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Deep fried niao gao, sweet potato & sesame ball. 3 for $1 only

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Thrice in a week isn’t too much when it tastes this good. This time I tried the crayfish bowl without realising how large it would be. I even added extra pork! It was so good but so generous in portion that I barely touched my rice. We were almost the last patrons yesterday evening.

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Unit #01-42
Spiciness: 🌶🌶

When you can’t really decide what to have, 麻辣 always got your back!

I would say at 中辣, it wasn’t spicy enough, but it was definitely numbing enough. I’d recommend just going for the extreme and have 大辣 if you like spicy food.

The ingredients selection was quite minimal, but you do have most of the basics covered, so this can be an option for those who frequent this hawker centre!


Hor Fun Premium is quite a popular stall in Alexandra Village Food Centre well-known for its hor fun dishes.
We were here for lunch and I finally had the chance to try their Sliced Beef Hor Fun.
This dish, which consists of wok-fried kway teow, vegetables, beef slices, and smothered with a robust eggy gravy, is only assembled when you order. Beef slices were cooked tender while the vegetables were done just right, with a nice crunch. The gravy was not as starchy as compared to others hence it was pretty light. Also, the noodles were probably on another level. Believe me when I say that the wok hei from the noodles could be smelt the moment you start mixing the dish - wok hei explosion 🤯 if you will! At $4.50, this is definitely worth a try! End off the meal with a nice cup of avocado milk 🥑!

Very Tender, well braised, juicy, and yet easy to bites without dripping

🍘: Kong Ba Pao (扣肉包) - S$2.4
📍: House of Bao Leaf (包粽之家), Singapore

Wasn’t in our original plan to get this, but we were bought over by the smells! No regrets, it was a good plate of omelette egg with tiny bits of meat - fragrant and fluffy although oily.

📍Phati & Jane Thai Food
Alexandra Village Food Centre #01-21


Our Claypot Vermicelli Prawn didn’t come in a claypot (HAHA) but we didn’t mind it! Flavours were strong and garlicky with a mild heat from the generous black pepper, though I’d like for slightly less ginger and for the dish to be less saucy. For this price with 3 fresh prawns, it was pretty worth it considering how much they usually cost, even though it’s not the typical flavours you’d expect. The queue can get really long though, so it may not be the best pick if you’re looking for a quick meal.

📍Phati & Jane Thai Food
Alexandra Village Food Centre #01-21


From the mala stall in the middle row of stalls, we ordered 中辣, but it turned out disappointingly mild in spiciness. Nevertheless for the reasonable price, and how it seems to be the least oiliest mala I’ve tried (but still tasty), it’s definitely a good choice here; just going for 大辣 next time.


Possibly the best dumplings I’ve had in Singapore, with soft, thin, silky skins swathed around nuggets of finely minced pork. Doused in vinegar and chilli oil, topped off with dollops of Sichuan chilli paste, you’d expect a blast of sharp, piquant flavour, but the reality is hardly that. Rather, the sauce is surprisingly light and mildly spicy, with just a slight tang such that it complements instead of overpowering the taste of the meat itself.

A set of 10 of dumplings costs only $4.50. You’ll find the stall located in the middle row of Alexandra Village Food Centre.

I’m definitely willing to go back and brave the (well-deserved) queue to try their xiao long bao and guo tie!

There was only a queue of 1 person at Hor Fun Premium (#01-78), so I didn't expect much.. But this Beef Hor Fun 牛肉河粉 ($4) I ordered surpassed my expectations - sufficiently saucy, a little bit of wok hei & char on the flat noodles, & super tender beef slices that weren't too heavily marinated.

Alexandra Village Hawker Centre is fairly new to me, but I did see a couple of long queues in front of stalls with appetising-looking menus. As much as I would like to try those other stalls, this hor fun has some kind of pull factor that makes me want to eat it again. 😋

These delicious pan fried dumplings filled with minced meat and Chinese chives, are packed with flavours and crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.
I always takeaway a couple of dozen of their frozen dumplings 水饺 to stash in the fridge for quick and easy consumption on lazy evenings.


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Alexandra Village
Yummy Hong Kong Soups

Being so used to drinking my mum’s soups - I shun from soups served outside because of the tendency to use lots of msg and seasoning or fatty pork / meat which renders the soup “ over nourishing “ .

Yummy HK soups was introduced to me by my dad many years back when they were at Bukit Timah Hawker centre. They have since moved to Alexandra village and standards are as good.

This cordyceps Flower Soup With chicken is so flavourful and filled to the brim with cordyceps flowers , longans , wolf berries and a huge chicken drumstick 🍗 which has been almost cooked to having its meat slide off the bones .
The soup is lightly seasoned , not overly salty not oily .

While most may just throw out the meats in their soups, I love dipping these tender pieces of meat in soy sauce with chilli padi . Just that and a bowl of steaming hot rice is so comforting to the soul.

Evident that the soups here are cooked for many hours , the soup base is almost opaque and filled with the goodness of all the ingredients.

When you are in need of a good bow of nourishing soup - you know where to go 😎


Pu Tian delights

A rainy weather is the best to tuck into this bowl of Heng hwa lor mee.

Chewy handmade noodles in a flavourful broth of clams, vegetables , prawns and pork .

And generously finished with toasted nuts and seaweed.

Simple yet so delectable.

It would have been better if the broth was richer but I am ok given that I couldn’t pick up any trace of oil or msg ( which is great for someone recovering from the flu and fever 🤒).
At 3.50 per bowl - this is so affordable .

A rare find in Hawker centre these days - I am Glad there’s at least an alternative Heng hwa style food here. They also do up a pretty good Heng hwa bee hoon ( and mee swa ) which is very light and tasty .


From The Old Stall Hokkien Street Famous Prawn Mee (#01-58)

Unfortunately asked for less chilli, and despite them still giving a huge lump of sauce, I regretted not asking for more instead. Also enjoyed the soup immensely, so will be choosing the soup option next time.

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Would definitely go back for more!!
P.S. They bake one batch of matcha muffins in the morning. So do contact them one day in advance if you want to get them. Also note that they do not operate on Mondays.



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