One of my fav aglio olios to eat around SG cos it’s super spicy, flavourful and tasty in general n there are bits of cherry tomatoes too to add a touch of juiciness. I know poultry is famous for its roast chicken (which is good too) but I love the aglio olio :’)

Super milky haha more milky than other matcha lattes I’ve tried, but still good! Hvala is nearby tho like 2 shops away at chijmes n hvala is more well-known for their matcha (their matcha latte has a stronger matcha flavour) but both r nice in their own ways! Depends on ur mood!

Woah this was 💯💯 abit ex but the pancake was super flavourful n chock full of kimchi, perfectly salty as well. The cheese on top was stringy n when u pick up the pancake there’s a cheese pull also 😍 when u eat it tgt wahhhhh max sinful but also so good... the other kbbq stuff at the obba jjajjang kbbq outlet was also quite solidos hoho would recommend!

The place had middle eastern vibes n reminds me of TWG but the coffee version hahaha! Coffee was fragrant n ambience was chill n nice, they even provide some sort of (whipped?) cream in a bowl n sugar which u can add to ur coffee if you don’t like it black. Breads were alright haha

I love the eggs Benny frm spago hehe so tasty and the Hollandaise sauce is rly yummy. It’s a breakfast buffet so u can actually order smoked salmon too n add it on top of ur eggs Benny if ur feeling extra 😂 Orange juice was refreshing, and the granola w museli was nice n filling :-)

U.P. $16 but we got this for $8 bc of some opening promotion hehe and the uni was so sweet, fresh n good. Super worth it for $8 honestly cos they were quite generous n uni is usually q ex too, but I think the promo is over :-(

Pancakes were rly soft n fluffy, n the matcha flavour went well w it. The brown sugar sauce was smokey n intense w the pancakes too, and the mochi balls were chewy and bouncy as well. I liked that the whipped cream lent a light n nice touch to the dish too :-)

Love all the dimsum here everything is amazing including esp the siew mai and Meng ha kok (in pic), duck, ee mee and all the other Chinese food haha. Tbh I feel like all the food here is damn solid , I Rly can’t think of a bad dish eh :’)

Bc of Covid, the buffet is now ala-carte n the staff will serve it to your table instead of u walking around n taking things urself. Staff were rly friendly and nice :-) The buffet spread was also super amazing there was sashimi, beef, chicken, fish, chirashi bowl, raw seafood, kimchi truffle pancake, soft shell crab, Dou miao, salad, desserts etc. I think it was abt $100 per person but honestly q worth it tbh cos if u order the food by itself defo >$100 alr since there were some expensive foods on the buffet menu

The RVC frm Cedele has always been moist and amazing, and it still tastes as good everytime I buy it. The cream cheese is not too sweet n adds a salty touch to the moist RVC which I love

This was sooooo good 💯 the mentaiko sauce was flavourful and salty and perfect it went v well w the fragrant truffle rice mixed w Furikake. The abit i salmon was soft n well-torched on the top, yet still abit raw at the bottom which I loved. Honestly the truffle rice could well be eaten on its own, it alr tastes rather good by itself. Loved the wakame and the jellyfish, they added a refreshing touch to the dish. Would defo order again foshure 🤩

We ordered Mongolian chicken rice (fried rice change to white rice cos I feel like eating white rice bc it goes btr w the sauce hehe), salted egg chicken rice, marmite chicken rice. I preferred the Mongolian chicken rice bc the sauce was so good n tasty haha n the chicken was quite substantial too!!! But my friends preferred their respective chicken rice meals (all 3 of us would order our respective orders again).