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Happy 30th Anniversary!

Always ended up with more than 1 cup every time I’m there. Yes, very filling but I couldn’t resist, the avocado shake is so good.

Not every cup has the 30th Anniversary sticker but Auntie saw me taking photos and gave me the one with sticker 😂 Thank you, Auntie.

Not forgetting my favourite silky skin Szechuan Spicy Wanton from the same food center.

#01-19 Mr Avocado Exotic Juice
11:30am ~ 9:30pm (except Saturday)

Avocado Shake (M) $4


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Most people would queue for Star Yong, but Soon Lai is a good alternative! I find the food a little more affordable with a shorter wait. The sambal stingray and garlic greens are a must order for us!

This was one of my favourite har cheong kais since even before it was featured in The Sunday Times, and I am glad that their spike in popularity did not affect the quality of these prawn-paste chicken wings at all. Each chicken wing is expertly fried and fragrant without being too oily. Even when I brought some back home, they remained relatively crisp!

One of my favourite 小笼包s in Singapore, the stall here does it remarkably well and at a very affordable price-point. The skin is of good thickness, the meat is juicy and soup just the right amount of fat. I would eat this more often if not for the long queues!!

The noodles here are expertly done, but probably not handmade as the strands are much too consistent.... The sweet-spicy sauce with generous minced pork was really delicious - a good accompaniment to the noodles. However, I wish there were some cucumber slices to balance out the richness of the sauce.

I didn't expected Cai Fan ($3.50) to be so good and last time I went to order Cai Fan at Mei Ling Market was not that good and probably they sell mainly in Nasi Lemak. Pork Skin soaked in herbal braised soup, quite crunchy and soft. I found the batter of Sweet and sour pork was quite too much to the extend. Long bean with tofu was quite soft and crunchy. I found its quite best standard for the area for now.