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Came on a Sunday around 12pm, queued about 30min for this stall! Ordered the Gyoza ($6), Chilli Oil Vinegar Dumplings ($5.50) and 炸酱面 ($4). Gyoza has a chewy bite and crispy edges, was not as oily as I expected. The Chilli Oil Vinegar Dumpling is by far one of the best that I’ve had! Definitely recommended! 炸酱面 was on the sweeter side, noodle texture is good but I personally prefer the savoury type.

Expect to wait quite a bit for this, I spent 40min in queue with about 15 people before me! This is one of the better soya sauce chicken I’ve had, the chicken was moist and tender with a really good bite! Ordered the thin noodles, which absorbed the sauce well but tasted just like average wanton noodles. If I were to queue 40min again for this, I would just order a whole chicken 😂 Also, check with them if they had chicken rice but they only have white rice which was quite a pity.

Enjoy the food and service is good. Serving just nice and the sashimi are fresh. Not much people and gd atmosphere.

had the dubu jeongol instead of the usual buddae and yup its nubbad just rly rly rly filling for 2 small appetite ppl to finish all that! liked the anchovies, salad that came along; the corn dish was slightly disappointing :( overall damage 46 for 2 pax! do make a reservation before heading down they seem to be doing pretty well

Back here for a third time and always love the steak, especially on 1-for-1 deals 🤤 $29++ for two, and service is always good too.

Carrot cakes.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/ghim-moh-carrot-cake/

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The little white speckles that topped the dessert were iced mascarpone ... the tart didn’t quite hit the spot (as I felt it was dry, more like a crumb cake) but the dessert was saved by the gelato... but I love salted caramel.

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Sans alcohol and minus a layer or two of sponge... but a safe piece of dessert!

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I liked the pasta which tasted house-made (definitely not out from a packet!), we were advised by the wait staff to taste the dish without the squid ink (which was served at the side), eventually I enjoyed the dish more without the squid ink. I liked the light-handedness of seasoning ... allowing the ikura and sea urchin to heighten the dish!

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Tender but some parts were dry... I prefer to taste the natural flavors of the meat but it’s was masked by the sauce and at certain bites, I felt a heavy hand of Italian herbs.

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If you don’t do olive oil & balsamic vinegar, ask for butter... and it’s free top-ups!!

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Light yet richly redolent ... served in a teacup ... novel!

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