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Shop Name: A.R.C. Coffee
Location: 29 Sultan Gate Singapore 198477
Food Ordered: 1+1 (Not in picture), Cold Brew, Cake (cant remember the name but probably tiramisu)
Price: 7 for 1+1, the others cant remember
Verdict: Probably the only cafe with tempting cakes that opens after 8pm. I am blessed to be able to enjoy my moist cake and rich coffee (1+1). I still prefer the coffee by One Man Coffee at Upper Thomson as this was more on the acidic side.
Return?: when I have no place to go at night in that area and need a place to chill


Shop Name: Food Anatomy
Location: Tanjong Pagar Centre B2-04
Food Ordered: Beef Rendang Rice, Nasi Lemak, Yuzu Salmon Rice(Not in picture), Teriyaki Chicken
Price: $6.80 for 2 cubes
Verdict: Interesting savoury that taste exactly like the actual food but all packed down to cake sized like. Dun worry about the portion, 2 of it is sufficient for a lady and probably 3 is sufficient for a male. The cube seems to be freezed and microwave to hot upon orders. And thats probably why some of the meat has a strong smell.
Return?: when i lose my appetite and needs some happy food.

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Shop Name: Kushiya
Location: Westgate B2-K4
Food Ordered: Kimchi Sliced Pork Don
Price: $6.80
Verdict: Pork slices slightly overcooked, a bit hard to chew. Would have been better if it was served piping hot.
Return?: I will give this one more chance.

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Shop Name: Kushiya
Location: Westgate B2-K4
Food Ordered: Premium Steak Don
Price: $10.80
Verdict: The beef was nicely grilled given the size of the shop and although it was not the freshest. The rice was well done too making it tasty with all the sides and mains.
Return?: Yes cos cheap and good

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Shop Name:Barnyard Servery
Location: Shaw Towers Level 1
Food Ordered: Fish&Chips
Price: $9.90? (Cant remember correctly but had it during weekday lunch special)
Verdict: Comparable with Fish&Co and Mahatten's: Fish was fresh and the batter was fried to crisp. Portion was relatively big as well.
Return?: Probably when I run out of places to go in that area.

Non Entree Dessert Cafe: 204 Rangoon Road, Hong Building Singapore 218451

Top - Bak Chor Mee $14.90 (not incl of gst)
Bottom most left - Horlick Avalanche $13.90 (not incl of gst)
Bottom centre - Tutu Kueh Cake $9.90 (not incl of gst)
Not in photo:
White Latte - $5.50
Lime Ginger Fizz - $6

New range of product this time and the theme is Back-To-The-Future!
The bak chor mee really looks like bak chor mee - mee made with mango pudding, chilli made with raspberry sauce, dried mushroom made with sea coconut, bakchor made with granola?, and a huge fishball made with ice cream! Sounds weird but taste just good!
The enlarge tutu kueh is made with coconut mousse and sponge cake and the best part the gula melaka in the middle of the cake!
The avalanche, other than the instagram worthy moment, the taste of warm cake with ice cream and crunchy almond noughatine - swee lah!
Sweets here are definitely not cheap but worth to save up your entire month of cafehopping just to visit here!

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Hambaobao: Beauty World Centre Hawker Centre #04-49
Most Right Cripsy Pork Belly - $5
Middle The Classic Beef - $5

Additional stuff from other shops
Bualonglong juice- $2.50
Orange Carrot Juice - $2.50
Chocolate cake - $2

The hand sized burger sits nicely in your palms but dun be deceived by the size - it's actually quite filling! The crispy pork belly lives up to its name - super crispy yet juicy tender siobak with mustard and hoisin (sth like bbq sauce). The bun reminds me of mantou texture crispy on the outside yet soft in the inside and has a relatively sweet taste. A good for value hand made burger :)


Green Dot at Westgate #01-08
Left: Mushroom pot rice set - $9.90
Top right: Rendang - (cant rmb price)
Bottom right: Laksa - $7.90
Not in picture: Wintermelon Tea (cant rmb price)

If you feel like having bak kut teh soup without meat, try the meals at GreenDot with herbal soup. The mushroom pot comes with lots of veggie. Laksa is not too gelat either. Reasonable price for a decent vegan meal.

85 Redhill Ln, Singapore 150085 (forget to take pic of the stall, it usually has long queues and has makansutra sign on its signboard)

Beehoon - 60cent per plate
Fried chicken wing - $1.20 per pc

The famous 60cent fried bee hoon in Redhill Food Centre! Beehoon is the soft type. Recommend to go with chilli to add more flavour. Chicken wing though not the big fat kind, but lovin the crisp!

Block 95 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh

2 person share Roast Duck meat + charsiew = $14

One of my all time favourite roasted meat shop in Singapore- Boon Kee Roasted Meat. Opens at 11am.
Charsiew is coated with special charsiew sauce and meat is chewy yet tender. Roast duck though not the most crispy I had, more importantly the meat is lean and juicy. Inshort, just come!

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Top - Butter pork ribs (medium size=8 pcs)
Bottom left - 3egg spinach
Bottom right - Drunken cockles
Not in picture - Tofu with golden mushroom, 2 bowls of rice. Total cost $38

Third visit this time. Must order their butter pork ribs and 3egg spinach. The pork ribs are generousy covered with milk powder. Spinach was cooked till the right texture - soft and chewy. Druken cockles was a new dish attempt for us - precooked cockles refrigerated then added with garlic, chilli padi and other condiments (ps it does not have strong alcohol taste although it is name as drunken). Another new dish attempt is tofu with golden mushroom- a puny salty though..

Set F Bostock with Coffee: $3.50
Top right- Chocolate long cupcake: $1.60
Bottom right- Rum ball: $2.60

For the old school lovers and for thpse who loves to dip their cakes into their coffee or milo. A pity for the coffee wasnt very strong and rich enuff to compliment the cakes.
Chocolate long cupcake (dry sponge cake) is definitely meant for dip in the coffee-relatively dry to have it on its own.
Rum ball really has tint of alcohol in it (and my guess some peaut butter and coconut)
Bostock is a lover - crispy butter toast with butter flakes.