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From the Burpple community

Love the pic on hot chocolate and the hot edamame of 10 dollars is really nice! Love the ambience.

The experience at Alley on 25 for a buffet dinner on a Friday night was a little confusing because of the different islands of food counters located at various parts of the dining area, but the food was decently affordable given the price point of S$49.00 per person.

If you were like me, who would typically skip the salad bar (featuring some superfoods there), go straight to the fresh seafood and grab some Fine de Claire Oysters with lemon wedges and be awed by their freshness.

Among all the food options here, the next most impressionable section would be their desserts, with a self-service soft serve machine with lots of chocolate decorations available, and I also somehow liked how they did their bread pudding.

Not forgetting the far end of the restaurant where the grilled meats were found. I enjoyed having their sausages and the slow-cooked Sticky Pork Ribs, but thought that their Australian Angus Beef Short Ribs were sliced too thinly for my liking, as they also tasted a little dry.

Additional fees would apply (from S$40 onwards) if you would like some alcoholic beverages to go with the dinner, and if coffee or tea were something that you tend to order during a hotel buffet dinner, they do not serve them as complimentary.

An otherworldly smokiness is released in manner of genie out of bottle as you bite into the juicy, Korean sweet and invitingly pink core. 4.1/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Andaz Singapore.


Possessed the amorous smokiness of a mysterious gentleman's club cigar lounge dalliance, with the spices at play making the proceedings bewitchingly addictive. 4/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Alley on 25.


The experience at Alley on 25 was markedly different from when I first dined around the time of the hotel's opening back in 2017. Icehaus, The Green Oven and Smoke & Pepper now collectively serve one master menu as "Alley on 25", with most of the menu refreshed and pasta dishes a notable addition to the line-up. Elsewhere, the new and lunch-only Teppan Chef's Table offers donburi lunch sets, while Auntie's Wok & Steam is now headed towards a more local fare-inspired direction.


The texture and the flavour, yes, the impossible burger tastes like a beef burger except there isn’t any in it at all. My only gripe - I found the patties a tad salty but other than that, it’s a really awesome alternative for vegetarians.