Back to tampines kopitiam for ban mian. I decided to order usual Meatball Noodle ($6.50) lol but this round of time I change to soft boiled egg.

I decided to order Signature Don ($14.90) but I felt that it was quite disappointed for Don. As they got a lot of batter inside each fried items, it was slightly oily for me but crunchy batter. Signature Don come with two prawns, fish, mushroom, baby corn, carrots, pumpkin and seaweed. I don't really like fried carrots as its meh for me as I enjoy pumpkin most of time.

I decided to try hotstone bibmbap ($6.90)
Bad thing that the sauce inside the bibmbab they already added to mix through and don't felt too much spicy. The bibmabab got a lot of vegtables such as sprout, cucumber, carrot, lettuce and chicken.

Matcha Chantilly Burnt Cheesecake (Less Sweet) ($ 8.40) I decided to try it out bc its matcha lol but then the taste is not that sweet as indicated and I'm really happy for starbucks customised sugar level in cake. The cake really dry, got a bit of crack and slightly separated but then should not keeping for next day 🥲

Iced Zen Clouds Oolong with Ruby Grapefruit and Honey ($7.20) (Grande) its taste weird for first sip tbh but then I barely taste oolong throughout the drink. I at least taste strong grapefruit sauce over the drink.

I got Chicken Daily Bowl ($8.30) that I choose different vegtables (lettuce and purple cabbage), different toppings (butter corn, soba, potato salad, tofu sesame, edamame) and different sauce (honey mustard and yuzu sesame)

I decided to try it out for Monaka Gateau Fraisa (Strawberry Shortcake) ($2.70) since I didn't get it on previously. It was quite sweet especially for strawberry sauce inside the waffles. But I really like the monaka series from chateraise and hope that see more different flavour from there.

It's minimun order under 280G but I literally exceed beyond 🥲 ($17.68) so need to self control when choosing the ingredient 😅 so the soup was not that bad, slightly pepper aftertaste and good choice for people didn't eat non-spicy.

Vegan Green Tea Oat (M Size) ($5.80) got strong smell tea flavour when i sipped for first time but good thing that i ordered oat milk and its suitable for people who having lactose intolerant issue. But it's not that diluted taste as they add right proportion of ice into the drink

I got a long time never eat knife shaven noodle so decided to try it out with chicken flavour ($7.50). The cashier heard it wrongly that she give me beef flavour 😅 but I quickly that I told her it's chicken flavour and need to wait for another 15 mins to get another. The texture for noodle was quite thick and smooth but it's quite chewy and not that hard.

I didn't really recommended to order this dessert ($8.90) bc its quite sweet for me tbh for all the ingredients from ice cream, red bean and marshmallow. But the ice cream really got layers for ice as the red bean really hard to chew thru and quite sweet with own syrup.

I decided to try it out for vegetarian bibmbab ($10.90) w sauce. Good thing that I put half sauce inside the bibmbab to mix through and don't felt too much spicy. The bibmabab got a lot of vegtables such as marinated sprout, cucumber, carrot, eggplant, fungi and chinese mushroom and korea tofu fishcake. I ordered via lunch deals got free barley drink and it's worth it for less than 15 bucks below if u didn't order dessert like me.