This white based pizza blew my mind with the subtle truffle flavour, umami of mushrooms and the richness of the mascarpone.

We also ordered the Meat Lover pizza ($30) which was good as well. The only downside is that their pizzas are slightly salty (we like salty) and left us rather thirsty after. We love the ambience and there was a 1f1 happy hour when we went just before the circuit breaker.

On first bite, I noted that the salmon didn't taste fishy which I thought was good. However the more I ate, the more I wondered if I was really eating salmon, it didn't have much taste and the texture felt a little off. That asides, I liked the Ikura and the rice was decent. Overall a really reasonable price but my experience was disappointing and I don't think I'll eat here unless I need to.

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This is really thick and chocolatey. But my partner and I both felt like there was something missing in this, perhaps milk/cream? Not to say that we don't like it, this is definitely a must-try for chocolate lovers.

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I loved the hint of Earl Grey and the bits of chocolatey goodness. However the texture of the scone is not quite what Im used to. Its slightly dry and crumbly on the inside, and the outside bits tend to be a little tough and dry. It's not a bad scone, but different and not suited for me. I think it might be more worthwhile getting their other bakes!

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The eggs were cooked to perfection, with golden orange yolks that were still runny. The Rosti was crispy on the sides and soft in the middle, one of the better Rostis I've had!

The sausage was unimpressive, just a necessity to bring some meat to the platter.

Overall, its a decent dish but I don't get where the $23.50 is in this dish. Don't think it's worth it :/

They were generous with the bacon and the candied bacon reminded me a little of bakua, sweet and savoury at the same time. The ice cream had vanilla beans in it, a sign of a good quality vanilla ice cream.

The waffle complements the candied Bacon well. However I felt like there was too much maple sauce, it drenched the waffle and I didn't get the crisp I would like on my waffle.

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I got the valrhona chocolate which is thick in texture and cacao flavour.

Top up $1 for premium flavours such as valrhona chocolate and pistachio, otherwise single scoops are $5.

I liked their cone as well, it has a nice crisp but doesn't break off in big chunks when you take a bite into it! It also has the slightest hint of lavender which is an interesting twist. Top up only $1 for the cone which I think is super worth!

Also, they're having a 1 for 1 promo till the end of the March.

It's a good bowl of assam. But I wasn't full after it, it could've done with more noodles and more fish. There's so much soup/sauce, such a pity there wasn't enough carbs to mope it up!

The eatery has a nice ambience and a lot of seats. I appreciate that they don't have service charge or GST and the prices are very reasonable for this area. But the portions are small. I liked my meesua but I was barely half full.

My partner ordered the Yong tau foo, the more expensive option that is supposed to come with extra ingredients. Yet when his food came, there were missing ingredients (the table next to ours also had the same issue).

My partner and I waited for 30-40 over minutes for our food with no apology or explanation as to why we had to wait for so long. There weren't many other customers either. We ordered the tuckshop rice as well but that never came. I asked for it twice when we were 50 minutes into our waiting time, mostly done with our meesua and yongtaufoo. The waitress never got back to me about the status.

We decided to just pay for our food and cancel the tuckshop rice.

I really wanted to support this establishment given that it's start up by two young guys. The food is decent. But the management needs improvement. Also, it was wrong to serve us less than what we ordered and paid for.

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This mocha had a great aroma and chocolatey note to it. The cafe has a nice ambience, not many power points though.

This is a terrible photo that does no justice to this little piece of heaven!!

Their brownies are so decadent, so rich and moist. Although it seems small, it's really dense and filling.

They are really popular and for most items, you would have to preorder via Instagram. They are very particular with their orders so do check out on their saved Instagram stories on how to order correctly.

The queues on weekends can get quite crazy so if you can make it on a weekday, it'll be a lot easier for you!

Crispy on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside. This croissant is truly decadent and sinful. I love that they did not skimp on the almond flakes. The display is impressive and I can't wait to try the rest of the baked goods! They have 2 seats but they are only for waiting at, so be aware that everything is for takeaway only!

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