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Would definitely go back for more!!
P.S. They bake one batch of matcha muffins in the morning. So do contact them one day in advance if you want to get them. Also note that they do not operate on Mondays.


Pad thai and fluffy omelette on rice

I began patronising this relatively new thai stall at Alexandra village after trying the omelette on rice when the stall first opened.

The Petit lady Chef ( probably one of the 3 angels) was so patient and attentive to my requests on how I'd like my omelette done plain with less oil.

Just the plain omelette and rice alone was good enough - that was how good the omelette was !
However , this time round I wanted to try the pad thai and I am Glad I did. The pad thai was really good , well seasoned and the pad thai texture was so QQ , the way I like it . I asked for less oil and less salt and even then , the pad thai was still equally enjoyable - a testament of the chef's high adaptive abilities 😍.

I must add that the food is so affordably priced πŸ˜‡.

My next to try list is the pineapple rice which the stall owner claims uses a unique tumeric and curry powder seasoning instead of artificial colouring which most stalls resort to using now.

Truly angelic thai food stall !

On one hand, the curry was thick, smooth and lemak yet spicy; on the other, it could be more fragrant other than being spicy. Not bad overall although they could be more generous in their ingredients.
Comparatively, the Dover Rd Wanton Mee was old school and really generous for the noodles and ingredients. Quite tasty for a simple hawker meal.

While the fame might not have reached far and wide, location slightly inconspicuous as it is hidden among car workshops, the food centre offers a wide range of stalls and some quality offerings which make it worth a visit.

Here are some of the favourites #DFDHawker

Prices are at $3.50 for this plate of Char Siew Roasted Pork Rice. The roasted pork and char siew here were rather normal and dry, but still tasted not bad.

The roasted meats were drizzled in a dark sauce that enhances its flavour, while the soup was salty to the right amount.

Not Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice is located at Alexandra Village Food Centre, #01-13, Block 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, S(150120).

Laksa sauce was creamy, smooth yet not very oily. While the avocado juice was fragrant with the addition of gula melaka.

P.S. There are a few stalls selling avocado juice. But the one with the queue is called Mr Avocado Exotic Fruit Juice.


I love ❀️ ❀️ Love confectionary
Bukit merah lane 1, #01-06
( just at the hdb shophouse next to Alexandra village Hawker )

For those of us who frequent Alexandra village Hawker , you may come by an old school bakery just at the row of hdb shop houses next to the Hawker centre.

And if you haven't - I beseech you to go and visit the bakery .
Rather than lending publicity and supporting mainly cakes offshore, why not our own local Bakers and give them a little more support and recognition ?

This Uncle who helms the bakery at love confectionary has been baking here for the longest time. His sponge cakes are so fluffy with an eggy fragrance without being overly sweet.

You can get them in slices - adorned in peanut powder or chocolate bits and a very light cream or you can get the whole round sponge cake and have the Choice of having them plain ( which is the best ) or request for the cakes to be creamed at an extra nominal cost.

Perhaps not a concern for most but I am particularly Amazed at how neatly the Uncle slices and divides the round cake and places them into a rectangular box . Each slice is Son neatly cut and so neatly arranged - it takes practice YoY!

I like my cake sans cream and I usually finish half a cake in a single seating and yes - all by myself . Most would believe given my petit frame hahah!
This is how addictive there are and every bite just makes me explode with happiness - just like a child .

Look out for their home made old fashioned breads ( red bean , Hae bee hiam , peanut , kaya etc) . These traditional breads are so lovely with a soft fluffy texture and with generous fillings.

Sometimes its the simplest things in life that brings us the greatest joy.

Take time to say hello to the baker πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ and Savour the look of this old fashioned bakery that has withstood the test of times .

I pray that this bakery will be here to stay for many many more years to come :)

Alexandra Food Village

I sincerely hope this would be the next Chef who would be awarded Michelin stars for his high quality and tasty HK style soya sauce chicken.

I ordered my soya sauce chicken with a portion of the Hk style Mee pok which which highly recommended by the stall owner.

It was a stellar recommendation . The Mee pok - somewhat very different from our local style Mee pok was crunchy and light in texture and absorbed all the goodness of the homemade sauce / broth.

The chicken was tender and incredibly tasty . What impressed me most was how fresh the chicken tasted.

This was so well executed - I won't be surprised if I see them nominated on the list for the Michelin awards soon :)

Be sure to arrive early to avoid Long waiting time .
The stall sells outs usually by 1.30 to 2 pm - that's how ( quietly) popular they are.

A place to get my stew beef brisket and beef tendon craving fixed, at a hawker center price. Tasty and rich in collagen definitely. The beef brisket was served on a claypot dish over a fire hotpot making it warm and delicious and it goes best with a bowl of rice.

Rating: 🌟🌟

Price: $6.50

The display was professional and it came with a free garlic bread. The carbonara was average but still worth it for that price. My bf didn't like the garlic bread and said it wasn't nice at all. But what's there to complain since it's complimentary?

We'll definitely come back again to try because it's muslim-owned and we wouldn't want to miss others that could have been their signature dishes and not this carbonara???

This stall sells simple Tze Char dishes like leafy greens, prawn paste chicken, pork ribs rice and of course their signature hor fun! Started queuing at 6.30pm and I finally got my food in 30 minutes. The hor fun comes with silky gravy and the kway teow has that "wok hei" taste. πŸ‘ And most importantly I don't taste garlic in it. πŸ˜… Ingredients are decent too! Damage: $4

Add 1 buck for super yummy molten century egg! Better than Yong Kee hk

3bucks for the large and 2.5 for the small. The gula melaka really added a different dimension to the avocado shake, and they don't go easy on the gula melaka either😁😁😁 tastes fantastic and the uncle is very very friendly (stall 01-06)

Craving for local food, we headed to Alexandra Village Food Centre - one of our favourite makan places.

We discovered interesting drinks like Mojito Freeze ($3) and Starfruit Apple Plum Juice ($3.50/Large) among many others at the drink stalls located on the last lane where you would find Mr Avocado.

Though the Sambal Stingray ($22/Big) from Star Yong Kwang BBQ Seafood is considered pricey compared to other hawker stalls in Singapore, we reckoned that it was still worth the money for the moist and fleshy stingray, the addictive and tasty sambal, and the cincalok which has a nice pleasant zing! 😘

Our all-time favourite Satays (Chicken/Pork/Mutton, $0.60 per stick) from Old Punggol Satay retained the same old sweet and savoury taste of that aromatic marinade from our childhood memories. 😍 The meats were still tender inside and well-charred on the outside. However, the famous peanut satay sauce with pineapple puree was unfortunately a big disappointment because it was too watered down. 😣

Price: $5.00 (10 pcs)
πŸš‡: Queenstown
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao have been planting itself into the Singapore food scene. You can find them in restaurants (DTF) or at hawker center. There is one particular store that me and XBC frequently visit.
They are popular for their XLB, It has a good meat to skin ratio and the skin is not too thin until it will break if you lift it up. The broth was towards the sweet side, however, it was too sweet for our liking.
What we both love about this store is their steam dumpling. The meat to skin ratio was just nice. The skin is a little thicker than their XLB, but their meat tastes flavourful and tender. It has become a norm for us to order if we are there.
Overall, all their dumplings and XLB are handmade. You can even order a whole packet, from them if you have a party. Perhaps next time I will give their XLB a try again.

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