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From the Burpple community

A perennial favourite at the hawker centre! Portions here lean towards the small side for their price point, but make up for it with their flavour. My group of 4 paid $40. Each dish never fails to impress, and they do non-seafood items equally well. The sambal stingray is a must-order!

Of all their options available, I order the fish hor fun ($4.50) least - while it features the same starchy sauce with a prominent wok hei flavour, I prefer the variety in the mixed seafood version or the flavour in the beef version! Nonetheless, the fish slices are smooth and fresh.

This stall is never seen without a sneaking queue, and usually sells out by mid afternoon. Muffins are priced individually with a wide variety of flavours. Some of my favourites are the chocolate hazelnut and matcha streusel! Although flavourful, I find them a tad dry and expensive with toppings lacking.

Picked this Thai stall as it seemed to have a shorter waiting time! The basil chicken rice ($5) was relatively standard - the sauce tasty, and of sufficient spiciness. Enjoyed the addition of beans!

When did the queue here get so long?! This is a store that has withstood the test of time. It seems a little less popular than the neighbouring Original Avocado, but I like that this one ($3 / $4) is thick and creamy. It has less gula melaka, allowing the avocado to shine through!

Dover Road Kai Kee Wanton Noodle
My favorite wanton mee in the whole world and no I will not stop raving about it. It reminds me of childhood, of pontian wanton mee when it first came to sg without any hype and wasn't in every single capitaland mall, of strolls to the coffee shop down the road from my house to buy wanton mee in a takeaway kopi bag before tuition on Saturday afternoons. Doesn't hurt that the people at this store are always smiley too, reminding me of grandma and grandpa. They also speak almost entirely in canto and love a short exchange with customers!