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Brotherbird Coffeehouse (Bugis)

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Artisanal softserve and homemade rice donuts

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visited the cafe before cb happened and i really liked the vibes there!! i tried the mochi donut with earl grey ice cream because they were out of the mochi croissants:( the donut was soooo chewy and went really well with the ice cream 😋

Brotherbird Milk & Croissants created this bubble tea mochi croissant recently, hopping onto the bandwagon of boba trends and I had never actually tried their croissants before. I’d seen them on instagram but like never really travelled the way to get them, so I had rather high expectations from the hype. 🥐

I was rather disappointed. I ordered the Rocher Croissant ($5) and the Boba Croissant ($5.50) at the Stateland Cafe where they have this small popup glass display of their croissants. Perhaps it became a little soggy and the crust had absorbed all the filling, but the boba croissant had barely any filling left and the pearls were all that were inside a pretty soggy crust. Maybe because I went late at around 6pm? But I think if something spoils or loses quality in a few hours, maybe they should pipe fillings upon order?☕️
The Rocher croissant was okay I guess - it was filled with nutella and coated in chocolate. It was also a little soggy, but better than the boba croissant. It’s coated with chocolate so I see reheating it as a bit of an issue. Maybe I’ll come back and try them fresh; but at this point I don’t really understand what the difference between a mochi croissant and a normal croissant is.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Oops this is a ridiculously backdated post, they don’t serve this dessert anymore :p

I love the mochi bursts, they are chewy and served hot. With the earl grey chocolate which is fragrant and flowy, this is a real treat :)

The soft serve however, didn’t really make an impact as the cookie butter taste was lost (perhaps due to the presence of the flavourful mochi donuts).

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Finally laid my hands on brotherbird’s croissants!! Truly a good croissant with many flaky layers and the crunchiness of the exterior went well with the inner smooth nutella filling. They were not stingy at all with the filling but I do wish it was a little less sweet - perhaps a darker chocolate hazelnut filling?

Got this for takeaway but I know I’ll be back to just chill in this cafe :)

WOW the earl grey croissant was amazing. Very crispy, with an earl grey filling which was smooth, fragrant and not jelat at all. The oozy custard flowed like lava!

Strawberry daifuku croissant had strawberry jam + mochi which was soft and chewy. We liked it more towards the end when the ratio of croissant to filling was more even (the filling was probably pushed from the front part, leaving it with more croissant than mochi+strawberry).

Both were good and crispy but I’m really impressed by the earl grey one! Very satisfying :)

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Finally got to try their newly launched brunch menu! Creamy scrambled eggs over a crisp buttered sourdough, served with mushroom ragout, bacon, roasted tomatoes and side salad..really yummy 😋