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The Morello Cherry core and thick 63% Dark chocolate coating was the perfect combination of a familiar taste. As beautiful as it looks, it had a beast of a flavor to satisfy my taste buds. (RM 25)

Had high expectation of their pastries, but it was quite a let down. It wasn’t crispy and flaky as I thought it would be. Added RM1.90 for unsalted butter. On another note, the plate had dirt stains on it, as well as some vegetables on the butter container. :(


Aside from their usual fruit inspired dessert series, they also have other artisan molded desserts! The Yuzu had soft Vanilla Sponge and Yoghurt mousse, fusing well with the flavorful Yuzu curd in its core. I adore this little cute dessert as it tantalized my taste buds so much with such simple flavors it had. (RM 19)

Ever crave for sweet and savoury stuff at the same time but unable to decide which to go for? Fret not! This sweet French toast with vanilla softsrve comes with crispy bacon, some almond flakes got you covered!

La Manila is famous for their Toffee Banana Cake but the Pot Pies and Vege Pies are equally tasty if you prefer something savoury.

Signature salted egg sauce on crispy chicken, served with garlic buttered rice, poached egg, cherry tomatoes and broccoli RM18

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Perfect Sundays are made of coffee and simple eats. Thankfully, this newbie in Happy Garden offers them both. Keep this spot in mind for your next catch-up sesh with your best pal on weekends. First-timers, Sunday’s sandwiches are a must-have, especially the Tamagoyaki Sando (RM18). These perfectly toasted finger sandwiches are stuffed with thick cuts of tamago and finished with a light spread of homemade wasabi-mayo that adds a fiery punch. Black (RM10) and White (RM11) coffees are brewed well, and Burppler Rueann Dass finds the latter highly enjoyable for its creaminess and chocolatey notes.
Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

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We'll let you in on Puchong's latest opening: tucked inside of Plants & Pot Studio is this cafe corner serving cakes and coffee. On hot days, the signature Cream Coffee (RM16), a sweet iced coffee drink topped with salted cream, is an interesting combo that works pleasantly well. Otherwise, there's also Hand-Brewed Coffee (from RM15) made with beans from around the globe – we spotted some from Thailand and Guatemala. Pair your coffee with a slice of homemade cake like the Earl Grey Grapefruit (RM17) or Lemon Thyme (RM15).


📷 In frame: ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
18++ [RM18++ 🤣]⁣
✨: Upon entry, the greenery filled space greeted me, exuding a sense of calm and serenity. The petite and intricate ice cream cakes lining the clear display attested to the establishment's high level of dessert craftsmanship. ⁣
💬:⁣⁣ This cake amazed looks-wise more than it did taste-wise (and price-wise HAHAH). It tasted just like any other chocolate and nut flavoured dessert. Was expecting a stronger hit of alcohol, but was sadly let down. Overall, not bad at all, but not memorable. ⁣

Still love the place and would 10/10 recommend for the comfortable environment. Would love to re-visit and give their other offerings a shot. ⁣

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