I love denzys chocolate sorbet. Its so thick and rich with cocoa that it doesn't taste like a sorbet! We also ordered the pistachio which is so fragrant and honestly I think one of the best pistachios I've tried in Singapore!

The waffle has a strange aftertaste - almost a little bitter? It seemed less pronounced this time compared to our last visit. But otherwise the texture is great, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

The chicken patty was cooked to a perfect crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. It reminds me a lot of McDonald's Mcspicy except that this has a thicker and more substantial patty. The burger is spicy but not quite as much as Mcspicy, which is great for those who do not tolerate spice well!

I loved every component of this burger. The buns were fluffy and buttery, a surprise really, because many burger places neglect the buns.

The beef patty was the right texture, not at all tough. I daresay the quality of the beef patty rivals that of many other burger places which charge at least twice the price. I love how Hammees went light on the sauce, allowing the beef patty to shine.

The fries are nothing to shout about, it's just there to help fill you up and complete the meal. You can add bacon for $2 which we did and I think it was a great choice because the added flavour profile.

I had a very good impression of The Communal Place since my previous visit last year and I was excited to be back.

It seemed like Miso Salmon had many raving reviews on Burpple so I ordered it. I don't think there's any thing about this dish that I liked. The salmon was too tough and dry for my liking (I've had worse). It wasn't a huge slab of salmon but I had difficulty finishing it because it was dry. The miso sauce didn't do much to help salvage the situation.

The side veggies were nothing to shout about but that's okay. The mashed potatoes were just acceptable. Not as buttery or as creamy as I remembered it to be.

It could be an off day for them, as I've heard nothing but good things about this place. Given my experience here today, I don't think I'll be back any time soon:/

Devil's Chocolate: The chocolate bits were rich and light in texture. I liked how the cheesecake had a nice chocolatey flavour but not too much that it overpowered the cheese flavour.

Red velvet: It was more cake than cheesecake and the slice that I got had a strong charred taste which I did not fancy.

Apple crumble: It had apple chunks in it, it reminded me of the McDonald's apple pie.

My favourite was the Tangy yuzu, slightly citrus-y with a hint of yuzu flavour. The slight tangy notes helped reduce the jelatness of all that cheese!

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I was quite excited when I saw this, the beef looked like it was cooked to perfection. To my dismay, the meat was a little tough. But it had a great smoky flavour so all was not lost! The mash was pretty decent as well. I thought it was interesting that they served on the side, 3 different salts but I think the steak was seasoned quite well and didn't need the salt :)

The waffles were decent. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. I would've liked the matcha to be stronger as I usually like my matcha bitter and fragrant.

The plating was quite nice too.

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The pancakes were soft and fluffy, but not quite as airy and light as soufflé pancakes I'm familiar with. It came with whipped cream and some fresh fruits which helped make it seem less indulgent:). I liked that they didn't douse this with sauces and let the pancakes stand out.

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We ordered the hazelnut and valrhona chocolate.

The hazelnut was very fragrant, one of the better ones I've had in Singapore! Just a pity I think the fridge wasn't cold enough, my ice cream was pretty melty. On top of that, the texture was not rich and smooth enough for my liking. Its also a bit too sweet for my liking.

The chocolate was pretty good. Its thick, rich and dense and texture was on point.

We used Beyond and paid $4.90 in total, having to add 70 cents for each scoop as both are premium flavours.


The burrata was creamy, rich and soft, adding a nice texture to the soft and chewy crust.

The Meat Lover was good as well, with just enough meat to go around. I really appreciate that the pizza was not too bland nor too salty, which always seems to be the case in a lot of pizzas I have had.

My favourite thing about the pizzas here is the freshness of the ingredients and also the crust.

Zazz allows you to choose a half and half (i.e 2 flavours in 1 pizza) with an addition of $4 on top of the price of the pizza with the higher price point between the 2 flavours.

Roast pork was on the salty side, but it has a really crispy skin and the meat was tender.

The charsiew on the otherhand, the honey glazed one was too tough for my liking while the other type was too bland.

I had to queue about 15 mins for this on a weekend lunch time. Not too long compared to some of the other famous stalls. But at this price point, I'd expect better (or at least more).

I would order the roast pork if I come back here again though. Only the roast pork.

I heard mixed reviews about this dish and hesitated to order this. But with the option to upgrade to truffle fries with an addition of $5, I decided it was a good way to let me try their famed and loved fries without having to order the whole serving of it ($16).

The truffle fries were so fragrant and crispy. Some restaurants' truffle fries smell like truffle and taste nothing like it. But there's no such thing here at PS cafe. The dish was accompanied by an aioli sauce which has a lemongrass fragrance to it, making it so addictive!!

Now for the burger itself, the main star is the patty. There was no heavy tasting sauce or garnish to carry the dish. The meatyness of the patty and freshness of the beef were more than sufficient to make this burger one of my favourites at this price point.