I love the fried mozzarella hoho it’s fun to eat n yummy too but eat it quick before it gets cold n becomes less stretchy. The pasta here is also rly affordable, n is hand-made as well so it’s quite a steal bc it’s not easy to find handmade pasta in Singapore at such an affordable price (No GST or abc charge either)

It was alright, pretty steep price I Guess bc of truffle oil haha but the char siew (ok I think there may be a few outlets but I went to the one at Lorong Lew Liam) was kinda tough n tbh I’ve had better :’)

Been eating here for over 162883 yrs since I was a lil pri sch kid (cos I used to school & stay nearby) so this has lotsa nostalgic n fond memories :’) I love the fried fish altho the batter is slightly floury, and the cuttlefish goes well w the mifen Mian too (I always get a mix of noodles cos diff textures). Add an egg if ur feeling it hoho :’)

Pretty worth it tbh ok this tastes like a mc spicy (without the spice) w creamy nacho cheese. Stuffed w fresh crisp lettuce n then wrapped in a warm spring onion pancake it’s comfort food lah a good lil snack if ur walking ard Raffles Cuty n hungry (but not hungry enough for a full meal)

Pretty rich, and both walnut paste n almond paste have distinct flavours. Traditional cantonese desserts and sweet soups. Great dessert on a cold rainy day but u probs need some water on standby cos it’s rich haha

Avo on sourdough toast hmm I liked the cherry tomatoes they were huge n juicy but wished they had been more generous w the avo... Have had better avo toasts I guess :’)

I have decision making problems so I usually spent forever at Donki tryna decide what on earth to get bc everything looks so good. So lemme help u out - get the Kani (forgot the full name) but the sauce n crabstick is v tasty n goes v well w rice n it’s huge so u will b v full trust me on this

Generous w smoked salmon which I loved <3 Pizza was pretty well done I would say, altho it’s the crispy thin crust kind. I liked the wild rocket leaves but imo the green apples were kinda unnecessary on the pizza 😂 Also got the beef schnitzel (Oktoberfest special) n Roasted Chicken crepe (not bad)

I love the atmosphere of Fusion Spoon it’s nestled in the midst of lush botanic Gdns n has an enchanting vibe kinda :’) Lotsa food options avail frm western, local, bfast, healthy etc n I always get eggs benny haha cos it comes w orange juice which is a loveleh bfast hoho

Would recommend sharing w friends bc the portions here r rly monstrous yo not kidding. The plate is maybe 2x bigger than my face? But my friends eat ALOT so we got one combo (for 2-3pax) & one ebi fry (1-2pax) to share among 3 of us. Food is p good I would say like comfort food can never go wrong ey. We got lvl 5 spicy but it was p okay not too bad just enough heat :-)

Would def recommend getting Nutty Party in large bc it was so much more satisfying n refreshing. Loved the combo of Açai, fruits n the nut butters which were Super creamy n rich but so good (we got almond butter n cookie butter). No seating places there tho but yea would def buy again!!

The buffet spread at Ellenborough is quite huge, lotsa things to try :-) Think they change it every once in awhile but all the food there is p solid (including durian penget which seems like a popular choice)