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Top 10 in Alexandra

Top 10 places in Alexandra, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Alexandra

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Alexandra, Singapore.

Looking for Halal pastry options? Definitely must buy from AJ Delights! Love each and every flavour of moist, fresh off the oven muffins that will definitely perk u up no matter where you are!

Keng Eng Kee takes on zi char-inspired burgers at this new hawker stall in Bukit Merah. For a fun, fusion dinner, share the generously portioned Chilli Soft Shell Crab Burger ($15) — crispy soft shell crab slathered in sweet, spicy chilli crab sauce, sandwiched between buns. Expect the same wok hei goodness, packed into one big burger bite.
Photo by Burppler Colin Tan

Filled with ingredients and best shared among a few friends, jazz up your weekday lunch with The Gogi at Alexandra Central’s Budae Jungol (Army Stew). A slurp-worthy option, the item features a tantalising savoury soup base striking a great balance in terms of intensity and has just the right consistency; as to me the main differentiating factor between competing restaurants is always its base. Their version also comes adequately spicy without having the natural flavours of the broth taken away. With the usual suspects thrown in, the hot bubbling mix of mushrooms, tofu, rice cake, sausages, luncheon meat and ramyeon spells a good time too.


Having had this at KEK Keng Eng Kee Pandan Gardens when they had the Wok Hei Burgers, the Modern Cze Char (“Mod-C”) menu at the now-defunct branch is now available at KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood under the Wok In Burger brand name, featuring the familiar pastas, burgers (now known as Kung Fu Burgers) and a few rice dishes and sides; some of them new on the menu while some of them being favourites at Pandan Gardens.

This was as good as what I remember it to be; fluffy, buttered and toasted burger buns that were not too heavy, that sticky, aromatic and sweet coffee sauce drenched generously on a pork patty that makes KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood’s Coffee Pork Ribs so good, and the addition of pickles to for refreshing crunch. A very good attempt on bringing local flavours into a westernized item without being overly pretentious, retaining both elements well. The burgers are also absolutely value-for-money here; $9.80 nett with fries, coleslaw and water chestnut drink on the side — fries being crisp and well-seasoned with salt, while the coleslaw comes not too milky whilst adding apples for a crunch. Something I would crave for again!


found that they are a sister company of Sunday Folks (Holland Village) and ordered the same thing...

they serve 2 waffles as a default compared to SF’s single waffle... their ice cream does not melt easily compared to SF’s... which is a very good balance so i find them better than SF...

and they are near to our office too.. so they take the gold... 😊

$13.90 | Hidden gem in a corner of Bukit Merah. The portion is quite generous. BBQ pulled pork is tender and flavourful. Don’t forget to ask for maple syrup! 🍯

$7.50 | Orange soda with Mandarin Orange & Carrot sorbet 🍊🥕 The sparkling orange soda brings out the flavour of the sorbet. Neither too sweet nor too sour. Perfect combination!

It is introduced with the novel idea of incorporating local zhi char dishes into Western style burgers.

Say “Hello” to Chilli Soft Shell Crab Burger, Salted Egg Pork Burger, Coffee Pork Burger, Pai Gu Wan Burger and the likes.

Am not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it came exactly how one would expect it to be like – deep fried soft shell crab drizzled with sweet, slightly spicy chilli crab sauce and sandwiched between burger buns.


Good Morning, this time we’re exploring Ghim moh food market, starting our day with a simple Chinese Teo chew dish, Singapore Carrot Cake.
Ghim moh Carrot cake is one of best. The scrambled eggs and diced radish cakes are perfectly coated with sweet dark soy sauce, abundance of chye poh, delivering a good balance of sweet and salty nuances. The stall uses 100% vegetable oil, a healthier alternative!

I can’t resist the urge to buy one of the baked muffins at AJ Delights, as the smell wafted through the air when I walked past their stall. This irregular shaped muffin looks incredibly tempting and has a soft, moist & fluffy texture piled with chunks of cookies and cream on the top.
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My perfectly ideal meal don’t have to be sumptuous, expensive or fanciful. Simple good old-fashioned homely dishes from Hock Sin Kee ooze nostalgia of my childhood and their pork chop soaks up the tasty sweet & sour tomato ketchup sauce, is still one of the best I have ever eaten. YUM! 😋
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