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From the Burpple community

Aside from the breakfast buffet option, you can also request for a set of Butter Kaya Toast with Half-boiled Egg

Location: Alley on 25, Andaz Singapore, 5 Fraser St, Level 25, Singapore 189354

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Buffet breakfast at Alley on 25, one of the must try is this crispy waffle.

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This is nasi lemak that can go head to head with its brethren from well-known hawkers. Light, fluffy rice perfumed with a delicate yet robust coconut fragrance and a sambal that’s sweet and fiery are the stars here, but the deep-fried chicken drumettes and sprinkling of spiced batter are good too.

Taste: 3/5

The breakfast spread at Andaz is small but focused, with something to please everyone. I also like that they give you a choice between Western and Asian cuisines.

Eggs Benedict is invariably my litmus test on how well an establishment does its breakfast. Fortunately for me, Ally On 25's is poached to wobbly perfection and coated in a light but buttery hollandaise sauce. A godsend is the honey baked pork ham, something that's increasingly hard to find at restaurants in Singapore.

Taste: 3/5

Alley on 25 offered both western and oriental selections.

I personally like the oriental selection, as the dimsum platters are quite yummy. The porridge is a bit too flavourful and peppery as I prefer a clean and light porridge for breakfast.

My favourite dish is the laksa - the soup is very rich and creamy, yet does not make you feel ‘jelat’. The laksa itself is al-dente, chewy enough yet not soggy. This laksa menu is also available for lunch.

Went there for both breakfast and dinner during our staycation and we enjoyed breakfast more! Note that as 665 and Aunty’s Wok & Steam are under renovation, their dishes have been moved to Alley so the cheaper steak that we were eyeing at Alley was replaced with the more expensive steak from 665 🥲🥲

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