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They had reduced the price of their steak from $29 to $23 before service charge which was already a plus. The outdoor seating though a little mosquito infested, gave us a beautiful view of the blue sky through dinner. I found the steak to be a little salty for my liking but my bf liked it. What impressed the both of us was the creamy garlic mash on the side of the plate. Would definitely revisit for that mash & truffle mushroom soup.

Very good burger!! Very juicy and thick patty. Got the burger medium rare and it was cooked so perfectly! However the fries were not hot. Nonetheless Would recommend cos burger was very good.

Got the fish and chips too, that was not as good. Had a weird powdery and mashed taste to one of the fillets.

Some good neighbourhood hawker Indian food
๐Ÿฅบ out of the 3 naan flavour, I actually liked garlic the most! I felt that the cheese naan was slightly overpowering when dipped into the butter chicken, and on the other hand, the butter taste wasnโ€™t prominent at all (might as well get plain naan........) but!!! Garlic naan saved the day :-) and the owners made it on the spot!!! Very fresh and generous (big portions) made by friendly smiley uncles! / the butter chicken was on the sweeter end (maybe a little sweet for my liking) but the chicken is tender and I still enjoyed this meal v much!

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Seafood heaven in a piquant garlicky sauce finished with a touch of buttery goodness.

Such value for money Pastas with a touch of class ๐Ÿฅฐ

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Iโ€™ve never left Alexandra food centre without getting an Avocado drink. There is King Avocado and Mr Avocado. I like both lel. The stall owners of both stalls also very nice.

I call this a volcano of lasagne - just look at that avalanche of homemade tomato sauce and tender lasagne sheets with an explosion of cheese .

So very very very fresh and well executed .

One of the best lasagnes I have tasted .

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What this noodle chain does is basically zhng the humble ba chor mee. This dish is kinda like mini pot noodle, but the soup tries to be seafood soup. There's scallop, clam, prawn ball, meatball, pork. Not very successful haha. The fried fish sticks were quite interesting. Overall quite satisfying lah.

Hong Sheng fish soup seems to be a small chain of fish soup hawker stalls that serve up screaming hot bowl of fish or seafood soup, and Iโ€™ve patronised their stall on a few occasions. Their seafood soup is laden with acceptably fresh seafood and the broth is delightfully hearty with the sapid essence of the prawn (I presume) and fish stock. The fish soup is no slouch either, and delivers wholesome satisfaction every single time.
โ €
Despite them being a seafood soup merchant, I was quite surprised to see them jump on the pao fan (rice in seafood soup topped with rice grains that have been deep fried) fad. For six bucks, I got a bowl brimming with supremely savoury soup, a ponderous prawn, a solitary scallop, and a wealth of both poached & deep fried fish slices.โ €
โ €
As with the regular fish soups, the seafood pao fan is delicious, but not particularly memorable. The soup is solid, with the rich, briny umami from the fish & prawns thatโ€™ve been boiled into the stock, and itโ€™s a great base for the seafood. The prawn & scallop were passably fresh, but the fish were absolutely fabulous. The poached fish slices were remarkably fresh, while the equally fresh fried fish was battered & fried fantastically. โ €
โ €
I wouldโ€™ve preferred if the fried fish was served on the side instead of being immersed in the soup, but you canโ€™t win โ€˜em all. Still, this is a hearty, redolent bowl of soup that is a soothing balm for your soul. Not quite a souperstar, but still pretty soup-er in its own right.โ €

Somehow I just crave for ice cream during rainy days / freezing weather so here's a post to reminisce my last visit to Creamier. Having tried Creamier several times before this, I always thought it was just another ice cream shop that serves averagely good ice cream. I have been so wrong all these while as I was so so amazed and speechless when Iย  tried their Roasted Pistachio ice cream! I guess I've just been basic to always opt for the common flavours like salted caramel etc. Unlike many of the pistachio ice cream out there, the authentic roasted, nutty notes in the ice cream gave some depth to the ice cream and it was not overwhelmingly sweet.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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Fresh sashimi, generous portion and friendly staff. All
Time fav for my colleagues and I.

Honestly, one of the best Guo Tie (Pan Fried Dumplings) ($6.50 for 10) I've eaten. Chewy dumpling skin, really juicy pork and chives filling and I absolutely love the crispy sides of the dumplings. Paired with the vinegar, ginger and chilli sauce, its really hard to get better than this.

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