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Matcha Azuki Creme Blossom Frappuccino ($9.40) have blended up with matcha, red beans, milk and ice. It topped with whipped cream, rice petals and cranberry toppings. The red bean have its own crunchy texture but it was very diffcult to slurp from the straw itself. For the taste of itself, it was quite mix of sweet and bitter for the drink with complement of red beans.

Weekend lunch buffet with great slices of roasted beef and lamb, variety of side dishes and cuts of cake. Good value for price, especially if you love roasted meat, but they can do better with the dessert section I think.

It even has lobster gratin! 😍😍
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Every dish at China Square Hainan Famous Beef Noodles Rice 中国城海南牛肉面 (#01-45) costs $5 nett. They serve a couple of delicious soupy options, with white rice 白饭 (50¢) costing additional:
[1] Raw Beef Soup 生牛肉汤 / Beef Soup 熟牛肉汤
[2] Beef Ball Soup 牛肉圆汤
[3] Combo Soup 牛什汤

If you are a noodley kind of person like I am, you can opt for either the dry 干 or soup 汤 variant of these:
[4] Raw Beef Noodles 生牛肉面
[5] Beef Noodles 熟牛肉面

I ordered the Dry Raw Beef Noodles 生牛肉面; the generous amount of thick sauce was pretty good, mixed in with the thick bee hoon 粗米粉 that thankfully wasn't overcooked.

I initially thought there weren't enough beef slices, but I ate my words when I made it to the end of my dish with a food ratio of noodles & beef in every spoonful I had. I liked how the beef slices were sliced to a good thickness & weren't over nor undercooked

While I didn't find this a mind-blowing bowl of noodles, I did enjoy it & I also really liked the soup that came with it - definitely want to try the soup version next time!


We were so satisfied with the yam abacus beads ($7) here!! Texture was soft but not mushy, comes with a little gravy and not oily at all. Definitely one of the best abacus beads we have eaten. We also tried the braised meesua, bibimbap, rice with tofu and mushroom and curry rice. Overall they were tasty and I really like the braised meesua for its simple yet comforting taste.

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Australian Beef Prime ribs, crunchy skin roasted pork, and tender rotisserie chicken. And I am so in love with their in-house prepared truffle butter. Pairs great with the roasted meat! Unlike other buffet, this is a specialty buffet focusing on their carving station. Spread wise not huge but they have seafood and do not miss their dark chocolate mousse "Harry's choice"* dessert!! Overall: ❤❤❤❤

• Double stacked thick waffles 😋