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What is supper, if not a fun, spontaneous trek in the dark that leads to late night gratification...
In the day, SS15 is the traffic-laden student hub, but after dark, the area transforms into this...

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For your next adventurous foodie night out, look to this trendy spot for twists on traditional ramen, cocktails and more. Helmed by the folks of now-defunct Ru Di Fook, you can trust these noodle experts will dish up something good. Burppler Carmen Chan comes for the King Of Pork Chop Ramen (RM29.80) brimming with chewy noodles, savoury tonkotsu broth and a massive, tender tomahawk that she recommends sharing with a friend. Burppler Joey likes to pair this ramen with a side of addictive KungFu Mushroom (RM14.80). Wash the meal down with one of their house cocktails, like the creamy and chocolatey Keep Calm (RM26.80) with dark rum.
Photo by Burppler Carmen Chan

There is nothing much I can describe about this meal but super worth the wait! Their tomato based soup is my favourite one, with a huge selection of ingredients that you can order and add into your pot. Personal recommendation: must order their frozen tofu (凍豆腐), flying noodle, pork shoulder and prawn ball (蝦滑). The service there is extraordinary, unlimited snacks, fruits and drinks for you while waiting in the queue. The price range is about rm60 per person which to me is not bad at all.

This popular shop in Mont Kiara has won the community’s heart for serving consistently good Korean fried chicken over the years. Bring the gang and feast on their Fried Chicken (from RM38) — choose between their Soy & Garlic, Spicy & Garlic and Sweet & Garlic marinades. The latter is quite exceptional for its perfect balance of sweet and savoury.
Photo by Burppler Kimberly Ong

Definitely one of the best KFC’s I’ve had in town. Super juicy and the marinade is so so good! Right balance of sweetness allowing the garlic flavour to still come through.

Another good spot for korean fried chicken! Opted for bone this round and I think I personally prefer it as there’s less fried batter. Sauce is not-at-all spicy but instead rather tomatoey. I like it but felt like there was too much of it.

Spot this brightly lit stall under a tree along Persiaran Mergastua that does mamak-style nasi lemak justice. A simple plate of Nasi Lemak (from RM3) here is good, but even better when paired with the juicy and crispy Fried Chicken (from RM8.50). Aromatic rice, sweet-spicy sambal and excellent fried chicken – what more could you ask for? P.s. It gets crowded during supper time, so be prepared to share tables!

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Tucked along a quiet street amidst old flats in Pudu is this Chinese-style nasi lemak served zhap fan style. Once the fluorescent lights up, get in line to build your plate. Each side dish is priced from RM3, and we highly recommend getting the Siham Sambal, Chicken Curry and Fried Spam. The usual ikan bilis, peanuts and cucumber trimmings are served as add-ons (from RM1 each).
Photo by Burppler F P Yap

There are two stalls at Medan Selera 223 that dish out scrumptious packets of nasi lemak, but it's the stall marked in red that we keep coming back for. The tiny brown packets (from RM1.50) hold together fluffy coconut rice, sweet sambal and half an egg – a solid meal for one. For something more substantial, order the Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken (from RM5).
Photo by Burppler Blueskies Cottonclouds

This world-famous hot pot brand is known for their excellent service (yes, get a manicure while you wait) and delicious food. Start with the soup – the Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot (from RM11) is a crowd-favourite. To fill the pot, order the Fish Ball With Fish Roe (RM15), Pork Belly (RM22) and Haidilao-flavoured Beef (RM32). On sides, Burppler Calie Tang recommends the juicy Pork and Chive Dumpling (RM6) and the Deep Fried Mini Buns (7), which she says tastes even better when dipped in condensed milk. Pro tip: We hear the wait is still long, so make a reservation at least a month in advance, OR come at odd hours – they’re open till 3am!
Photo by Burppler Calie Tang

An institution in SS15, this humble restaurant sees crowds waiting in line for their signature Butter Chicken (from RM10). Burppler XingWei Cheang waxed lyrical about the dish “...silky, luscious coating of butter and condensed milk over crispy yet juicy fried chicken. The fragrant flavours of curry leaves and the sweetness of the rich, dairy elements of the dish meld perfectly.” The only thing you’ll need to eat this with is White Rice (RM1.30). Pro tip: They have a second outlet in SS15, so you can move the party there if it's too crowded at this location.
Photo by Burppler XingWei Cheang


This place sell a lot of things on the menu other than chicken rice.

Sufficient portion of chicken meat for one person, comes with rice and peanut soup; for only RM7.

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Since I was in Kuala Lumpur for just one night, it was imperative that I squeeze in supper, despite the worryingly distended state of my belly after a most spectacular meal at Nadodi KL (a proper post about this hosted dinner will come soon). And whom better to test my limits with than my KL-based foodies-in-crime - Gail (IG: @borntobegreedy) and Anita (@anitaeats).
Thanks to Anita, we ended up at this no-name “zi char” stall on Jalan Sarawak, Pudu (but I am guessing that is the correct geotag) where she ordered two kinds of stirfried noodles and a soup called “Bak Khee Thng” from the elderly gentleman who obviously knows his way around a wok.
Shown above are the KL style of “Charcoal Fried Hokkien Mee” and the raw egg-topped “Moonlight Hor Fun” that arrived after a few minutes of waiting time. Both blackish, glossy beauties came covered in crispy pieces of pork lard. To be expected, they boasted a good amount of “wok hei” and were really tasty albeit being oily.
I would return just to have these again and with an empty stomach the next time, in order to do them proper justice 😆