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Okay just look at how thick those slices are. Like they're literally almost as thick as my finger. This deluxe chirashi set ($45) came with salmon, sea bream, normal and fatty tuna, yellowtail, uni and a generous amount of ikura atop sushi rice with a side of ginger and wasabi. The bowl came with miso soup too.

The thickness of each glistening slice made each bite extremely hearty and satisfying. And the quality of the fish was really good too, with no overpowering fishy taste. My favorite was definitely the fatty tuna. I don't even like tuna that much but these melted in my mouth like butter with barely any chewing. It almost didn't even taste like tuna, it was so gloriously rich and decadent. And the ikura burst like bubbles in my mouth. This was definitely worth that price tag and Himawari is certainly worth a revisit for its buffet.


The set lunches ranges from $10++ to $15++. It consists of a main, 2 sides, 1 dessert and a drink.

I tried both the Babi Pontay and Ayam Buah Keluak Sets, accompanied with side dishes of Nyonya Chap Chye and Chinchalok Omelette and the desserts and drinks.

The Babi Pongtay was not as flavourful as how the usual ones are. The vegetables were alright while the dessert, Bobo Chacha was also underwhelming, with the toppings that seem to be made without much thought.

The food is generally alright but if you are expecting authentic Peranakan food, then this is definitely not the place for it. I will turn to other alternatives if I’m looking at eating Peranakan food.

ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre has a plethora of food choices, but I decided on Dong Ji La Mian Xiao Long Bao 东记拉面小笼包 (#01-19) because I had to buy some frozen dumplings home today.

Ordered their Dumplings 水饺 ($5.00 for 10) & Xiao Long Baos 小笼包 ($4.50 for 6, $6.00 for 10). The skin is on the thick side, which I'm not so used to.. Especially for the XLBs where I prefer the skin thinner.

But this made for a decent meal. The chives in the dumplings added good flavour, & the soup in the XLBs was delicious. I would eat these again.

Plus points for self service ginger & vinegar - I always load up on the ginger, with minimal vinegar. & yet another one: This stall accepts GrabPay, so yay for cashless transactions & earning Grab points!

Made my way home with frozen goodies in tow: Xiao Long Baos 小笼包 go for $10 a bag of 20 pieces, Dumplings 水饺 at $12 for a bag of 30 pieces.

As you may notice that we are continuing our vegetarian mode this week and hence, we order 12 vege ball With couscous and sour cream. However, later we realize that this set is not included in the “World Food Day campaign” (From 14th-20th Oct) by @ikeasingapore & @foodfromtheheartsg.
For every combo meat ball set you purchase $9.90 (from usual price of $12.90), $4 will be used to fund food distribution programme which provides food to the less fortunate families and elderlies. If you visit IKEA this week & wanna support this campaign 👉 Do go for the combo meatball set! We are not sponsored in anyway but always love this kind of social cause and wanna share with y’all. 😁❤️

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When we see this new item on board at IKEA Alexandra, we wanna try so bad that we ask the lady to tweak the dish (P.S. we are still on vegetarian mode). Here we go, curry noodle without drumstick! 😜 The curry soup is so good that we easily crown this dish one of our IKEA favorites. We have only 3 ingredients in the bowl: not so oily fried tau pok, bean sprouts, and yellow noodle. Simply the best one can ask for! (One thing we regret is that the curry soup is not 💯 vegetarian as it was boiled with chicken but we did our best to stick to our regime! 😅)

10.10 Deals - $1 only at 10/10/2019 (10 Pieces of Meatballs). Waiting and Queuing time took around 30 minutes for getting 10 pieces of Meatballs. I really like texture of Meatballs quite smooth and taste of Meatballs quite chewy and soft. But the mushroom sauce was quite thick and lingonberry jam was quite sweet. They changed vegetables from broccoli to peas but I felt that boiling broccoli quite hard to eat to be honest and also peas got a bit of bitter taste.

Located underneath the block of HDB flats opposite ABC brickworks, Geometry makes an ideal place to unwind after a hearty meal. As compared to other places, the prices of ice cream here is significantly lower with a good variety of standard and unique flavours. Still have space in your stomach? Pair the sweet treat with some light fluffy waffles.

“Ang Kuh Kueh tasting 2” ・ 📌Poh Cheu Soon Kueh and Ang Kuh Kueh ・ 前回12種類中7種類を食べたので、今回は残りの5種類とお気に入り2種類の計7つを食べ比べ。 左中段から時計回りにマンゴー、ドリアン、パイナップル、ココナッツ、コーヒー、緑茶で真ん中があんこです。 あんこはこしあんでまさに和菓子のようで、日本人に馴染むみのある味でした。 フルーツ系は、実はわたしがお菓子に入ってるフルーツジャムが苦手なわたしにとっては、もう2回目はいいかなって言うのが本音です。 ココナッツはよくある奇抜なオレンジ色ではなく自然な色味で食感もあるので、好き嫌いは分かれそう。 12種類もあるので、ぜひお好みのフレーバーを探してみてくださいね。 少し投稿に間が空いてしまいましたが、過去の投稿に残りの7種類についてもアップしてます。 またブログでもJi Xiang Ang Ku KuehとこちらのPoh Cheuのアンクークエを紹介しています。プロフィール @dorimingo813 のURLから飛べるので、よかったら覗きにきてくださいね。 #angkukueh #pohcheu @pohcheukitchen #アンクークエ #ニョニャ菓子 #ニョニャ #nyonya #シンガポールグルメ #シンガポール #シンガポール生活#singaporelife #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #シンガポール子育て #singaporeinsiders #singaporeinsta #igsg #🇸🇬 #sgfood#sgeats#sgfoodies#foodpics#burpple#sgfoodporn#eatoutsg#みど散歩

A very delectable plate fried by an old uncle. Easily one of my favourite Hokkien prawn mee stall. It’s cooked with a flavourful stock resulting in noodles that’s abit wet - the way I like it! Take note the chilli is slightly on the salty side.

Ordered the small one at $4 with no extra charge for takeaway. There’s also $5 or $6 option for people with bigger appetite.

Short walk from IKEA/ABC brickworks/Alexandra food village, we came down after dinner for dessert: two serves of half waffle with ice cream at $7.40 with Burpple beyond offer. We had oolong osmanthus and sea salt gula melaka. Both tasted pretty nice. The waffle is on the lighter side, but it was cooked to crunchy which with the warm soft inferior, went perfect with the creamy ice cream.

Had this big serve of double fish slices fish soup and it tasted amazing. The soup is rich yet not too salty, fish is fresh, tofu is silky, and the portion is generous. Will come back again for it for sure!

❤😤 Very rich and delicious Chendol (S$2). The stall names it Power Chendol. The gula melaka was very thick and sticky. The green jelly was slightly salty which compliments the sweet brown sugar and red beans. You won't find chendol like this elsewhere. Must try 👍👍

Jin Jin Desserts (01-21)
ABC Brickworks Hawker Centre
6 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 150006