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Singapore 150120

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AV Hor Fun Premium Store

This stall sells simple Tze Char dishes like leafy greens, prawn paste chicken, pork ribs rice and of course their signature hor fun! Started queuing at 6.30pm and I finally got my food in 30 minutes. The hor fun comes with silky gravy and the kway teow has that "wok hei" taste. πŸ‘ And most importantly I don't taste garlic in it. πŸ˜… Ingredients are decent too! Damage: $4

Rojak And Kueh Pie Tee

Add 1 buck for super yummy molten century egg! Better than Yong Kee hk

avocado Gula Melaka

3bucks for the large and 2.5 for the small. The gula melaka really added a different dimension to the avocado shake, and they don't go easy on the gula melaka either😁😁😁 tastes fantastic and the uncle is very very friendly (stall 01-06)

Hawker Gastronomic Delights

Craving for local food, we headed to Alexandra Village Food Centre - one of our favourite makan places.

We discovered interesting drinks like Mojito Freeze ($3) and Starfruit Apple Plum Juice ($3.50/Large) among many others at the drink stalls located on the last lane where you would find Mr Avocado.

Though the Sambal Stingray ($22/Big) from Star Yong Kwang BBQ Seafood is considered pricey compared to other hawker stalls in Singapore, we reckoned that it was still worth the money for the moist and fleshy stingray, the addictive and tasty sambal, and the cincalok which has a nice pleasant zing! 😘

Our all-time favourite Satays (Chicken/Pork/Mutton, $0.60 per stick) from Old Punggol Satay retained the same old sweet and savoury taste of that aromatic marinade from our childhood memories. 😍 The meats were still tender inside and well-charred on the outside. However, the famous peanut satay sauce with pineapple puree was unfortunately a big disappointment because it was too watered down. 😣

Steam dumplings

Price: $5.00 (10 pcs)
πŸš‡: Queenstown
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao have been planting itself into the Singapore food scene. You can find them in restaurants (DTF) or at hawker center. There is one particular store that me and XBC frequently visit.
They are popular for their XLB, It has a good meat to skin ratio and the skin is not too thin until it will break if you lift it up. The broth was towards the sweet side, however, it was too sweet for our liking.
What we both love about this store is their steam dumpling. The meat to skin ratio was just nice. The skin is a little thicker than their XLB, but their meat tastes flavourful and tender. It has become a norm for us to order if we are there.
Overall, all their dumplings and XLB are handmade. You can even order a whole packet, from them if you have a party. Perhaps next time I will give their XLB a try again.

chicken briyani

all i can sayy is this briyani is pretty decent, thats where it stops.. i called for the thigh but instead theyy gave me the breast meat.. the breast meat is not to myy likingg as its too dryy and i prefer moist, juicyy chicken.. portion of rice is tad too big but at least it has flavour in it.. in summaryy, i think there are far better briyani options out there..

Spicy Pork&Chives Dumpling

What a great surprise to find this on the way to IKEA. Full of energy from this non-ending "Mala" punchy taste on the tongue! 10 dumplings for 5$

Bancarella By I.M

A twist of it's own in house marination in their main dishes & who would have thought sweet potato fries would taste so gooooooood! With mayo, chilli nacho cheese & cut chilli padi. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‹

(Muslim Owned)

120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-65
πŸš‰Queenstown MRT
Opp Queensway Shopping centre

Previously I visited King Avocado fruit juice stall to try their Avocado it was not too bad.

I decided to come back to try Mr Avocado but sad to say it was closed no choice gotta try other stall instead. Frankly Speaking Every Fruit Juice Stall at Alexandra Village Hawker Center Selling Avocado Juice at $2.50 Looking like the stall owner are snatching each other business like snatching their customer away. Nvm I will still be back for Mr Avocado. This is my 2nd Avocado Drink. Operating Hours for this fruit juice stall I am nt sure cos I didn"t ask.
Name:Alexandra Village Avocado
Address:Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-11 Singapore 150120

when I was passing by Alexandra Village Hawker Centre I saw like about 5 to 6 Fruit Juice stall Selling Avocado Milkshake.

Look like All the Fruit Juice Stall selling Avocado Milkshake at $2.50. Seriously are they snatching each other business like snatching their customer away asking the customers to patronised the stall. Different Fruit Juice Stall owner has different tactic of doing business. Since I dislike the milk version I order the Avocado added with honey. Alright When I am there next time I will try it & compare.
My 1st Avocodo Drink is at King Avocado.
Name:King Avocado ι³„ζ’¨ζ°΄ζžœηŽ‹
Address:Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-17 Alexandra Village Food Centre Singapore 150120
Operating Hours:0800-2200
Closed on Every Wednesday

Prawn Noodles

This bowl of dried prawn noodles looks so mouth -watering, i would prefer more chilli as i am a chilli lover. Their in house made chilli paste is special and the chilli powder is also made from shrimps. The soup is well flavoured and is filled with freshness of prawns. Its quite a nice prawn noodle that i would mind eating again:)πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Some says best chicken wings...

very crispy n kinda juicy.. still, remind me of pasamalam chic wing.. their chilli got the right kick tho. 4 wings $8 #sgfood #burpple

Atas food in hawker centre..

demage $41.. the clams are fresh, fat and yummy. But their mains can be improved.. mac cheese ($10) for plain one not worth it. Fish & chip ($11) #sgfood #burpple

Bah Kut Teh and Mee Sua

Amazing herbal broth with succulent meat. Mee Sua that doesn't become soggy and pig innards cooked to the right doneness πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Singapore curry laksa, wantan mee, roasted duck, char siew and siew bak consumed with chap.

By Jove, that chap! (the bowl of black sauce which defines the phrase "it tastes better than it looks").
I'm craving this quite badly. Also, because there's no feeling of nausea from looking at food pictures, this is certainly a sign that I've recovered from food poisoning ✌🏼

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