less than half of each. My buddy @lipperrrs got the bun with cheese, fries egg that was very tasty ($8) and can be reheated! The cinnamon bun was heavy but abit too sweet to eat on its own.

You get a few seats outside the shop but no shelter from the rain! Luckily it only poured when we almost done! #latergram #drklingeats #woodlandssourdoughbakery #clunycourt #sourdough


First time at Chili’s even though it was everywhere in the US. Here in SG Chili’s is quite hip and very busy, there’s even a line when we were leaving at 7:30pm.

Enjoyable place with tasty drinks and good snacks. I had more than enough alcohol from sharing a jug of sunrise magaritas ($42.90). Nachos with guacamole were thoughtfully covered with cheese - very neat and unlike the typical Mexican pile of cheese and sauces. The guacamole needs more work and salt, but tased ok with sour cream and tomatoes. Cheese curds was not melted enough for me. Also batter was quite salty.

Service can definitely be improved. Will be back with the right crowd.

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Had high expectation for a delicious affogato since I was heading to THE affogato bar. But seriously, my least favorite affogato I’ve ever had.

La opera is not my thing. The espresso was so bitter, the overly sweet chocolate ganache, almond sponge is all too much. The best part? Dark espresso ice cream but more like just normal coffee ice cream. And you can get away with $4.50 for one scoop. My buddy Lippy and I paid $15.90 for a bunch of Bla. ya.... should have just gotten a Milo Dino McFlurry. 😓 yup, nice ambience, nice service but the affogato not so nice.

#latergram #affogato #drklingeats


Gangnam Corndog from Clark Quay Central. Surprisingly delicious! 4.5⭐️ Love that the owners are Korean and manning the shop - ahjumma and her son!

I tried the squid ink flavor at $4.90. Not much squid flavor but great crispy batter, chewy thick mochi layer, and love the cheese melted and sausage in the middle! The only thing I would ask is can the sausage be filling up the entire batter? And cheese coating the sausage please? The spicy ketchup made my lips and mouth numb. No joke.

If this Gangnam Corndog is really from Gangnam, I can’t wait to try it soon!! #gangnamcorndog #meltedcheese #drklingeats #willeatagain #streetfood #clarkquaycentral

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Sesame and seaweed shaker fries - to be honest, I was intrigued yet doubtful at the same time.. but hurray I have a new fave snack to go to for the next few weeks or months it’s available.

The pleasure of shaking fries in the bag to coat it evenly with the powder is so stress-relieving!! And surprisingly, the sesame oil goes really well with the seaweed flavor, adding another dimension of complexity to the umami of seaweed. Crispy fries with delicious flavor!! Yay! Who cares how much MSG is there? At least for however long shaker fries are available... and always, in moderation!

#shakerfries #junkfood #sesameseaweedfries #drklingeats

I still crave the cheesy ribs after few months I left Seoul.. all the same pork pork pork ribs, the only difference is if you want normal, many or many many cheese. Obviously, I had many many cheese. 11 people shared 3 sets of the back ribs. So you can share about 3-4 people for each set.

Also remember to order the fried rice with fish roe, which will come at the end after you finish your ribs, to be fried and absorb the leftover sauce and cheese. Sooooooooo good. 5/5 ⭐️ is there anything similar in SG? I hope pat bing soo is close. Will appreciate any heads up!

It was quite hard to find in myeongdong. Just keep a lookout. It’s located on the second floor so you’re looking for the sign at a staircase. Google maps worked!

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